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hack Tweet Definition of hack Like Definition of hack on Facebook
  1. (obsolete) A mattock or a miner's pick.
  2. A dry cough.
  3. (slang) A taxicab (hackney carriage) driver.
  4. (obsolete) An ordinary horse, especially an old, tired one.
  5. A small ball usually made of woven cotton or suede and filled with rice, sand or some other filler, for the use in hackeysack.
  6. (pejorative) One who is professionally successful despite producing mediocre work. (Usually applied to persons in a creative field.)
  7. (pejorative) A talented writer-for-hire, paid to put others' thoughts into felicitous language.
  8. (pejorative) An untalented writer.
Dason is nothing but a two-bit .
  1. (slang) A person incapable of completing a simple task. This person could be also referred to as someone who "sucks at life" (slightly derogatory)
  2. (computing) An interesting technical achievement, particularly in computer programming.
  3. (context, computing, slang) An illegal attempt to gain access to a computer network. (Actually called a "crack" in computer parlance).
  4. (computing) A small code change meant to patch a problem as quickly as possible.
  5. (computing) An expedient, temporary solution, meant to be replaced with a more elegant solution at a later date.
  6. (slang) Time check (military usage).
  7. (curling) The foothold device from which the person who throws the rock pushes off for delivery.
  8. (rfv-sense) (slang) A prison guard.
  9. (politics) A political agitator. (slightly derogatory) <!-- This expression was used a lot in student politics in the 1980s. I'm not sure if it is still used much. publunch
  1. To cough noisily.
This cold is awful. I can't stop hacking.
  1. To chop or cut down in a rough manner.
They hacked the brush down and made their way through the jungle.
  1. To withstand or put up with a difficult situation.
Can you it out here with no electricity or running water?
  1. To play hackeysack.
  2. To accomplish a difficult programming task.
He can like no one else and make the program work as expected.
  1. To work with on an intimately technical level.
I'm currently hacking distributed garbage collection.
  1. To make a quick code change to patch a computer program.
I hacked in a fix for this bug, but we'll still have to do a real fix later..
  1. (sport) To be effective at a certain position or role within a sports game without being particularly graceful or with class.
Their Defender is such a 'hack', but he gets the job done
  1. (slang) To hack into; to gain unauthorized access to a computer system (e.g. website) or network by manipulating code; a "crack" in computer parlance.
  1. (literary) Having or requiring little talent.
He's nothing but the typical writer.
I got by on work for years before I finally published my novel.
halitosis Tweet Definition of halitosis Like Definition of halitosis on Facebook
noun (halitoses)
  1. (pathology) The condition of having stale or foul-smelling breath.
hamstring Tweet Definition of hamstring Like Definition of hamstring on Facebook
  1. (anatomy) One of the great tendons situated in each side of the ham, or space back of the knee, and connected with the muscles of the back of the thigh.
verb (hamstrings, hamstringing, hamstrung)
  1. (transitive) To lame or disable by cutting the tendons of the ham or knee; to hough; hence, to cripple; to incapacitate; to disable.
  • So have they <b>hamstrung</b> the valor of the subject by seeking to effeminate us all at home. - Milton
Hansen's disease Tweet Definition of Hansen Like Definition of Hansen
  1. (disease) The disease leprosy.
harelip Tweet Definition of harelip Like Definition of harelip on Facebook
  1. (teratology) A congenital malformation of the upper lip, reminiscent of the mouth of a hare.
hay fever Tweet Definition of hay fever Like Definition of hay fever on Facebook
  1. An allergy to the pollen of grass or other plants that causes symptoms similar to those of a cold; pollinosis.
Head Tweet Definition of Head Like Definition of Head on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. An English surname.
headache Tweet Definition of headache Like Definition of headache on Facebook
  1. a pain or ache in the head.
  2. (figurative) a nuisance or unpleasant problem.
The clumsy filing system has been a huge .
heart attack Tweet Definition of heart attack Like Definition of heart attack on Facebook
  1. (context, cardiology, pathology) Acute myocardial infarction that is the sudden occurrence of coronary thrombosis which obstructs the blood supply to the heart resulting in necrosis of heart muscle. It is characterised by sudden severe chest pain often radiating to the shoulder, arm, or jaw, shortness of breath, nausea, loss of consciousness, and sometimes resulting in death.
heartburn Tweet Definition of heartburn Like Definition of heartburn on Facebook
  1. (pathology) A burning pain in the chest that is caused by stomach acid entering the gullet.
heart failure Tweet Definition of heart failure Like Definition of heart failure on Facebook
  1. (context, cardiology, pathology) The chronic inability of the heart to pump a sufficient amount of blood throughout the body, leading to a pooling of blood and shortness of breath.
  2. (context, cardiology, pathology) The cessation of the heartbeat; cardiac arrest.
heatstroke Tweet Definition of heatstroke Like Definition of heatstroke on Facebook
  1. (pathology) hyperthermia
hematochezia Tweet Definition of hematochezia Like Definition of hematochezia on Facebook
  1. (medicine) the passing of bloody stools
hematoma Tweet Definition of hematoma Like Definition of hematoma on Facebook
  1. (alternative spelling of, haematoma)
hemicrania Tweet Definition of hemicrania Like Definition of hemicrania on Facebook
  1. (pathology) A headache affecting one side of the head.
hemochromatosis Tweet Definition of hemochromatosis Like Definition of hemochromatosis on Facebook
noun (pl=hemochromatoses)
  1. (context, diseases) a metabolic disorder causing iron deposits in the body
hemorrhage Tweet Definition of hemorrhage Like Definition of hemorrhage on Facebook
  1. A heavy release of blood within or from the body.
    • We got news that Jónas died of a .
hepatitis Tweet Definition of hepatitis Like Definition of hepatitis on Facebook
noun (plural hepatitides)
  1. inflammation of the liver, sometimes caused by a viral infection
hepatitis A Tweet Definition of hepatitis A Like Definition of hepatitis A on Facebook
  1. an acute form of hepatitis, transmitted by the orofecal route.
hermaphrodite Tweet Definition of hermaphrodite Like Definition of hermaphrodite on Facebook
  1. An individual or organism possessing both male and female organs, typically including both types of gonads.
An earthworm is a .
  1. A person or thing possessing two opposing qualities.
  2. (nautical) A hermaphrodite brig.
  1. Having both male and female organs, typically including both types of gonads, in one individual or organism.
  2. Combining two opposing qualities.
hernia Tweet Definition of hernia Like Definition of hernia on Facebook
noun (pl2=herniae)
  1. (pathology) A disorder in which a part of the body protrudes abnormally through a tear or opening in an adjacent part, especially of the abdomen.
herniate Tweet Definition of herniate Like Definition of herniate on Facebook
verb (herniat, ing)
  1. The protrusion of a tissue, structure, or part of an organ through the muscular tissue or the membrane by which it is normally contained, causing a hernia.
    When small bowel herniates into the groin, one has an inguinal hernia.
herpes Tweet Definition of herpes Like Definition of herpes on Facebook
  1. (medicine) A viral infection, caused by the Herpes simplex virus, marked by painful, watery blisters in the skin or mucous membranes or on the genitals
herpes zoster Tweet Definition of herpes zoster Like Definition of herpes zoster on Facebook
  1. (pathology) an acute viral inflammation of the sensory ganglion, ganglia of spinal and cranial nerves associated with a vesicular eruption and neuralgic pains and caused by reactivation of the poxvirus causing chicken pox.
hiccup Tweet Definition of hiccup Like Definition of hiccup on Facebook
  1. A spasm of the diaphragm, or the resulting sound.
There was a loud hiccup from the back of the room and the class erupted in laughter
  1. A minor setback.
There's been a slight hiccup in the processing of this quarter's results
verb to hiccup (past tense and past participle: hiccupped (UK), hiccuped or hiccupped (US)) (UK and US pt and pp need to be confirmed)
  1. To have the hiccups.
hipshot Tweet Definition of hipshot Like Definition of hipshot on Facebook
  1. Having a dislocated hip.
  2. (dated) clumsy, Clumsy, awkward.
  3. (US, colloquial) Standing with one hip lower than the other.
    • 2006, Thomas Pynchon, Against the Day, Vintage 2007, p. 686:
    • :No degree of the allegorical avoided an excuse to present an impudently youth, or a captive maiden in some appealing form of restraint
histoplasmosis Tweet Definition of histoplasmosis Like Definition of histoplasmosis on Facebook
noun (plural: histoplasmoses)
  1. (pathology) A lung disease caused by a fungus, Histoplasma capsulatum, often asymptomatic otherwise with symptoms similar to those of flu.
HIV positive Tweet Definition of HIV positive Like Definition of HIV positive on Facebook
  1. Infected by the HIV virus
hock Tweet Definition of hock Like Definition of hock on Facebook
  1. A Rhenish wine, of a light yellow color, either sparkling or still, from the Hochheim region, but often applied to all Rhenish wines.
  1. (transitive) (colloquial) To leave with a pawnbroker as security for a loan.
Hodgkin's disease Tweet Definition of Hodgkin Like Definition of Hodgkin
  1. (context, oncology, disease) The former name of Hodgkin's lymphoma.
hookworm Tweet Definition of hookworm Like Definition of hookworm on Facebook
  1. Any of various parasitic bloodsucking worms which cause disease. They have hooked mouthparts and enter their hosts by boring through the skin.
humpback Tweet Definition of humpback Like Definition of humpback on Facebook
  1. A humped back
  2. A person with a humpback: hunchback
  3. A person who suffers from kyphosis
  4. A humpback whale
hunchback Tweet Definition of hunchback Like Definition of hunchback on Facebook
  1. One who is stooped or hunched over.
  2. A deformed back in the shape of a hump.
  3. A person with such a deformity, causing them to appear hunched over.
hunchbacked Tweet Definition of hunchbacked Like Definition of hunchbacked on Facebook
  1. having an abnormally curved or hunched back
Huntington's chorea Tweet Definition of Huntington Like Definition of Huntington
  1. (context, disease, neurology) A hereditary disorder of the basal ganglion, ganglia that leads to progressive loss of motor coordination.
hurt Tweet Definition of hurt Like Definition of hurt on Facebook
  1. (archaic) a wound or pain
    • 1605, I have received a . " William Shakespeare, King Lear III.vii
verb (hurts, hurting, hurt)
  1. (intransitive) to be painful
  2. (transitive) to cause (a creature) physical pain and/or injury
  3. (transitive) to cause (somebody) emotional pain
  1. wounded, physically injured
  2. pained
hydraemia Tweet Definition of hydraemia Like Definition of hydraemia on Facebook
  1. thinness of the blood
hydremia Tweet Definition of hydremia Like Definition of hydremia on Facebook
  1. thinness of the blood
  • 1994: I suffer from . Perhaps that"s the reason why water draws me when I should draw water. " Jeanette Winterson, Art & Lies
hydrocephalus Tweet Definition of hydrocephalus Like Definition of hydrocephalus on Facebook
  1. (uncountable) (medicine) A usually congenital condition in which an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the cerebral ventricle, ventricles causes enlargement of the skull and compression of the brain, destroying much of the neural tissue
hydrophobia Tweet Definition of hydrophobia Like Definition of hydrophobia on Facebook
  1. (pathology) An aversion to water, as a symptom of rabies; rabies itself.
  2. fear, Fear of water.
hyperacidity Tweet Definition of hyperacidity Like Definition of hyperacidity on Facebook
  1. The condition of containing more than the normal amount of acid.
hyperaesthesia Tweet Definition of hyperaesthesia Like Definition of hyperaesthesia on Facebook
  1. (alternative spelling of, hyperesthesia)
hypercholesterolemia Tweet Definition of hypercholesterolemia Like Definition of hypercholesterolemia on Facebook
  1. (medicine) an excess of cholesterol in the blood
hyperemia Tweet Definition of hyperemia Like Definition of hyperemia on Facebook
  1. excess of blood in a body part.
hyperesthesia Tweet Definition of hyperesthesia Like Definition of hyperesthesia on Facebook
  1. Unusual or pathological sensitivity of the skin or of a particular sense.
hyperglycemia Tweet Definition of hyperglycemia Like Definition of hyperglycemia on Facebook
  1. High blood sugar level
hyperhidrosis Tweet Definition of hyperhidrosis Like Definition of hyperhidrosis on Facebook
  1. A medical condition with the primary symptom of excessive sweating.
hyperkalemia Tweet Definition of hyperkalemia Like Definition of hyperkalemia on Facebook
  1. (medicine) The condition of having an abnormally high concentration of potassium ions in the blood
hyperkinesia Tweet Definition of hyperkinesia Like Definition of hyperkinesia on Facebook
  1. hyperkinesis
hyperosmia Tweet Definition of hyperosmia Like Definition of hyperosmia on Facebook
  1. Hypersensitivity of the sense of smell.
hyperpnea Tweet Definition of hyperpnea Like Definition of hyperpnea on Facebook
  1. (medicine) Deep and rapid respiration that occurs normally after exercise or abnormally with fever or various disorders.
hypertensive Tweet Definition of hypertensive Like Definition of hypertensive on Facebook
  1. a person with hypertension
  2. a drug that increases blood pressure
  1. of, pertaining to, or causing hypertension
hyperthermia Tweet Definition of hyperthermia Like Definition of hyperthermia on Facebook
  1. (pathology) The condition of having an abnormally high body temperature.
hyperthyroid Tweet Definition of hyperthyroid Like Definition of hyperthyroid on Facebook
  1. of or pertaining to hyperthyroidism
hyperthyroidism Tweet Definition of hyperthyroidism Like Definition of hyperthyroidism on Facebook
  1. (medicine) The excessive production of hormones by the thyroid.
  2. (pathology) The pathological condition resulting from these excess hormones.
hypertrichosis Tweet Definition of hypertrichosis Like Definition of hypertrichosis on Facebook
noun (pl=hypertrichoses)
  1. A medical condition of excessive body hair, either affecting most of the torso and limbs, or localized to an area of skin. It may be mild or severe.
hypertrophy Tweet Definition of hypertrophy Like Definition of hypertrophy on Facebook
noun (hypertroph, ies, -)
  1. (medicine) An increase in the size of an organ due to swelling of the individual cells
  2. (bodybuilding) Increase in muscle size through increased numbers of muscle fibers; a result of strict diet, weightlifting, and other exercise.
verb (hypertroph, i, ed)
  1. (context, intransitive, of a tissue or organ): To increase in size
hypesthesia Tweet Definition of hypesthesia Like Definition of hypesthesia on Facebook
  1. (altspellpar, hypoesthesia)
hypocalcemia Tweet Definition of hypocalcemia Like Definition of hypocalcemia on Facebook
  1. (medicine) The condition of having an abnormally low concentration of calcium ions in the blood.
hypoesthesia Tweet Definition of hypoesthesia Like Definition of hypoesthesia on Facebook
  1. partial loss of tactile sensation; numbness
hypoglycemia Tweet Definition of hypoglycemia Like Definition of hypoglycemia on Facebook
  1. (pathology) A low level of blood glucose.
hypotension Tweet Definition of hypotension Like Definition of hypotension on Facebook
  1. (pathology) The disease or disorder of abnormally low blood pressure.
hypothermia Tweet Definition of hypothermia Like Definition of hypothermia on Facebook
  1. (pathology) abnormally low body temperature; specifically, below 35°C
hypothyroidism Tweet Definition of hypothyroidism Like Definition of hypothyroidism on Facebook
  1. The disease state caused by insufficient production of thyroid hormone by the thyroid gland.

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