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damper Tweet Definition of damper Like Definition of damper on Facebook
  1. That which damps or checks; as:
(a) A valve or movable plate in the flue or other part of a stove, furnace, etc., used to check or regulate the draught of air.
(b) A contrivance (sordine), as in a pianoforte, to deaden vibrations; or, as in other pieces of mechanism, to check some action at a particular time.
(c) Something that kills the mood
(d) A device that decreases the oscillations of a system.
  • Nor did Sabrina's presence seem to act as any at the modest little festivities. - W. Black
    1. Bread made from a basic recipe of flour, water, milk, and salt: but without yeast.
1827: The farm-men usually bake their flour into flat cakes, which they call dampers, and cook these in the ashes. — w:Peter Cunningham, Peter Cunningham, Two Years in New South Wales, ii.190. Quoted in G. A. Wilkes, A Dictionary of Australian Colloquialisms, 1978, ISBN 0-424-00034-2.
  1. (comparative of, damp)
dashpot Tweet Definition of dashpot Like Definition of dashpot on Facebook
  1. A mechanical damping device consisting of a piston that moves through a viscous fluid (usually oil); used, in conjunction with a spring, in shock absorbers
dead center Tweet Definition of dead center Like Definition of dead center on Facebook
  1. The position of the crank of a piston when it is in line with the connecting rod
deck Tweet Definition of deck Like Definition of deck on Facebook
  1. The floorlike covering of the horizontal sections, or compartments, of a ship. Small vessels have only one deck; larger ships have two or three decks.
  2. A balcony.
  3. A porch.
  4. The upper part or top of a mansard roof or curb roof when made nearly flat.
  5. The roof of a passenger car.
  6. A pack or set of playing cards.
  7. A heap or store.
  8. (slang) Cool, fresh.
  9. Presentation Slides (ie. MS Powerpoint or Apple Keynote)
  1. To cover; to overspread.
  2. To dress, as the person; to clothe; especially, to clothe with more than ordinary elegance; to array; to adorn; to embellish.
  3. To furnish with a deck, as a vessel.
  4. (slang) to knock someone to the floor with a single punch
dent Tweet Definition of dent Like Definition of dent on Facebook
  1. A shallow deformation in the surface of something produced by impact.
  1. To impact something, producing a dent.
  2. To develop a dent or dents.
    ''copper, Copper is soft and dents easily.
Derrick Tweet Definition of Derrick Like Definition of Derrick on Facebook
proper noun
  1. (given name, male), variant spelling of Derek.
detent Tweet Definition of detent Like Definition of detent on Facebook
  1. That which locks or unlocks a movement; a catch, pawl, or dog; especially, in clockwork, the catch which locks and unlocks the wheelwork in striking.
devil Tweet Definition of devil Like Definition of devil on Facebook
  1. (theology) A creature of hell.
  2. (theology) (the devil or the Devil) The chief devil; Satan.
  3. The bad part of the conscience; the opposite to the angel.
    • The in me wants to let him suffer.
      1. A wicked or naughty person, or one who harbors reckless, spirited energy, especially in a mischievous way; usually said of a young child.
    • Those two kids can really be little devils when they get into a toy store.
      1. A thing that is awkward or difficult to understand or do.
    • That mathematics problem is quite a .
      1. (context, euphemistically, with an article, as an intensifier) Hell.
    • What in the is that?
    • She is having a of a time fixing it.
    • He"ll have a of a fate if he doesn"t get it done on time.
    • You can go to the for all I care.
      1. A person, especially a man; used to express a particular opinion of him, usually in the phrases poor devil and lucky devil.
      2. A dust devil.
      3. (context, Christian Science) An evil or erroneous entity.
verb (devils, deviling or devilling, deviled or devilled)
  1. To annoy or bother; to bedevil.
  2. To grill with Cayenne pepper; to season highly in cooking, as with pepper.
diaphragm Tweet Definition of diaphragm Like Definition of diaphragm on Facebook
  1. (anatomy) In mammals, a sheet of muscle separating the thorax from the abdomen, contracted and relaxed in respiration to draw air into and expel air from the lungs.
  2. (mechanics) A flexible membrane separating two chambers and fixed around its periphery that distends into one or other chamber depending on the as the difference in the pressure in the chambers varies.
  3. A contraceptive device consisting of a flexible cup, used to cover the cervix during intercourse.
differential Tweet Definition of differential Like Definition of differential on Facebook
  1. the differential gear in an automobile etc
  2. a qualitative or quantitative difference between similar or comparable things
  1. (mathematics) an infinitesimal change in a variable, or the result of differentiation
  1. of, or relating to a difference
  2. dependent on, or making a difference; distinctive
  3. having differences in speed or direction of motion
  1. (mathematics) of, or relating to differentiation, or the differential calculus
differential gear Tweet Definition of differential gear Like Definition of differential gear on Facebook
  1. an arrangement of bevel gears permitting the rotation of two shafts at two different speeds whilst supplying the same torque; used on the rear axles of automobiles to aid cornering
digger Tweet Definition of digger Like Definition of digger on Facebook
  1. A large piece of machinery that digs up holes.
  2. One who digs.
  3. (Australia) An Australian soldier.
DL Tweet Definition of DL Like Definition of DL on Facebook
initialism (wikipedia, Driver's license)
wikipedia, Disabled list)
  1. Driver's license
  2. Disabled list, in baseball
  3. (context, sexuality) down low, Down Low
Doctor Tweet Definition of Doctor Like Definition of Doctor on Facebook
  1. The title of a doctor (whether medical or academic) used before the doctor's name. Abbreviation: Dr, Dr.
    • The students asked to see Jones.
    • Smith carried out the medical procedure.
Dolly Tweet Definition of Dolly Like Definition of Dolly on Facebook
proper noun
  1. (given name, female), diminutive of Dorothy, and later also of Dolores.
donkey Tweet Definition of donkey Like Definition of donkey on Facebook
  1. A domestic animal, Equus asinus, similar to a horse.
  2. A stubborn person.
  3. A fool.
  4. (nautical) A small auxiliary engine, also called donkey engine.
drive Tweet Definition of drive Like Definition of drive on Facebook
  1. A trip made in a motor vehicle
It was a long .
  1. A driveway
The mansion had a long, tree-lined .
  1. A motor that does not take fuel, but instead depends on a mechanism that stores potential energy for subsequent use:
Some old model trains have clockwork drives.
  1. (computers) A mass-storage device; as, a disk drive, a DVD drive, a flash drive''
  2. Self-motivation; ability coupled with ambition:
''Crassus had wealth and wit, but Pompey had and Caesar as much again.
  1. (military) A sustained advance in the face of the enemy to take a strategic objective:
Napoleon's on Moscow was as determined as it was disastrous.
  1. (golf) A stroke made with a driver
  2. (baseball) A ball struck in a flat trajectory (also called line drive)
  3. A type of public roadway.
Beverly Hills" most famous street is Rodeo .
  1. (psychology) desire, Desire or interest.
  2. (cricket) A type of shot played by swinging the bat in a vertical arc, through the line of the ball, and hitting it along the ground, normally between cover and midwicket.
verb (drives, driving, drove, driven)
  1. (defn, English)
driving wheel Tweet Definition of driving wheel Like Definition of driving wheel on Facebook
  1. On a steam locomotive, a powered wheel driven by the locomotive's pistons or turbine.
drum Tweet Definition of drum Like Definition of drum on Facebook
  1. Any hollow, cylindrical object.
  2. In particular, a percussive instrument spanned with a thin covering on at least one end for strike, striking, forming an acoustic chamber, affecting what materials are used to make it.
  3. In particular, a barrel or large cylindrical container for liquid transport and storage.
The restaurant ordered ketchup in 50-gallon drums.
verb (drum, m, ed)
  1. (intransitive) (music) To beat a drum.
  2. (intransitive) To knock successively and playfully.
Drumming one"s fingers on a table is often an expression of impatience or annoyance.
  1. (transitive) To drill or review in an attempt to establish memorization.
He"s still trying to Spanish verb conjugations into my head.
durometer Tweet Definition of durometer Like Definition of durometer on Facebook
  1. An instrument used to measure the hardness or stiffness of a material, especially of an elastomer, such as rubber. A simple durometer consists of a movable tip on a spring with a dial gauge.
    She tested the sample with a to verify its consistency.
    They specified a 70 polyurethane.

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