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Word of the Week--"library"
Definition-- a place where literary and artistic materials are kept for study, reference, reading or for lending.

Discussion--Libraries are rapidly changing places in these days of the Internet. Going to a physical brick and mortar building or having an extensive library of your own are less necessary if you are connected to the Web. You can find online searching available for many university and public libraries. There is also a library to help you access information and publications available on web, called the Internet Public Library at
Etymology--Library comes from the Latin word liber meaning to peel, as in the inner bark of a tree. This bark was used for writing early manuscripts on, and became the root of our modern term library.
The term used in many other languages is derived from the root for book (biblio).

   Foreign Translations
German: Bibliothek (f)
Dutch: bibliotheek (de)
French: bibliothèque (f)
Italian and Spanish: biblioteca

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