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KB Tweet Definition of KB Like Definition of KB on Facebook
  1. knowledge base
key Tweet Definition of key Like Definition of key on Facebook
  1. An object designed to open and close a lock.
  2. An object designed to fit between two other objects (such as a shaft and a wheel) in a mechanism and maintain the orientation between them.
  3. A crucial step or requirement.
the to solving this problem...
the to winning this game
  1. A guide explaining the symbols or terminology of a map or chart.
The says that A stands for the accounting department.
  1. One of several small, usually square buttons on a typewriter or computer keyboard, most of which generally correspond to a particular character.
Press the Escape .
  1. One of a number of rectangular moving parts on a piano or musical keyboard, each causing a particular sound or note to be produced.
  2. One of various levers on a musical instrument used to select notes, such as a lever opening a hole on a woodwind.
  3. (music) A hierarchical scale of musical notes on which a composition is based
the of B-flat major
  1. A device used to transmit Morse code.
  2. (cryptography) A piece of information (e.g. a passphrase) used to encode or decode a message or messages.
  3. (computing): In a database, a field of a relation constrained to be unique.
  4. (computing): In a database, a field in a record that is used as a search argument (but is not necessarily unique).
  5. (computing): A value that uniquely identifies an entry in an associative array.
  6. (basketball): The free-throw lane together with the circle surrounding the freethrow line, the freethrow lane having formerly been narrower, giving the area the shape of a skeleton key hole.
He shoots from the top of the .
  1. (slang): kilogram
  1. To fit (a lock) with a key.
  2. To fit (pieces of a mechanical assembly) with a key to maintain the orientation between them.
  3. (telegraphy and radio telegraphy) To depress (a telegraph key).
  4. (radio) To operate (the transmitter switch of a two-way radio).
  5. (computing): (more usually to key in) To enter (information) by typing on a keyboard or keypad.
Our instructor told us to in our user IDs.
  1. (colloquial) To use a key as a tool of convenience.
He keyed the car that had taken his parking spot.
  1. Indispensable.
He is the player for his soccer team.
He is the witness.
  1. Important, salient.
She makes several points
keyboard Tweet Definition of keyboard Like Definition of keyboard on Facebook
  1. A set of keys used to operate a typewriter, computer etc.
  2. (music) A component of many instruments including the piano, organ, and harpsichord consisting of usually black and white keys that cause different tones to be produced when struck.
  3. (music) A device with keys of a musical keyboard, used to control electronic sound-producing devices which may be built into or separate from the keyboard device.
  1. (intransitive) To type on a computer keyboard.
Keyboarding is the part of this job I hate the most.
keypad Tweet Definition of keypad Like Definition of keypad on Facebook
  1. A small board with keys primarily used for tactile input into a machine.
Many laptop computers have special function keys which turn part of the alphabetical keyboard into a numerical .
keypunch Tweet Definition of keypunch Like Definition of keypunch on Facebook
  1. (computing) A device, in which one or a combination of keys are pressed to punch holes in punched cards or paper tape that correspond to a particular character
  2. (computing) an electric machine with a keyboard that has the same function
verb to keypunch
  1. To use such a device or machine
keystroke Tweet Definition of keystroke Like Definition of keystroke on Facebook
noun a (plural: keystrokes)
  1. The act of pressing an input key; a keypress on a computer keyboard or a typewriter, or a similar input device.
killer app Tweet Definition of killer app Like Definition of killer app on Facebook
  1. A killer application.
kilobit Tweet Definition of kilobit Like Definition of kilobit on Facebook
  1. 1024 (210) bits
  2. (rarely) 1000 bits
kilobyte Tweet Definition of kilobyte Like Definition of kilobyte on Facebook
  1. (computing) a unit of storage capacity, 1024 (210) bytes : kibibyte
  2. (rarely) 1000 bytes, though this is the technically accurate definition as an SI unit.
kludge Tweet Definition of kludge Like Definition of kludge on Facebook
  1. (context, electronics engineering) an improvised device, usually crudely constructed. Typically used to test the validity of a principle before doing a finished design.
  2. (context, general) any construction or practice, typically inelegant, designed to solve a problem temporarily or expediently
  3. (software) an amalgamated mass of totally unrelated parts forming a distressing whole from the Datamation article mentioned in the Usage Note below
verb (kludges, kludged, kludged, kludging)
  1. to build or use a kludge

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