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cable Tweet Definition of cable Like Definition of cable on Facebook
  1. A strong, large-diameter wire or rope, or something resembling such a rope.
  2. An assembly of two or more wires which are used for electrical power or data circuits; one or more may be insulated.
  1. (nautical) A heavy rope or chain used to moor or anchor a ship
  2. (communications) A system for receiving television or Internet service over coaxial or fibreoptic cables
    I tried to watch the movie last night but my cable was out.
    1. A telegram
    2. (finance) in financial markets 'cable' is used to refer to the currency pair Great British Pounds against United States Dollars
  3. (nautical) A unit of length
verb to cable
  1. To send a telegram
  2. To wrap wires to form a cable
cell Tweet Definition of cell Like Definition of cell on Facebook
  1. A component of an electrical battery.
This MP3 player runs on 2 AAA cells.
  1. A room in a prison for containing inmates.
The combatants spent the night in separate cells.
  1. A room in a monastery for sleeping one person.
Gregor Mendel must have spent a good amount of time outside of his .
  1. A small group of people forming part of a larger organization.
Those three fellows are the local of that organization.
  1. (meteorology) A small thunderstorm, caused by convection, that forms ahead of a storm front.
There is a powerful storm headed our way.
  1. (cytology) The basic unit of a living organism, surrounded by a cell membrane.
There is a virtual zoo of single organisms living in your mouth.
  1. (biology) An cavity in a structure such as a honeycomb or ovary.
The bee filled the with honey.
<!--this is a proper noun sense, and is encyclopedic
  1. (biology) the title of a scientific journal published by Wikipedia:Elsevier, Elsevier
It was published in Cell. ''-->
  1. (computing) The minimal unit of a cellular automaton that can change state and has an associated behavior.
The upper right always starts with the color green.
  1. (communication) A short, fixed-length packet as in Wikipedia:Asynchronous Transfer Mode, asynchronous transfer mode.
Virtual Channel number 5 received 170 cells.
  1. (communication) A region of radio reception that is a part of a larger radio network.
I get good reception in my home because it is near a tower.
  1. (context, US, informal) A cellular phone.
  2. (geometry) A three-dimensional facet of a polytope.
cell phone Tweet Definition of cell phone Like Definition of cell phone on Facebook
  1. A portable, wireless telephone, which changes antenna connections seamlessly during travel from one radio reception cell to another without losing the party-to-party call connection.
cellular Tweet Definition of cellular Like Definition of cellular on Facebook
  1. (context, US, informal) A cellular phone (mobile phone).
  1. Of, relating to, consisting of, or resembling a cell or cells.
cellular phone Tweet Definition of cellular phone Like Definition of cellular phone on Facebook
noun (abbreviation: cell phone)
  1. A mobile phone using cellular technology.
  2. (colloquial): A mobile phone using any technology (such as PCS).
Charlie Tweet Definition of Charlie Like Definition of Charlie on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (given name, male, , ) A diminutive of the masculine given name Charles.
  2. (given name, female, , ) A diminutive female given name of Charlotte or Charlene.
  3. (uncountable) The letter C in the ICAO spelling alphabet.
  4. (uncountable) (slang) Cocaine.
  5. (British and Australian slang, often qualified with right and/or proper) A fool.
You look a right in that clown outfit!
Is your name Charlie? ... Well, you look like one.
circuit Tweet Definition of circuit Like Definition of circuit on Facebook
  1. The act of moving or revolving around, or as in a circle or orbit; a revolution; as, the periodical circuit of the earth around the sun.
  2. The circumference of, or distance around, any space; the measure of a line around an area.
The circuit or compass of Ireland is 1,800 miles. J. Stow.
  1. That which encircles anything, as a ring or crown.
  • 1590, And this fell tempest shall not cease to rage Until the golden circuit on my head, Like to the glorious sun's transparent beams, Do calm the fury of this mad-bred flaw. &mdash; William Shakespeare, Henry VI, Part II, Act III, Scene I, line 351.
    1. The space enclosed within a circle, or within limits.
  • 1592, "Fondling," she saith, "since I have ehm, hemm'd thee here Within the circuit of this ivory pale, I'll be a park, and thou shalt be my deer: Feed where thou wilt, on mountain, or in dale; Graze on my lips; and if those hills be dry, Stray lower, where the pleasant fountains lie. &mdash; William Shakespeare, Venus and Adonis, Stanza 39, line 229.
  • A wide enclosed with goodliest trees.
    1. A regular or appointed journeying from place to place in the exercise of one's calling, as of a judge, or a preacher.
    2. A certain division of a state or country, established by law for a judge or judges to visit, for the administration of justice.
    3. (Methodist Church) A district in which an itinerant preacher labors.
    4. By analogy to the proceeding three, a set of theaters among which the same acts circulate; especially common in the heyday of vaudeville.
    5. (obsolete) Circumlocution.
  • verb 
    1. (context, intransitive, obsolete) To move in a circle; to go round; to circulate.
    2. (obsolete) To travel around.
    Having circuited the air.
    code Tweet Definition of code Like Definition of code on Facebook
    1. A very short abbreviation, often with little correlation to the item it represents
    You assigned the same "unique" to two intake-categories, causing a database error!
    1. A body of law, sanctioned by legislation, in which the rules of law to be specifically applied by the courts are set forth in systematic form; a compilation of laws by public authority; a digest.
    "The collection of laws made by the order of Justinian is sometimes called, by way of eminence, "The Code"." -Wharton
    1. Any system of rules or regulations relating to one subject; as, the medical code, a system of rules for the regulation of the professional conduct of physicians; the naval code, a system of rules for making communications at sea means of signals.
      1. A set of rules for converting information into another form or representation.
    2. (crypto) A cryptographic system using a codebook that converts word, words or phrase, phrases into codeword, codewords.
    3. source code, Source code.
    verb (codes, coding, coded)
    1. (computing) To write software programs.
    2. To categorise by assigning identifiers from a schedule, for example CPT coding for medical insurance purposes.
    3. (crypto) To encode.
    We should the messages we sent out on usenet.
    collect Tweet Definition of collect Like Definition of collect on Facebook
    noun (sometimes capitalized)
    1. (Christianity) The prayer said before the reading of the epistle lesson, especially one found in a prayerbook, as with the Book of Common Prayer.
    He used the day's collect as the basis of his sermon.
    1. gather, Gather together; amass items.
    Suzanne collected all the papers she had laid out.
    1. get, Get; particularly, get from someone.
    A bank collects a monthly payment on a client's new car loan.
    A mortgage company collects a monthly payment on a house.
    1. accumulate, Accumulate similar items or items belonging to a particular theme, particularly for a hobby or recreation.
    John Henry collects stamps.

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