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Word of the Week--"perspective"
Definition--the balanced or objective view of a situation, in which all its elements assume their due importance; Example: After a flustered few days, he finally got things into perspective.
Discussion-- Ever noticed how two people can witness or experience the exact same event and have completely different things to say about it afterward? A married couple can have an arugment and both parties can think that they are right based on the same body of facts. Several pedestrians can witness a robbery and then each one can give the police a completely different description of the perpetrator. Almost everyone has had an experience like the ones I just described. Needless to say, dealing with someone whose perspective is different from our own can be very frustrating.

Still, we realize that different points of view are what makes our experience as human beings so rich. Reading, speaking, governing and every other form of communication would hardly be worthwhile if everyone shared one common perspective. For if that were the case, we would all say the same things.

In literature, perspective or "point of view" refers to the narrator of a piece and how he or she relates to the people and events described. In art, perspective might be the angle from which an artist portrays the subject of his work, or the view he provides for his audience.

Etymology--The term perspective comes from the Latin perspect, a form of perspicere meaning to inspect or look through.

Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Italian all show similar roots.

   Foreign Translations
German:  Perspektive (f)
Dutch:  perspectief (het)
French:  perspective (f)
Italian: prospettiva
Spanish: perspectiva

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