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painkiller Tweet Definition of painkiller Like Definition of painkiller on Facebook
  1. A drug that numbs the pain in the body
papain Tweet Definition of papain Like Definition of papain on Facebook
  1. A proteolytic enzyme in papaya fruit. May aid in digestion and have other health benefits.
papaverine Tweet Definition of papaverine Like Definition of papaverine on Facebook
  1. A non-addictive derivative of opium used in medicine to relieve muscle spasms, as a vasodilator and in some forms of erectile dysfunction.
paregoric Tweet Definition of paregoric Like Definition of paregoric on Facebook
  1. a painkiller; a medicine which soothes or relieves pain
  • 1922: Chloroform. Overdose of laudanum. Sleeping draughts. Lovephiltres. Paragoric poppysyrup bad for cough. Clogs the pores or the phlegm. " James Joyce, Ulysses
  • 2004: My local doctor promises to accompany me ashore, spare no expense to obtain powerful paregorics & remain at my bedside until my recovery is compleat, even if Prophetess must leave for California without us. " David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas
  • pastille Tweet Definition of pastille Like Definition of pastille on Facebook
    1. A soft flavoured candy.
    2. A medicinal pill, originally compressed herbs. A throat pastille is a large candy-like lozenge, which, when sucked, releases oils to soothe a sore throat and sometimes vapors to help unblock the nose or sinuses.
    3. A small granular half Spheroid piece of material.
    patent medicine Tweet Definition of patent medicine Like Definition of patent medicine on Facebook
    1. A medicine that is protected by a patent and can be bought without a prescription.
    peddle Tweet Definition of peddle Like Definition of peddle on Facebook
    verb (peddl, es)
    1. to sell things, especially door to door
    2. to sell illegal narcotics
    penicillamine Tweet Definition of penicillamine Like Definition of penicillamine on Facebook
    1. (chemistry) a breakdown product of penicillin used as a chelating drug to treat poisoning by heavy metals etc
    penicillin Tweet Definition of penicillin Like Definition of penicillin on Facebook
    1. (pharmaceutical drug) Any of a group of broad-spectrum antibiotics obtained from Penicillium molds or synthesized; they have a beta-lactam structure; most are active against gram-positive bacteria and used in the treatment of various infections and diseases.
    percolation Tweet Definition of percolation Like Definition of percolation on Facebook
    1. the seepage or filtration of a liquid through a porous substance
    peyote Tweet Definition of peyote Like Definition of peyote on Facebook
    1. A small, spineless cactus (Lophophora williamsii) found from southwest United States to central Mexico that produces buttonlike tubercle , tubercles that can be chewed as a narcotic. Also called mescal.
    2. A mescal button produced by the plant.
    3. The name-sake source of mescaline.
    pharmaceutical Tweet Definition of pharmaceutical Like Definition of pharmaceutical on Facebook
    1. (medicine) a pharmaceutical or pharmacological preparation or product; a drug.
    1. (medicine) of, or relating to pharmacy or pharmacists.
    pharmacognosy Tweet Definition of pharmacognosy Like Definition of pharmacognosy on Facebook
    1. The branch of pharmacology that studies medical substances that are extracted from natural sources, including drugs derived from plants and herbs used for medicinal purposes. Also, the branch of pharmacology dealign with recognizing the natural substances that have medicinal uses.
    pharmacokinetics Tweet Definition of pharmacokinetics Like Definition of pharmacokinetics on Facebook
    1. (pharmacology) A branch of pharmacology concerned with the rate at which drugs are absorbed, distributed, metabolized, and eliminated by the body.
    pharmacology Tweet Definition of pharmacology Like Definition of pharmacology on Facebook
    1. (medicine) The science that studies the effects of chemical compounds on living animals, especially the science of the manufacture, use and effects of medicinal drugs.
    2. The medicinal characteristics of a specific drug.
    pharmacy Tweet Definition of pharmacy Like Definition of pharmacy on Facebook
    noun (pharmacies)
    1. A place where prescription drugs are dispensed, a dispensary.
    2. The science of medicinal substances comprising pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, phytochemistry and forensics.
    3. The occupation of a pharmacist.
    phenacetin Tweet Definition of phenacetin Like Definition of phenacetin on Facebook
    1. Any of a class of analgesic, antifebrin and antipyretic drugs derived from acetanilide.
    category:Pharmaceutical drugs      
    phencyclidine Tweet Definition of phencyclidine Like Definition of phencyclidine on Facebook
    1. (chemistry) A veterinary anesthetic, used illegally in humans as a hallucinogen
    phenoxybenzamine Tweet Definition of phenoxybenzamine Like Definition of phenoxybenzamine on Facebook
    1. (medicine) an alpha-blocker and vasodilator
    phentolamine Tweet Definition of phentolamine Like Definition of phentolamine on Facebook
    1. (pharmaceutical drug) A drug, injected into the penis, to treat erectile dysfunction.
    phenylbutazone Tweet Definition of phenylbutazone Like Definition of phenylbutazone on Facebook
    1. (pharmaceutical drug) An anti-inflammatory and analgesic drug used to treat arthritis and gout.
    phenylpropanolamine Tweet Definition of phenylpropanolamine Like Definition of phenylpropanolamine on Facebook
    1. (pharmaceutical drug) An adrenergic drug use to relieve allergic reactions, to treat respiratory infections and to suppress the appetite.
    physic Tweet Definition of physic Like Definition of physic on Facebook
    1. (countable) A medicine or drug, especially a cathartic or purgative.
    2. (uncountable) The art or profession of healing disease; medicine.
    verb (physics, physicking, physicked)
    1. (transitive) To cure or heal; to treat or administer medicine, especially to purge.
    pill Tweet Definition of pill Like Definition of pill on Facebook
    1. A small portion of a drug or drugs to be taken orally, usually of roughly cylindrical shape, often coated to prolong dissolution or ease swallowing.
    1. (intransitive, textiles) Of a woven fabric surface, to form small matted balls of fiber.
    pilocarpine Tweet Definition of pilocarpine Like Definition of pilocarpine on Facebook
    1. (biochemistry) An muscarinic alkaloid obtained from the leaves of tropical American shrubs from the genus Pilocarpus.
    pituitary Tweet Definition of pituitary Like Definition of pituitary on Facebook
    noun (pluralpituitaries)
    1. The pituitary gland.
    2. (medicine) An extract from the pituitary gland.
    1. Of or relating to the pituitary gland.
    P.O. Tweet Definition of P.O. Like Definition of P.O. on Facebook
    abbreviation (infl, en, abbreviation)
    1. post office
    poison Tweet Definition of poison Like Definition of poison on Facebook
    1. A substance that is harmful or lethal to a living organism.
    We used a to kill the weeds.
    1. Something that harms a person or thing.
    Gossip is a malicious .
    1. (idiomatic) A drink; liquor.
    1. (transitive) To use poison to kill or paralyse somebody
    : The assassin poisoned the king.
    1. (transitive) To pollute; to cause some part of the environment to become poisonous
    : That factory is poisoning the river.
    1. (transitive) To cause something to become much worse
    : Suspicion will their relationship.
    : He poisoned the mood in the room with his non-stop criticism.
    1. (transitive) To cause someone to hate or to have unfair negative opinions
    : She's poisoned him against all his old friends.
    polymyxin Tweet Definition of polymyxin Like Definition of polymyxin on Facebook
    1. Any of several toxic antibiotics, derived from the soil bacterium Bacillus polymyxa, used to treat infections by gram-negative bacteria
    Poppy Tweet Definition of Poppy Like Definition of Poppy on Facebook
    proper noun
    1. (mostly U.K. ) (given name, female), a flower name used since the end of the nineteenth century.
    posology Tweet Definition of posology Like Definition of posology on Facebook
    1. (pharmacy) The study of the dosages of drugs, especially the determination of appropriate dosages.
    prednisolone Tweet Definition of prednisolone Like Definition of prednisolone on Facebook
    1. (pharmaceutical drug) A synthetic glucocorticoid steroid, similar to hydrocortisone, used as an anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive, and antiallergic drug.
    prednisone Tweet Definition of prednisone Like Definition of prednisone on Facebook
    1. (steroid drug) A synthetic corticosteroid used to treat a large number of conditions.
    prepare Tweet Definition of prepare Like Definition of prepare on Facebook
    verb (prepar, ing)
    1. (transitive) To make ready for a specific future purpose.
    We prepared the spacecraft for takeoff.
    1. (transitive) To make ready for eating or drinking; to cook.
    We prepared a fish for dinner.
    1. (intransitive) To make oneself ready; to get ready, make preparation.
    We prepared for a bumpy ride.
    1. (transitive) To produce or make by combining elements; to synthesize, compound.
    She prepared a meal from what was left in the cupboards.
    progesterone Tweet Definition of progesterone Like Definition of progesterone on Facebook
    1. (steroid hormone) A steroid hormone, secreted by the ovaries, whose function is to prepare the uterus for the implantation of a fertilized ovum and to maintain pregnancy.
    2. (steroid drug) A synthetic version of the compound, used in contraceptive pills and other pharmaceutical products.
    prophylactic Tweet Definition of prophylactic Like Definition of prophylactic on Facebook
    1. A medicine which preserves or defends against disease; a preventive.
    2. American usage only (dated) Specifically, a prophylactic condom.
    1977, Human Life Center, International Review of Natural Family Planning, Human Life Center, St. John's University (1977), p. 2,
    • It is not clear whether such education is to be directed to homosexuals (for whom prophylactics are not a contraceptive) or to heterosexuals as well (for whom prophylactics are a contraceptive).
    1994, Mary Louise Roberts, Civilization Without Sexes: reconstructing gender in postwar France, 1917-1927, University of Chicago Press (1994), p. 96,
  • Given the widespread use of coitus interruptus and male prophylactics as contraceptive practices in France …
  • 2000, Peter Parnell and John Irving, The Cider House Rules: Here in St. Cloud's, Dramatists Play Service, Inc. (2000), p. 46,
  • Some men put the on just the tip of the penis: this is a mistake, because the prophylactic will come off.
  • adjective
    1. prophylactical, Prophylactical.
    proprietary Tweet Definition of proprietary Like Definition of proprietary on Facebook
    1. Relating to property or ownership.
      • the rights
        1. Of or relating to the quality of being an owner.
      • the class
        1. Manufactured exclusively by the owner of intellectual property rights (IPR), as with a patent or trade secret.
      • The continuous profitability of the company is based on its many products.
        1. Privately owned.
      • a lake
    prostaglandin Tweet Definition of prostaglandin Like Definition of prostaglandin on Facebook
    1. (biochemistry) Any of a group of naturally occurring lipids derived from the C20 acid prostanoic acid; they have a number of physiological functions and may be considered to be hormones.
      • 2001: This enzyme generates an inflammatory mediator known as , which triggers pain and other aspects of inflammation. " Leslie Iversen, Drugs: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford 2001, p. 51)
    pseudoephedrine Tweet Definition of pseudoephedrine Like Definition of pseudoephedrine on Facebook
    1. A sympathomimetic alkaloid commonly used as a decongestant; a chemical compound, an isomer of ephedrine, with the formula C10H15NO. category:Pharmaceutical drugs
    psychedelic Tweet Definition of psychedelic Like Definition of psychedelic on Facebook
    1. Any psychoactive substance (such as LSD or Psilocybin) which, when consume, consumed, causes perception, perceptual changes (sometimes erratic and uncontrollable), visual hallucination, and altered awareness of the body and mind.
    1. Of, containing or generating hallucinations, distortions of perception, altered awareness etc
    psychoactive Tweet Definition of psychoactive Like Definition of psychoactive on Facebook
    1. (pharmacology) Affecting the mind or mental processes.
    psychopharmacology Tweet Definition of psychopharmacology Like Definition of psychopharmacology on Facebook
    1. (pharmacology) The branch of pharmacology which pertains to the psychoactive aspects of drugs.
    psychotomimetic Tweet Definition of psychotomimetic Like Definition of psychotomimetic on Facebook
    1. (pharmacology) A psychotomimetic drug (such as LSD).
    1. (pharmacology) That induces a temporary state of altered perception and symptoms similar to those of psychosis (such as hallucinations).
    psychotropic Tweet Definition of psychotropic Like Definition of psychotropic on Facebook
    1. (pharmacology) A psychotropic drug or agent.
    1. (pharmacology) Affecting the mind or mental processes.
    purge Tweet Definition of purge Like Definition of purge on Facebook
    1. the act of purging
    2. evacuation of the bowels or of pipes
    3. forcible removal of undesirable people from political activity, etc.
    verb (purg, ing)
    1. (transitive) to clean thoroughly; to cleanse; to rid of impurity, impurities
    2. (transitive) (religion) to free from sin, guilt, or the burden or responsibility of misdeeds
    3. (transitive) (medicine) to void the bowel
    4. (transitive) (law) to clear of a charge, suspicion, or imputation
    pyrethrum Tweet Definition of pyrethrum Like Definition of pyrethrum on Facebook
    1. a perennial African plant, Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium, that is the source of the pyrethrin insecticides
    pyrimethamine Tweet Definition of pyrimethamine Like Definition of pyrimethamine on Facebook
    1. (medicine) a folic acid antagonist, used in the prophylactic treatment of malaria

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