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daltonism Tweet Definition of daltonism Like Definition of daltonism on Facebook
noun Daltonism
  1. inability to perceive or distinguish certain colors, especially red-green color blindness. It has various forms and degrees. w:John Pringle Nichol, John Pringle Nichol
    1. achromatopia
decompression sickness Tweet Definition of decompression sickness Like Definition of decompression sickness on Facebook
  1. (pathology) A sometimes fatal condition resulting from the formation of nitrogen bubbles in the blood and tissues, because of too rapid decompression, seen especially in deep-sea divers ascending rapidly from a dive. It is characterized by severe pains in the joints and chest, skin irritation, cramps, nausea, and paralysis.
deformity Tweet Definition of deformity Like Definition of deformity on Facebook
noun (deformit, ies)
  1. The state of being deformed.
  2. Something which is deformed.
degenerate Tweet Definition of degenerate Like Definition of degenerate on Facebook
  1. One is degenerate, who has fallen from previous stature.
You are a , boy. You're a disgrace to your ancestors.
  1. (of qualities) having deteriorated, degraded or fallen from normal, coherent, balanced and desire, desirable to an undesirable and typically abnormal
  2. (of a human or system) having lost good or desirable qualities
  3. (of an encoding or function) having multiple domain elements correspond to one element of the range
''The genetic code is degenerate because a single amino acid can be coded by one of several codon, codons.
  1. (math) a degenerate case is a limiting case in which a class of object changes its nature so as to belong to another, usually simpler, class.
degenerative Tweet Definition of degenerative Like Definition of degenerative on Facebook
  1. Characterized by or causing degeneration.
dehydrate Tweet Definition of dehydrate Like Definition of dehydrate on Facebook
verb (dehydrat, ing)
  1. to lose or remove water; to dry
delirious Tweet Definition of delirious Like Definition of delirious on Facebook
  1. (symptom) being in the state of delirium
  2. having uncontrolled excitement; ecstatic
delirium Tweet Definition of delirium Like Definition of delirium on Facebook
noun (deliria)
  1. A temporary mental state with a sudden onset, usually reversible, including symptoms of confusion, inability to concentrate, disorientation, anxiety and sometimes hallucinations. Causes can include dehydration, drug intoxication and severe infection.
delirium tremens Tweet Definition of delirium tremens Like Definition of delirium tremens on Facebook
  1. (pathology) A psychosis of chronic alcoholism, usually due to alcohol withdrawal, which can be fatal. Symptoms include sweating, tremors, terrifying hallucinations, insomnia, restlessness, disorientation and anxiety.
dengue Tweet Definition of dengue Like Definition of dengue on Facebook
  1. (pathology) An acute febrile disease of the tropics caused by a flavivirus, transmitted by mosquitoes, and characterized by high fever, rash, headache, and severe muscle and joint pain.
depression Tweet Definition of depression Like Definition of depression on Facebook
  1. (context, geography) an area that is lower in topography than its surroundings
  2. (context, psychology) in psychotherapy and psychiatry, a state of mind producing serious, long-term lowering of enjoyment of life or inability to visualize a happy future
  3. (context, psychology) in psychotherapy and psychiatry, a period of unhappiness or low morale which lasts longer than several weeks and may include ideation of self-inflicted injury or suicide
  4. (context, meteorology) an area of lowered air pressure that generally brings moist weather, sometimes promoting hurricanes and tornadoes
  5. (context, economics) a period of major economic contraction
The Great Depression (US history)
  1. (context, biology, physiology) a lowering, in particular a reduction in a particular biological variable or the function of an organ, in contrast to elevation
dermatitis Tweet Definition of dermatitis Like Definition of dermatitis on Facebook
noun (es, pl2=dermatitides)
  1. inflammation, Inflammation of the skin
dermatophyte Tweet Definition of dermatophyte Like Definition of dermatophyte on Facebook
  1. A fungus. Ringworm.
    • A fungal infection caused by a type of fungus called a dermophyte that infects the top layer of the skin, hair or nails. Fungal infections of the skin are known as ringworm (tinea). There are many types of ringworm, including body ringworm (tinea corporis), jock itch (tinea cruris), athlete"s foot (tinea pedis), scalp ringworm (tinea capitis), nail ringworm (tinea unguium), and beard ringworm (tinea barbae), which is rare. In most cases, these infections are not life threatening. However, they may lead to more serious bacterial infections in the elderly and those who have conditions that affect the immune system, such as AIDS.
desmoid Tweet Definition of desmoid Like Definition of desmoid on Facebook
  1. A desmoid tumour.
  1. Pertaining to a bundle.
  2. (pathology) fibrous, Fibrous; having closely interwoven fibres in bundles.
  3. (medicine) Resembling, or having the characteristics of, a ligament or fibre; ligamentous, fibrous.
diabetes Tweet Definition of diabetes Like Definition of diabetes on Facebook
  1. Diabetes Type I The inability of the body to produce the human hormone insulin.
  2. Diabetes Type II The inability of the body to metabolize the human hormone insulin
  3. Diabetes Insipidus Usually a disorder of the pituitary gland, leading to a form of Type II diabetes.
diabetic Tweet Definition of diabetic Like Definition of diabetic on Facebook
  1. A person who suffers from diabetes mellitus.
  1. Of or pertaining to diabetes, especially diabetes mellitus.
  2. Having diabetes, especially diabetes mellitus.
  3. Suitable for one having diabetes mellitus.
diarrhea Tweet Definition of diarrhea Like Definition of diarrhea on Facebook
noun (uncountable)
  1. A condition in which the sufferer has frequent and watery bowel movements.
diathesis Tweet Definition of diathesis Like Definition of diathesis on Facebook
noun (diathes, es)
  1. (medicine) a hereditary or constitutional predisposition to a disease or other disorder
  2. (grammar) voice (active or passive)
diglossia Tweet Definition of diglossia Like Definition of diglossia on Facebook
  1. (linguistics) the coexistence of two closely related native languages among a certain population one of whom is regarded to be more respectable than the other
dilatation Tweet Definition of dilatation Like Definition of dilatation on Facebook
  1. Prolixity; diffuse discourse.
  2. The act of dilating; expansion; an enlarging on all sides; the state of being dilated; dilation.
  3. A dilation or enlargement of a canal or other organ.
diphtheria Tweet Definition of diphtheria Like Definition of diphtheria on Facebook
  1. (pathology) A highly infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract characterised by a sore throat, fever and causing difficulty in breathing. It is caused by a bacterium which produces a toxin that leads to inflammation of the heart and nervous system.
disease Tweet Definition of disease Like Definition of disease on Facebook
  1. (pathology) An abnormal condition of the body or mind that causes discomfort or dysfunction; distinct from injury insofar as the latter is usually instantaneously acquired.
The tomato plants had some kind of that left their leaves splotchy and fruit withered.
diseased Tweet Definition of diseased Like Definition of diseased on Facebook
  1. Affected with or suffering from disease.
dislocate Tweet Definition of dislocate Like Definition of dislocate on Facebook
verb to dislocate (dislocates dislocated dislocating)
  1. to put something out of its usual place
  2. (medicine) to (accidentally) dislodge a skeletal bone from its joint
    • Bill dislocated his shoulder in the fall.
dislocation Tweet Definition of dislocation Like Definition of dislocation on Facebook
  1. The act of displacing, or the state of being displaced.
  2. The displacement of parts of rocks or portions of strata from the situation which they originally occupied. Slips, faults, and the like, are dislocations.
  3. The act of dislocating, or putting out of joint; also, the condition of being thus displaced.
  4. (materials) A linear defect in a crystal lattice. Because dislocations can shift within the crystal lattice, they tend to weaken the material, compared to a perfect crystal.
double pneumonia Tweet Definition of double pneumonia Like Definition of double pneumonia on Facebook
  1. pneumonia, Pneumonia affecting both lungs.
dowager's hump Tweet Definition of dowager Like Definition of dowager
  1. The hump-like projection seen on the back of older people caused by kyphosis of the spine, consequent to osteoporosis; especially seen in women.
Down's syndrome Tweet Definition of Down Like Definition of Down
  1. (teratology) (alternative spelling of, Down syndrome)
Down syndrome Tweet Definition of Down syndrome Like Definition of Down syndrome on Facebook
  1. (teratology) Condition caused by a chromosomal deficiency, whereby the patients bear a certain resemblance to the Mongoloid race, such as a small head and tilted eyelids.
dropsical Tweet Definition of dropsical Like Definition of dropsical on Facebook
  1. Pertaining to dropsy.
Mrs Springer on her painful legs comes down talking. - "Rabbit is Rich" by John Updike
dropsy Tweet Definition of dropsy Like Definition of dropsy on Facebook
  1. (pathology) Swelling, edema, often from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD.
1911 The disease under which Addison laboured appears to have been asthma. It became more violent after his retirement from office, and was now accompanied by . " "Joseph Addison", S:1911 Encyclopí¦dia Britannica/Addison, Joseph, Encyclopí¦dia Britannica.
duodenitis Tweet Definition of duodenitis Like Definition of duodenitis on Facebook
  1. Inflammation of the duodenum
dwarf Tweet Definition of dwarf Like Definition of dwarf on Facebook
noun (pl2=dwarves)
  1. A person with short stature, often one whose limbs are disproportionately small in relation to the body as compared with normal adults, usually as the result of a genetic condition.
  2. An animal, plant or other thing much smaller than the usual of its sort.
  3. A creature from folklore, usually depicted as having mystical powers and being skilled at crafts such as woodwork and metalworking. Especially often found in Scandinavian folklore. Sometimes pluralized dwarves, especially in modern fantasy literature.
  4. (star) A star of relatively small size.
  1. (transitive) To make (to appear) much smaller; to render puny or tiny
The newly-built skyscraper dwarfs the older buildings that make up the rest of downtown.
Bach dwarfs all other composers.
  1. miniature
dwarfish Tweet Definition of dwarfish Like Definition of dwarfish on Facebook
  1. Like a dwarf; being especially small.
dwarfism Tweet Definition of dwarfism Like Definition of dwarfism on Facebook
  1. The condition of being a dwarf.
    • 1985, J. D. Esko et al., "Animal Cell Mutants Defective in Glycosaminoglycan Biosynthesis," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 82, no. 10, p. 3200,
    • : Studies of disproportionate dwarfisms in animals have revealed the importance of core proteins an sulfation in the development of cartilage.
dysarthria Tweet Definition of dysarthria Like Definition of dysarthria on Facebook
  1. Difficulty in articulating words due to disturbance in the form or function of the structures that modulate voice into speech. One of first indicative symptoms of myasthenia gravis brought about by an auto-immune response to acetylcholine receptors.
dysentery Tweet Definition of dysentery Like Definition of dysentery on Facebook
noun (dysenter, ies, -)
  1. (pathology) A disease characterised by inflammation of the intestines, especially the colon, accompanied by pain in the abdomen, severe diarrhea and often with blood in the feces.
dysfunction Tweet Definition of dysfunction Like Definition of dysfunction on Facebook
noun (plural: dysfunctions)
  1. A failure to function in an expected or complete manner. Usually refers to a disorder in a bodily organ (e.g. erectile dysfunction), a mental disorder, or the improper behavior of a social group.
dysgenic Tweet Definition of dysgenic Like Definition of dysgenic on Facebook
  1. of or relating to, or causing degeneration or deterioration in offspring
dyskinesia Tweet Definition of dyskinesia Like Definition of dyskinesia on Facebook
  1. impairment of voluntary movements resulting in fragmented or jerky motions
dyslexia Tweet Definition of dyslexia Like Definition of dyslexia on Facebook
noun (uncountable)
  1. (pathology) A condition in which a person's ability to read and write is much lower than would be expected of someone of that person's intelligence.
dyslexic Tweet Definition of dyslexic Like Definition of dyslexic on Facebook
  1. A person who has dyslexia.
  1. Of or pertaining to dyslexia.
  2. Having dyslexia.
dyspepsia Tweet Definition of dyspepsia Like Definition of dyspepsia on Facebook
  1. (pathology) A disorder of digestion, characterised by stomach pain, discomfort, heartburn and nausea, often following a meal.
dyspeptic Tweet Definition of dyspeptic Like Definition of dyspeptic on Facebook
  1. A dyspeptic person.
adjective (more, -)
  1. (not comparable) Of, relating to, or having dyspepsia.
  2. (comparable) bilious, Bilious or liverish.
  3. (comparable) irritable, Irritable or morose.
    • 2005, w:Alan Hollinghurst, Alan Hollinghurst, w:The Line of Beauty, The Line of Beauty, Bloomsbury Publishing, ISBN 1582346100, page 296,
    • :Sir Maurice made a rough, sound, as if chewing a mint.
dysphagia Tweet Definition of dysphagia Like Definition of dysphagia on Facebook
  1. difficulty in swallowing
dysphasia Tweet Definition of dysphasia Like Definition of dysphasia on Facebook
  1. loss of or deficiency in the power to use or understand language as a result of injury or disease of the brain
dysphoria Tweet Definition of dysphoria Like Definition of dysphoria on Facebook
  1. A state of feeling unwell or unhappy; a feeling of emotional and mental discomfort and suffering from restlessness, malaise, depression or anxiety.
dyspnea Tweet Definition of dyspnea Like Definition of dyspnea on Facebook
  1. difficult or labored respiration
dyspraxia Tweet Definition of dyspraxia Like Definition of dyspraxia on Facebook
  1. (medicine) a disorder in which motor difficulties are caused by perceptual problems
dystrophy Tweet Definition of dystrophy Like Definition of dystrophy on Facebook
noun (plural: dystrophies)
  1. A wasting of body tissues, of genetic origin or due to inadequate or defective nutrition.
dysuria Tweet Definition of dysuria Like Definition of dysuria on Facebook
  1. difficult or painful discharge of urine

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