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macro Tweet Definition of macro Like Definition of macro on Facebook
  1. (computing_theory) An abstraction whereby a certain textual pattern is replaced according to a defined set of rules.
  2. (complang) A specific textual replacement pattern taken in the context of a specific set of replacement rules; a macro name and associated macro body.
  3. (complang) The name and formal argument list which comprises a pattern; a macro name.
  4. (complang) An occurrence of text matching a macro name in the target of a macro expansion.
  5. (computing) Any substitution of a collection of actions for a single action.
  1. very large in scope or scale
mainframe Tweet Definition of mainframe Like Definition of mainframe on Facebook
  1. A large, powerful computer able to manage very many simultaneous tasks and communicate with very many connected terminals; used by large, complex organizations (such as banks and supermarkets) where continuously sustained operation is vital
MB Tweet Definition of MB Like Definition of MB on Facebook
  1. Manitoba (Canadian province)
  2. Bachelor of Medicine (degree) (Latin Medicinae Baccalaureus)
  3. Moneyboy (a Chinese slang)
  4. (computing) Mebibyte (1024 kilobytes, computing slang)
  5. (context, SI) Megabyte (1000 kilobytes or 1000000 bytes, "physics standard")
  6. (computing) motherboard, Motherboard
megabyte Tweet Definition of megabyte Like Definition of megabyte on Facebook
  1. One million bytes. SI Symbol: MB
  2. (context, computing) 1,048,576 bytes; a mebibyte. Frequently abbreviated MB.
    • 2003, Michael Meyers, Managing and Troubleshooting PCs, page 933
    • : One is 1,048,576 bytes. One megahertz, however is a million Hertz.
    • 2004, Kerry Cox & Christopher Gerg, Managing Security with Snort and IDS Tools, page 92
    • : Defaults to 2 megabytes (2,097,152 bytes).
    • 2006, Eriq Oliver Neale, Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Unleashed, page 290
    • : By default, each log file ... is exactly 5 megabytes (5,242,880 bytes) in size.
menu Tweet Definition of menu Like Definition of menu on Facebook
  1. The details of the food to be served at a banquet; a bill of fare.
  2. A printed list of dishes offered in a restaurant.
  3. A list from which the user may select an operation to be performed, often done with a mouse or other pointing device under a graphical user interface, but usually also controllable from the keyboard.
message Tweet Definition of message Like Definition of message on Facebook
  1. A concept conveyed by symbology.
  2. (rfd-redundant) communications: Information which is sent from a source to a receiver.
  3. (rfd-redundant) An official communication, delivered by a messenger.
  4. (rfv-sense) (Ireland, colloquial, always plural) groceries
verb (messages, messaging, messaged)
  1. (obsolete) To bear as a message.
  2. (communication) To transmit a message, e.g. as text via a cell phone.
The runaway computer program was messaging non-stop.
microprocessor Tweet Definition of microprocessor Like Definition of microprocessor on Facebook
  1. (computing) the entire CPU of a computer on a single integrated circuit (chip).
MIDI Tweet Definition of MIDI Like Definition of MIDI on Facebook
  1. Musical Instrument Digital Interface
    MIDI channel no.10 is reserved for percussions.
Mini Tweet Definition of Mini Like Definition of Mini on Facebook
proper noun Mini ®
  1. An Austin Mini ® motor car
  2. Its replacement launched in 2001
minicomputer Tweet Definition of minicomputer Like Definition of minicomputer on Facebook
  1. (computing) A computer smaller than a mainframe, but larger than a microcomputer.
mnemonic Tweet Definition of mnemonic Like Definition of mnemonic on Facebook
  1. Anything (especially something in verbal form) used to help remember something.
  1. Of or related to mnemonics.
model Tweet Definition of model Like Definition of model on Facebook
  1. A person who serves as a subject for artwork or fashion, usually in the medium of photography but also for painting or drawing.
    • The beautiful had her face on the cover of almost every fashion magazine imaginable.
      1. A miniature representation of.
    • The boy played with a of a World War II fighter plane.
      1. A simplify, simplified representation (usually mathematical) used to explain the workings of a real world system or event.
    • The computer weather did not correctly predict the path of the hurricane.
      1. A style, type, or design.
    • He decided to buy the turbo engine of the sports car.
      1. The structural design of a complex system.
    • The team developed a sound business .
      1. A praiseworthy example to be copied, with or without modifications
    • British parliamentary democracy was seen as a for other countries to follow
verb (model, l, ed)
  1. To display an object for others to see, especially in regard to wearing clothing while performing the role of a fashion model.
    • She modelled the shoes for her friends to see.
      1. To use as an object in the creation of a forecast or model.
    • They modelled the data with a computer to analyze the experiment"s results.
      1. To make a miniature model of.
    • He takes great pride in his skill at modeling airplanes.
      1. To create from a substance such as clay.
    • The sculptor modelled the clay into the form of a dolphin.
      1. To be a model.
    • The actress used to before being discovered by Hollywood.
  1. Serving as an example of something.
    • The couple inspected the home with a real estate agent.
      1. Worthy of being a model; exemplary.
    • He was a student.
      1. Being a small copy of something.
    • A airplane.
modeling Tweet Definition of modeling Like Definition of modeling on Facebook
  1. The art of sculpting models from clay etc. to create a representation of something.
  2. The representation of depth in a two-dimensional image.
  3. The profession of someone who models clothes.
  4. (mathematics) The construction and use of a computer model of a physical system.
  5. The learning of a new skill by copying other people.
<!-- verb 
  1. (present participle of, model)
modem Tweet Definition of modem Like Definition of modem on Facebook
  1. A device that encodes digital computer signals into analog/analogue telephone signals and vice versa and allows computers to communicate over a phone line.
modular Tweet Definition of modular Like Definition of modular on Facebook
  1. A set of modules that allow flexibility in the way that they are combined
morphing Tweet Definition of morphing Like Definition of morphing on Facebook
  1. (computing) The smooth transformation of one image into another using digital tweening.
motherboard Tweet Definition of motherboard Like Definition of motherboard on Facebook
  1. (computing) the primary circuit board of a personal computer, containing the circuitry for the central processing unit, keyboard, mouse and monitor, together with slots for other devices
mouse Tweet Definition of mouse Like Definition of mouse on Facebook
noun (mice)
  1. Any small rodent of the genus Mus
  2. (informal) One of the many small rodent and marsupial species that resemble .
  3. A quiet or shy person.
  4. (computing) (plural mice or, rarely, mouses) An input device that is moved over a pad or other flat surface, its movement being converted into a corresponding movement of a pointer on a graphical display.
verb (mouses, mousing, moused, moused)
  1. (intransitive) To move cautiously or furtively, in the manner of a mouse (the rodent) (frequently used in the phrasal verb to mouse around).
  2. (intransitive) To hunt or catch mice (the rodents).
  3. (context, transitive, nautical) To close the mouth of a hook by a careful binding of marline or wire.
Captain Higgins moused the hook with a bit of marline to prevent the block beckets from falling out under slack.

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