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Word of the Week--"Acclimate"
Definition--Acclimate- v. to adapt to a new environment, situation, climate, temperature, or altitude.

Discussion-- Anyone who has ever been to Denver knows that it is important for the body to be able to adjust to changes in our environment. Denver is called "The Mile High City" because it sits way above sea level. The environment at such a high altitude is much different from sea level cities. The air is thinner, making it more difficult to breathe. There is less moisture at such high altitudes and your body has a tendency to become dehydrated. Luckily, if one stays in such an environment long enough, the body can acclimate itself to these new conditions. If it couldn't, Denver would not be the metropolis that it is!

We acclimate ourselves to many different things, however, not just changes in altitude. When we change jobs, for example, it takes several weeks before we become comfortable in our new working situation. During this acclimating time we are figuring out new job responsibilities, trying to meet co-workers, and may be adjusting to new hours. A friend of mine once told me that you should always allow two weeks of adjustment period when you are going through transitions. She advised me not to make important decisions during that time because I had not yet acclimated myself to the new situation.

I have been going through tons of transitions lately, and I have still yet to fully acclimate to my new life. In the last three months, I have graduated from college, moved to a new city, been married, moved in to a new condominium, and begun a new job. If I apply my friend's advice to my current situation I should give myself a good two to three months to adjust to my new life!

Etymology--Acclimate- from French acclimater (a to, + climat climate).

   Foreign Translations
Dutch:  acclimatiseren
French:  acclimater
German:  akklimatisieren
Italian: acclimatarsi
Spanish: aclimatar

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