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random-access Tweet Definition of random-access Like Definition of random-access on Facebook
  1. Capable of being accessed in any order, not required to be sequential.
raster Tweet Definition of raster Like Definition of raster on Facebook
  1. A scanning pattern of parallel lines that form the display of an image projected on a cathode-ray tube of a television set or display screen.
read Tweet Definition of read Like Definition of read on Facebook
  1. A reading or an act of reading, especially an actor's part of a play.
verb (reads, reading, read)
  1. (context, transitive, intransitive) To look at and interpret letters or other information that is written.
Have you this book?
He doesn't like to .
  1. (context, transitive, intransitive) To speak aloud words or other information that is written. Often construed with a to phrase or an indirect object.
He us a passage from his new book.
All right, class, who wants to next?
  1. (transitive) In telecommunications, to be able to hear what another person is saying over a radio connection.
Do you me?
  1. (context, transitive, UK) To make a special study of, as by perusing textbooks.
I am reading theology at university.
  1. (transitive) To interpret or infer a meaning, significance, etc.
I can his feelings in his face.
  1. To consist of certain text.
On the door hung a sign that , "Proper Safety Equipment Required Beyond This Point."
  1. (intransitive) Of text, etc., to be interpreted or read in a particular way.
Arabic reads backwards.
  1. (past of, read)
reader Tweet Definition of reader Like Definition of reader on Facebook
  1. A person who reads a publication.
  2. A person who recites literary works, usually to an audience.
  3. A proofreader.
  4. (context, mostly, UK) A university lecturer below a professor.
  5. A book of exercises to accompany a textbook.
  6. A literary anthology.
  7. A lay of minor cleric who reads lessons in a church service.
  8. A device such as a card reader or microfilm reader.
  9. A newspaper advertisement designed to look like an news article rather than a commercial solicitation.
read-only memory Tweet Definition of read-only memory Like Definition of read-only memory on Facebook
noun (abbreviated as ROM)
  1. A computer memory chip that stores values but does not allow updates; values are nonvolatile in that they are retained even when the computer is unpowered. See also:
real-time Tweet Definition of real-time Like Definition of real-time on Facebook
  1. (computing) alternative spelling of realtime
recognition Tweet Definition of recognition Like Definition of recognition on Facebook
  1. the act of recognizing or the condition of being recognized
He looked at her for ten full minutes before dawned.
  1. An awareness that something observed has been observed before
  2. Acceptance as valid or true
The law was a of their civil rights.
  1. Official acceptance of the status of a new government by that of another country
  2. honor, favorable note, or attention
The charity gained plenty of for its efforts, but little money.
redundant Tweet Definition of redundant Like Definition of redundant on Facebook
  1. Superfluous; exceeding what is necessary.
  2. Repetitive or needlessly wordy.
  3. (context, mainly, UK) Dismissed from employment because no longer needed.
  4. Involving redundancy in the provision of duplicate circuits or devices.
register Tweet Definition of register Like Definition of register on Facebook
  1. A formal recording of names, events, transactions etc.
  2. A book of such entries.
  3. An entry in such a book.
  4. The act of registering.
  5. A device that automatically records a quantity etc.
  6. (computing) Part of the central processing unit used to store and manipulate numbers.
  7. (printing) The exact alignment of lines, margins and colors.
  8. (music) The range of a voice or instrument.
  9. (music) An organ stop.
  10. (Always voluntary) To sign over for safe keeping. Abandons complete ownership for partial.
  11. (linguistics) a style of a language used in a particular context
  1. (transitive) To enter in a register.
  2. (transitive) To enroll, especially to vote.
  3. (transitive) To record, especially in writing.
  4. (transitive) To express outward signs.
  5. (context, transitive, mail) To record officially and handle specially.
  6. (context, transitive, printing) To adjust so as to be properly aligned.
  7. (intransitive) To place one's name, or have one's name placed in a register.
  8. (intransitive) To enroll as a student.
  9. (intransitive) To make an impression.
  10. (intransitive) To be in proper alignment.
rekey Tweet Definition of rekey Like Definition of rekey on Facebook
verb (rekeys, rekeying, rekeyed)
  1. (misspelling of, re-key)
  2. (computing) Entering information into a device, such as a keyboard or keypad, after it has been done at least once before.
She had to the security code.
relocatable Tweet Definition of relocatable Like Definition of relocatable on Facebook
  1. of a device or person: Movable, but not functional/usable while being transported.
  2. (computing) (of machine code) Functions identically at any address in memory
report Tweet Definition of report Like Definition of report on Facebook
  1. A piece of information describing, or an account of certain events given or presented to someone.
A by the telecommunications ministry showed that the phone network has a severe capacity problem.
  1. (ballistics) The loud echo sound from a gun.
    • 1883: w:Robert Louis Stevenson, Robert Louis Stevenson, w:Treasure Island, Treasure Island
    • : ...a pistol-shot, flash and , came from the hedge-side.
  1. (intransitive) (news) To relate details of an event or incident.
This was our correspondent reporting from Baghdad, Iraq.
  1. (intransitive) (military) To show up or appear at an appointed time; to present oneself.
  2. (transitive): To notify of.
The nuclear plant reported the incident to the authorities.
Riots have been reported from a remote province of the country.
  1. To be accountable.
    The financial director reports to the CEO
resolution Tweet Definition of resolution Like Definition of resolution on Facebook
  1. The state of being resolute.
His stalwart resolution is perhaps admirable, perhaps foolish.
  1. A statement of intent, a vow (often New Year's resolution).
My resolution is to cut back on the fast food this year.
  1. The act of discerning detail.
  2. (computing) The degree of fineness with which an image can be recorded or produced, often expressed as the number of pixels per unit of length (typically an inch).
Printing at higher resolution will cause a reduction in performance.
  1. (context, computer hardware) The number of pixels in an image that are stored or displayed.
This monitor's maximum resolution is 800x600.
  1. A formal statement adopted by an assembly.
  2. (science) The separation of the constituent parts (of a spectrum etc).
  3. (science) The degree of fineness of such a separation.
  4. (music) Progression from dissonance to consonance; a chord to which such progression is made.
retrieve Tweet Definition of retrieve Like Definition of retrieve on Facebook
verb (retriev, ing)
  1. To regain or get back something
  2. To rescue or save something; in tennis etc, to make a difficult but successful return of the ball
  3. To remedy or rectify something
  4. To remember or recall something
  5. To fetch or carry back something
return Tweet Definition of return Like Definition of return on Facebook
  1. The act of a person returning.
"Upon my ..."
  1. A return ticket.
  2. An item that is returned, e.g. due to a defect.
  3. (finance): Gain or loss from an investment. "It yielded a of 5%..."
  4. (context, taxation, finance): A report of income submitted to a government for purposes of specifying exact tax payment amounts. A tax return.
  5. (computing) A character that indicates a new line. Hexadecimal %x0d, decimal 13. Old typewriters had a carriage that lined up the paper with the printing strike-arms; with the advent of electronic typewriters, the "carriage return" key would realign the printing at the left margin, and advance to a new line. Early computers added <CR><LF> (13,10) to indicate a new line, with variations such as <LF> (10), <CR> (13) and even <LF><CR> (10,13). Modern computer use has expanded the meaning to denote a new paragraph.
  6. (computing) The act of going back from a called procedure to the procedure that called it.
  7. (computing) The data passed back from a called procedure to the calling procedure (also return value).
  8. A short extention (perpendicular) of a desk, usually slightly lower.
  9. (context, Football (American)): Catching a ball after a punt, and running it back towards the opposing team.
  10. (cricket) A throw from a fielder to the wicket-keeper or to another fielder at the wicket.
  1. To give something back to its original holder/owner.
  2. To take something back to a retailer for a refund.
  3. To come back after some period of time, or at regular intervals.
  4. To go back in thought, narration, or argument. "But to to my story."
  5. (context, Tennis): To bat the ball in response to a serve over the net.
  6. (context, Card games): To play a card as a result of another player's lead; a trump.
  7. (cricket) To throw a ball back to the wicket-keeper (or a fielder at that position) from somewhere in the field.
  8. (computing) (intransitive) To go back from a called procedure to the procedure that called it.
  9. (computing) (transitive) Of a called procedure, to pass back (data) to the calling procedure.
robotics Tweet Definition of robotics Like Definition of robotics on Facebook
  1. The science and technology of robots, their design, manufacture, and application
run Tweet Definition of run Like Definition of run on Facebook
  1. The act of running.
I just got back from my .
  1. The route taken while running.
Which did you do today?
  1. A flow of liquid; a leak.
The constant of water from the faucet annoys me.
  1. A small creek or part thereof.
  2. The amount of something made.
The book"s initial press will be 5,000 copies.
The of the show lasted two weeks, and we sold out every night.
  1. A pace faster than a walk.
He broke into a .
  1. (context, of horses) A fast gallop.
  2. An interval of distance or time, a period marked by a continuing trend.
He went to Las Vegas and spent all his money over a three-day .
I"m having a of bad luck.
  1. A series of tries in a game that were successful.
  2. A regular trip or route.
The bus on the Cherry Street is always crowded.
  1. A standard or unexceptional group or category.
He stood out from the usual of applicants.
  1. An enclosure for an animal; a track or path along which something can travel.
He set up a rabbit .
  1. An errand or the journey associated with an errand.
I need to make a to the store.
  1. A pleasure trip.
Let's go for a in the car.
  1. (sports) A single trip down a hill, as in skiing and bobsledding.
  2. (sports) A point scored in baseball and cricket.
  3. (music) A rapid passage in music, especially along a scale.
  4. A sequence of cards in a suit in a card game.
  5. A sudden series of demands on a bank or other financial institution, especially characterised by great withdrawals.
Financial insecurity led to a on the banks, as customers feared for the security of their savings.
  1. Any sudden large demand for something.
There was a on Christmas presents.
  1. Unrestricted use of an area.
He can have the of the house.
  1. A line of knit stitches that has unravelled.
I have a in my stocking.
  1. The top of a step on a staircase, also called a tread, as opposed to the rise.
  2. A production quantity in a factory.
Yesterday we did a of 12,000 units.
  1. (nautical) The stern of the underwater body of a ship from where it begins to curve upward and inward.
verb (runs, running, ran, run)
  1. (intransitive) To move forward quickly upon two feet by alternately making a short jump off of either foot, compare: walk.
Run, Sarah, !
  1. (intransitive) To go at a fast pace, to move quickly.
The horse ran the length of the track.
I have been running all over the building looking for him.
Sorry, I've got to ; my house is on fire.
  1. (intransitive, metaphorical) To move or spread quickly.
There's a strange story running around the neighborhood.
The flu is running through my daughter's kindergarten.
  1. (transitive) To cause to move quickly; to make move lightly.
Every day I my dog across the field and back.
I'll just the vacuum cleaner over the carpet.
Run your fingers through my hair.
  1. (transitive) To control or manage, be in charge of.
My uncle ran a corner store for forty years.
She runs the fundraising.
My parents think they my life.
  1. (intransitive) Of a liquid, to flow.
The river runs through the forest.
There's blood running down your leg.
  1. (intransitive) Of an object, to have a liquid flowing from it.
Your nose is running.
Why is the hose still running?
My cup runneth over.
  1. (transitive) To make a liquid flow; to make liquid flow from an object.
You'll have to the water a while before it gets hot.
Run the tap until the water gets hot.
  1. (intransitive) To extend in space or through a range of possibilities (often with a measure phrase).
The border runs for 3000 miles.
The leash runs along a wire.
The grain of the wood runs to the right on this table.
It ran in quality from excellent to substandard.
  1. (intransitive) To extend in time, to last, to continue (usually with a measure phrase).
The sale will for ten days.
The contract runs through 2008.
The meeting ran late.
The book runs 655 pages.
The speech runs as follows:...
  1. (transitive) To make something extend in space.
I need to this wire along the wall.
  1. (intransitive) Of a machine, including computer programs, to be operate, operating or working normally.
My car stopped running.
That computer runs twenty-four hours a day.
Buses don't here on Sunday.
  1. (transitive) To make a machine operate.
It's full. You can the dishwasher now.
Don't the engine so fast.
  1. (transitive) To execute or carry out a plan, procedure or program.
They ran twenty blood tests on me and they still don't know what's wrong.
Our coach had us running plays for the whole practice.
I will the sample.
Don't that software unless you have permission.
My computer is too old to the new OS.
  1. (transitive, or, intransitive) To compete in a race.
The horse will the Preakness next year.
I'm not ready to a marathon.
  1. (intransitive) To be a candidate in an election.
I have decided to for governor of California.
We're trying to find somebody to against him next year.
  1. (transitive) To make run in a race or an election.
He ran his best horse in the Derby.
The Green Party is running twenty candidates in this election.
  1. (intransitive) To be offered in one of the media.
The story will on the 6-o'clock news.
The latest Robin Williams movie is running at the Silver City theatre.
Her picture ran on the front page of the newspaper.
  1. (transitive) To print or broadcast in the media.
a story
an ad
  1. (intransitive) To leak or spread in an undesirable fashion , to bleed (especially used of dye or paint).
He discovered during washing that the red rug ran on his white sheet, staining it pink.
  1. (transitive) To go through without stopping, usually illegally.
a red light or stop sign
a blockade
  1. (transitive) To transport someone or something.
Could you me over to the store?
Please this report upstairs to director's office.
  1. (transitive) To smuggle illegal goods.
  1. (transitive, or, intransitive) To cost a large amount of money.
Buying a new laptop will you a thousand dollars.
  1. (intransitive) Of fish, to migrate for spawning.
  2. (intransitive, soccer) To carry a football down the field.
  3. (intransitive) Of stitches, to unravel.
My stocking is running.
  1. (intransitive) To flee away from a danger or towards help.
Whenever things get tough, she cuts and runs.
When he's broke, he runs to me for money.
  1. (transitive, agriculture) To sort through a large volume of produce in quality control.
Looks like we're gonna have to the tomatoes again.
  1. (past participle of, run)
  1. In a liquid state; melted; molten.
Put some butter on the vegetables.
  1. exhaust, Exhausted; depleted (especially with "down" or "out".)

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