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feather Tweet Definition of feather Like Definition of feather on Facebook
noun (plural: feathers)
  1. A branching, hair-like structure that grows on the wings of birds that allows their wings to create lift.
adjective or feathered
  1. In engineering or manufacturing a feather(ed) edge is a finely bevelled edge
feeler Tweet Definition of feeler Like Definition of feeler on Facebook
  1. An antenna or appendage used for feeling, esp. on an insect.
  2. Someone or something that feels
female Tweet Definition of female Like Definition of female on Facebook
  1. Someone of feminine sex or gender.
  2. Something of feminine sex or gender.
  1. Belonging or referring to the sex which is generally characterized as the one associated with the larger gametes (for species which have two sexes and for which this distinction can be made).
  2. (context, figurative, electronics) Having an internal socket, as in a connector or pipe fitting.
fence Tweet Definition of fence Like Definition of fence on Facebook
  1. A thin, human-constructed barrier which separates two pieces of land or a house perimeter.
    • 1865, w:Horatio Alger, Horatio Alger, s:Paul Prescott's Charge/Chapter XVII, Paul Prescott's Charge - Chapter XVII,
    • : There was a weak place in the separating the two inclosures
      1. A middleman for transactions of stolen goods.
      2. The place whence such a middleman operates.
      3. Skill in oral debate.
      4. The art or practice of fencing.
    • 1599, w:William Shakespeare, William Shakespeare, s:The Merry Wives of Windsor, The Merry Wives of Windsor,
    • : I bruised my shin th' other day with playing at sword and dagger with a master of
      1. A guard or guide on machinery.
verb (fenc, ing)
  1. (transitive) To enclose, contain or separate by building fence.
    • 1856, w:George A. Smith, George A. Smith, s:Journal of Discourses/Volume3/The Leaven of the Gospel, etc., The Saints Should Divest Themselves of Old Traditions,
    • :Here are twenty acres of land, and it is all you can properly farm, unless you have more help than yourself. Now and cultivate it, and you can make an abundant living.
      1. (transitive) To defend or guard.
      2. (transitive) To engage in the selling or buying of stolen goods.
      3. (intransitive) To engage in (the sport) fencing.
    • 1921, w:Rafael Sabatini, Rafael Sabatini, s:Scaramouche/Book III/Chapter VI, Scaramouche,
    • :Challenges are flying right and left between these bully-swordsmen, these spadassinicides, and poor devils of the robe who have never learnt to with anything but a quill.
      1. (intransitive) (italbrac, equestrian) To jump over a fence.
flange Tweet Definition of flange Like Definition of flange on Facebook
  1. An external or internal rib or rim, used either to add strength or to hold something in place.
  2. An ability in a role-play game which is not commonly available, overpowered or arbitarily imposed by the referees.
flank Tweet Definition of flank Like Definition of flank on Facebook
  1. The flesh between the last rib and the hip; the side.
  2. A cut of meat from the flank of an animal.
  3. The side of a military formation.
  4. A side of something.
  5. The outermost strip of a road.
  1. (transitive) To attack the flank(s) of something.
  2. (transitive) To defend the flank(s) of something.
  3. (transitive) To place to the side(s) of something.
  4. To be placed to the side(s) of something (usually in terms of two objects, one on each side.)
  1. Nautical: Maximum (of speed). Historically faster than full speed (the most a vessel can sustain without excessive engine wear or risk of damage), now frequently used interchangeably. Typically used in an emergency or during an attack (All ahead flank!).
flow Tweet Definition of flow Like Definition of flow on Facebook
  1. The movement of a fluid.
  2. The rising movement of the tide.
  3. smoothness, Smoothness or continuity.
The room was small, but it had good symmetry and .
  1. The amount of a fluid that moves or the rate of fluid movement.
Turn on the valve and make sure you have sufficient .
  1. (psychology) the state of be at one with, being at one with.
  1. (intransitive) To move as a fluid from one position to another.
  2. (intransitive) To move or match smoothly, gracefully, or continuously.
The writing is grammatically correct, but it just doesn't .
flywheel Tweet Definition of flywheel Like Definition of flywheel on Facebook
  1. a rotating mass used to maintain the speed of a machine within certain limits while the machine receives or releases energy at a varying rate
follower Tweet Definition of follower Like Definition of follower on Facebook
  1. One who follows.
  2. The thing that comes after another thing.
  3. Pursuer.
  4. One who is a part of another's group, such as a servant or retainer.
  5. One who adheres to the opinions, ideas, or teachings of another.
  6. A man courting a maidservant.
  7. Young cattle.
fork Tweet Definition of fork Like Definition of fork on Facebook
  1. A pronged tool having a long straight handle, used for digging, lifting, throwing etc.
  2. (obsolete) A gallows.
  3. A utensil with spikes used to put solid food into the mouth, or to hold food down while cutting.
  4. A tuning-fork.
  5. An intersection in a road or path where one road is split into two.
  6. A point where a waterway, such as a river, splits and goes two (or more) different directions (see image).
  7. (chess) The simultaneous attack of two adversary pieces with one single attacking piece (especially a knight).
  8. (computer science) A splitting-up of an existing process into itself and a child process execute, executing parts of the same program.
  9. (computer science) An event where development of some free software or open-source software is split into two or more separate projects.
  10. crotch, Crotch (British usage).
  1. To use a fork to move food to the mouth.
  2. (context, computer science) To spawn a new child process in some sense duplicate, duplicating the existing process.
  3. (context, computer science) To split a (software) project into several projects.
  4. To kick someone in the crotch.

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