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icon Tweet Definition of icon Like Definition of icon on Facebook
  1. An image, picture, or other representation.
  2. A religious painting, often done on wooden panels.
  3. A person or thing that is the best example of a certain profession or some doing.
That man is an in the business; he personifies loyalty and good business sense.
  1. A small picture which represents something (such as an icon on a computer screen which when clicked performs some function.)
  2. (linguistics): A type of noun whereby the form reflects and is determined by the referent; onomatopoetic words are necessarily all icons. See also symbol and index.
image Tweet Definition of image Like Definition of image on Facebook
  1. An optical or other representation of a real object; a graphic; a picture.
  2. A mental picture of something not real or not present.
  3. (computing) A copy of all or part of a disk drive retained for backup or replication purposes.
  4. A characteristic of a person, group or company etc., style, manner of dress, how one is, or wishes to be, perceived by others.
  5. (mathematics) Something mapped to by a function.
5 is the of 3 under f.
  1. (mathematics) The subset of a codomain comprising those elements that are images of something.
The of this step function is the set of integers.
verb (imag, ing)
  1. (context, computing) To convert an idea to an image.
  2. (context, computing) To create a complete backup copy of a filesystem.
informatics Tweet Definition of informatics Like Definition of informatics on Facebook
  1. (computing) a branch of information science, and of computer science, that focuses on the study of information
information science Tweet Definition of information science Like Definition of information science on Facebook
  1. the science that deals with the gathering, classification, storage, manipulation, retrieval and analysis of information as an organized resource
input Tweet Definition of input Like Definition of input on Facebook
  1. Something fed into a process with the intention of it shaping or affecting the outputs of that process.
verb (inputs, inputting, input)
  1. To enter data.
instruction Tweet Definition of instruction Like Definition of instruction on Facebook
noun (plural: instructions)
  1. The act of instructing, teaching, or furnishing with knowledge; information.
  • Students receive instruction in the arts and sciences.
  • Instruction will be provided on how to handle difficult customers.
    1. That which instructs, or with which one is instructed; the intelligence or information imparted; as: (a) Precept; information; teachings. (b) Direction; order; command.
    1. Shakespeare
    2. :If my instructions may be your guide.
    intelligent Tweet Definition of intelligent Like Definition of intelligent on Facebook
    1. Of high or especially quick cognitive capacity, bright.
    2. Well thought-out, well considered (an intelligent design, an intelligent strategy).
    3. Characterized by thoughtful interaction (an intelligent conversation).
    interactive Tweet Definition of interactive Like Definition of interactive on Facebook
    1. Acting with each other
    Two interactive systems.
    1. (computer science) Responding to the user
    Interactive user interface
    internet Tweet Definition of internet Like Definition of internet on Facebook
    1. Any set of computer networks that communicate using the Internet Protocol. (An intranet.)
    2. (the internet) (considered incorrect by some — see the Usage notes under Internet) The Internet.
    interrupt Tweet Definition of interrupt Like Definition of interrupt on Facebook
    noun (interrupts)
    1. (computing) An event that causes a computer to temporarily cease what it was doing and attend to a condition
    The caused the packet handler routine to run.
    1. to disturb or halt an ongoing process or action by interfere, interfering suddenly
    A maverick politician repeatedly interrupted the debate by shouting.
    1. (computing) To assert to a computer that an exceptional condition must be handled.
    The packet receiver circuit interrupted the microprocessor.
    ISP Tweet Definition of ISP Like Definition of ISP on Facebook
    1. "Internet Service Provider", a company which provides internet access for a fee
    2. International Specialty Products
    iteration Tweet Definition of iteration Like Definition of iteration on Facebook
    1. Recital or performance a second time; repetition.
    2. (computing) the use of repetition in a computer program, especially in the form of a loop
    3. (computing) a single repetition of the code within such a repetitive process
    The code calculates the appropriate value at each .

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