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Word of the Week--"Inferiority"
Definition--Inferiority- n. something that is not as good as something else; flaw; defect.

Discussion- I just don't know if I am good enough to write this Word of the Week. I think that I may lack the necessary skill and knowledge to perform adequately. Guess what I am suffering from? You got it! An inferiority complex. This is a term given to feelings that arise in a person due to that person's actual, or perceived, inferiorities. A person with this complex never feels that they are good enough. They have no faith in their skills and abilities, if they even believe that they have skills and abilities in the first place. Nothing is ever satisfactory to a person with an inferiority complex; they are always downing themselves and their performance.

Of course there are other ways to use the word inferiority. It can be used to refer to anything that is, in comparison, not as good as something else. For instance, I might say that the floorboards in my car are inferior because they have holes in them (it's true!) from too many Michigan winters. That is an inferiority that you would find in my car if you compared it to, well, most other cars out on the road!

Etymology--Inferiority- a derivative of the word inferior, which comes from the Latin inferior, meaning lower, from inferus, meaning below or beneath.

   Foreign Translations
Dutch:  lager
French:  inférieur(e), subalterne (m/f)
German:  untergeben
Italian: inferiore
Spanish: inferior

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