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labiate Tweet Definition of labiate Like Definition of labiate on Facebook
  1. having lips or liplike parts
  1. (botany)(of flowers such as the snapdragon) having the corolla divided into two liplike parts
  2. (botany) of, or belonging to the mint family Labiatae.
laburnum Tweet Definition of laburnum Like Definition of laburnum on Facebook
  1. Any tree of genus Laburnum, which have bright yellow flowers and are poisonous.
larch Tweet Definition of larch Like Definition of larch on Facebook
  1. A genus of coniferous trees (Larix sp.), having deciduous leaves, in fascicles (see Illust. of Fascicle).
larkspur Tweet Definition of larkspur Like Definition of larkspur on Facebook
  1. A tall robust flowering plant with many purple, purplish-blue flowers.
latex Tweet Definition of latex Like Definition of latex on Facebook
noun (latices, pl2=latexes)
  1. The milky sap of several trees that coagulates on exposure to air; used to make rubber.
  2. An emulsion of rubber in water, used in adhesives and the like.
  1. Made from latex.
lauraceous Tweet Definition of lauraceous Like Definition of lauraceous on Facebook
  1. (Botany): Belonging to, or resembling, a natural order (Lauraceae) of trees and shrubs having aromatic bark and foliage, and including the laurel, sassafras, cinnamon tree, true camphor tree, etc.
laurel Tweet Definition of laurel Like Definition of laurel on Facebook
  1. An evergreen shrub, of the genus Laurus (L. nobilis), having aromatic leaves of a lanceolate shape, with clusters of small, yellowish white flowers in their axils; -- called also sweet bay. The fruit is a purple berry. It is found about the Mediterranean, and was early used by the ancient Greeks to crown the victor in the games of Apollo. At a later period, academic honors were indicated by a crown of laurel, with the fruit. The leaves and tree yield an aromatic oil, used to flavor the bay water of commerce.
Note: The name is extended to other plants which in some respect resemble the true laurel.
  1. A crown of laurel; hence, honor; distinction; fame; -- especially in the plural; as, to win laurels.
  2. An English gold coin made in 1619, and so called because the king's head on it was crowned with laurel
lavender Tweet Definition of lavender Like Definition of lavender on Facebook
  1. any of a group of European plants of the mint family.
  2. (colour) a pale purple color, colour, like that of the lavender flower.
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  1. (colour) having a pale purple colour.
leek Tweet Definition of leek Like Definition of leek on Facebook
  1. A vegetable (Allium ampeloprasum var. porrum) of the same family as the onion, having a bulb and long leaves and with a milder flavour than the onion.
legume Tweet Definition of legume Like Definition of legume on Facebook
  1. The fruit or seed of leguminous plants (as peas or beans) used for food; a vegetable used for food.
  2. Any of a large family (Leguminosae syn. Fabaceae) of dicotyledonous herbs, shrubs, and trees having fruits that are legumes or loments, bearing nodules on the roots that contain nitrogen-fixing bacteria, and including important food and forage plants (as peas, beans, or clovers).
  3. Pod dehiscent into two pieces or valves, and having the seed attached at one suture, as that of the pea.
leguminous Tweet Definition of leguminous Like Definition of leguminous on Facebook
  1. of the Leguminosae family of peas, beans etc
  2. resembling a legume
lemon Tweet Definition of lemon Like Definition of lemon on Facebook
noun (countable and uncountable; plurallemons)
  1. A brown citrus fruit.
  2. A semitropical evergreen tree that bears lemons.
  3. (slang) A defective or inadequate item.
He didn"t realise until he"d paid for it that the car was a .
  1. (context, Cockney rhyming slang, shortened from "lemon flavour") favour, favor.
A thousand quid for that motor? Do me a , I could get it for half that.
  1. (uncountable, color) The pale yellow colour/color of lemons.
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    1. (uncountable) The taste or flavour/flavor of lemons.
  1. Containing or having the flavour/flavor and/or scent of lemons.
  2. (color) Of the pale yellow colour/color of lemons.
lemon balm Tweet Definition of lemon balm Like Definition of lemon balm on Facebook
  1. a perennial herb, Melissa officinalis, of southern Europe; used as a flavouring in ice cream etc
lentil Tweet Definition of lentil Like Definition of lentil on Facebook
  1. Any of several plants, of the genus Lens, from southwest Asia, that have edible, lens-shaped seeds within flattened pods
  2. The seed of these plants, used as food
lettuce Tweet Definition of lettuce Like Definition of lettuce on Facebook
  1. An edible plant, Lactuca sativa, having a head of green and/or purple leaves.
  2. (uncountable) The leaves of the lettuce plant eaten as a vegetable.
I"ll have a ham sandwich with lettuce and tomato.
  1. (uncountable) (slang): Folding money, also called cabbage (all paper currency in the US is green, the common color of the vegetable.)
Liana Tweet Definition of Liana Like Definition of Liana on Facebook
proper noun
  1. (given name, female, ) a female given name, derived from Juliana or Eliana
lichee Tweet Definition of lichee Like Definition of lichee on Facebook
noun (plural:lichees)
  1. sweet fruit of Chinese origin. Used in Indian cuisine.
licorice Tweet Definition of licorice Like Definition of licorice on Facebook
noun (uncountable)
  1. A plant (Glycyrrhiza glabra or sometimes in North America the related American Licorice plant Glycyrrhiza lepidota).
  2. A type of candy made from licorice extract.
lilac Tweet Definition of lilac Like Definition of lilac on Facebook
  1. a large shrub bearing white, pale pink or purple flowers.
  2. lilac flowers
  3. (colour) a pale purple color, colour, the colour of some lilac flowers.
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  1. (colour) having a pale purple colour.
liliaceous Tweet Definition of liliaceous Like Definition of liliaceous on Facebook
  1. (botany) of the Liliaceae family that contains the lily, tulip and hyacinth
Lily Tweet Definition of Lily Like Definition of Lily on Facebook
proper noun
  1. (given name, female) derived from the flower and also seen as a variant of Lillian; used since the nineteenth century and currently returning to favor.
lily of the valley Tweet Definition of lily of the valley Like Definition of lily of the valley on Facebook
  1. A flowering plant, Convallaria majalis, with richly fragrant pendant bells.
lily pad Tweet Definition of lily pad Like Definition of lily pad on Facebook
noun (plurallily pads)
  1. The round leaf of a water lily, which floats on the surface of the water.
lima bean Tweet Definition of lima bean Like Definition of lima bean on Facebook
  1. Another name for the butter bean.
lime Tweet Definition of lime Like Definition of lime on Facebook
  1. (poetic) any gluey or adhesive substance; something which traps or captures someone
  2. (mineralogy) A white alkaline substance, calcium oxide, obtained from limestone; quicklime
  • 1952: Lime, which is the product of the burning of chalk or limestone, might be bought ready burnt, or it could be burnt in kilns specially constructed in the neighbourhood of the building operations. &mdash; L.F. Salzman, Building in England, page 149.
    1. A dry white powder (calcium hydroxide).
verb (lim, ing)
  1. (transitive) To treat with calcium hydroxide or calcium oxide (lime).
  1. Containing lime or lime juice.
  2. lime-green, Lime-green.
linden Tweet Definition of linden Like Definition of linden on Facebook
  1. any of various deciduous trees, of the genus Tilia, having heart-shaped leaves
  2. the soft wood of such trees
  1. (obsolete) made of lime-wood
ling Tweet Definition of ling Like Definition of ling on Facebook
  1. Any of various marine food fish, of the genus Molva, resembling the cod.
  2. Any of various varieties of heather or broom.
linseed Tweet Definition of linseed Like Definition of linseed on Facebook
  1. The seed of the flax plant, which yields linseed oil
litchi Tweet Definition of litchi Like Definition of litchi on Facebook
  1. alternative spelling of lychee
liverwort Tweet Definition of liverwort Like Definition of liverwort on Facebook
  1. A bryophyte with a leafy stem or leafless thallus characterized by a dominant gametophyte stage and a lack of stomata on the sporophyte stage of the life cycle.
lobelia Tweet Definition of lobelia Like Definition of lobelia on Facebook
  1. A genus of flowering plants in the Lobeliaceae family containing many species, some of which are garden plants.
locoweed Tweet Definition of locoweed Like Definition of locoweed on Facebook
noun (Plural:locoweeds)
  1. Any of several plants indigenous to the western United States, are toxic to cattle and the symptoms of poisoning include nervous problems. From the Spanish loco meaning mad or insane and weed.
locust Tweet Definition of locust Like Definition of locust on Facebook
  1. A type of grasshopper in the family Acrididae that flies in swarms and is very destructive to crops and other vegetation.
loganberry Tweet Definition of loganberry Like Definition of loganberry on Facebook
noun (loganberries)
  1. A hybrid berry, Rubus loganobaccus, produced by crossing a raspberry with a blackberry.
loquat Tweet Definition of loquat Like Definition of loquat on Facebook
  1. The fruit of the Japanese medlar (Photinia japonica). It is as large as a small plum, but grows in clusters, and contains four or five large seeds.
  2. The tree which bears loquat fruit
lotus Tweet Definition of lotus Like Definition of lotus on Facebook
noun (pl=lotuses)
  1. A kind of aquatic plant, genus Nelumbo
  2. A legendary plant eaten by the Lotophagi of the Odyssey that caused drowsiness and euphoria
  3. A number of other plants bearing "lotus" in their scientific or common names
  4. An architectural motif of ancient Egyptian temples
lovage Tweet Definition of lovage Like Definition of lovage on Facebook
  1. a perennial Mediterranean herb, with green flowers.
Lucerne Tweet Definition of Lucerne Like Definition of Lucerne on Facebook
proper noun
  1. A canton of Switzerland.
  2. A city in Switzerland, the capital of the canton of Lucerne.
lupine Tweet Definition of lupine Like Definition of lupine on Facebook
  1. Belonging to the genus Lupinus of leguminous herbs, some poisonous.
  2. An edible lupine seed.
  1. Of, or pertaining to, the wolf.
  2. Wolf-like; wolfish.
  3. Having the characteristics of a wolf.
  4. ravenous, Ravenous.

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