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Word of the Week--"Anachronism"
Definition--Anachronism- n. a person or thing that is chronologically out of place.

Discussion--In the movie Back to the Future, Michael J. Fox travels back in time to a period that he does not belong. He becomes an anachronism, a person that is chronologically out of place. He sticks out like a sore thumb, with futuristic clothes and skateboarding skills-before anyone had ever heard of a skateboard!

Of course the Back to the Future example is extreme; one does not have to travel through time to be an anachronism. Many of our grandparents have become anachronisms as they struggle to keep up with the times. We tend to view elderly people as being "old-fashioned," our way of saying that they are chronologically out of place. Perhaps all of us are anachronisms and we are the ones that are out of place. Maybe we are "new-fashioned," and our grandparents are the ones who are chronologically in place. Of course, they did think that the beehive was a good hairdo. That cut will never find its place in time!

The word anachronism does not refer only to people. Things can be anachronisms as well. For instance, occasionally as you walk through an urban sprawl of skyscrapers you will happen upon an old, traditionally styled church. These churches are beautiful anachronisms and precious reminders of the past.

Etymology--Anachronism- from Greek anachronismos, from anachronizesthai, meaning to be timed back, from anachronizein, meaning to refer to a wrong time.

   Foreign Translations
Dutch:  anachronisme (het)
French:  anachronisme (m)
German:  Anachronismus (m)
Italian: anacronismo
Spanish: anacronismo

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