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balloon vine Tweet Definition of balloon vine Like Definition of balloon vine on Facebook
  1. a tropical perennial climbing vine, Cardiospermum halicacabum, having ornamental balloon-like fruits
balm Tweet Definition of balm Like Definition of balm on Facebook
noun (plural balms)
  1. soothing oil or lotion
There is a in Gilead.... (Spiritual)
balsam fir Tweet Definition of balsam fir Like Definition of balsam fir on Facebook
  1. a North American species of fir tree (Abies balsamea)
bamboo Tweet Definition of bamboo Like Definition of bamboo on Facebook
  1. A plant. A grass of the Poeaciae family, characterised by its woody, hollow, round, straight, jointed stem.
  2. The wood of the bamboo plant as a material or cane.
  3. a didgeridoo
adjective (no (compar) or (superl))
  1. Made of the wood of the bamboo.
BANANA Tweet Definition of BANANA Like Definition of BANANA on Facebook
  1. (acronym): Stands for Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone or similarly Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything . Someone who objects to the building of any structure in their neighborhood, especially in public policy debate. Used as an expression of irritance and one used for people who are thought of as being worse than NIMBYs.
banksia Tweet Definition of banksia Like Definition of banksia on Facebook
proper noun
  1. A plant belonging to the genus Banksia.
banyan Tweet Definition of banyan Like Definition of banyan on Facebook
  1. A tropical Indian fig tree, Ficus bengalensis, that has many aerial roots
baobab Tweet Definition of baobab Like Definition of baobab on Facebook
  1. A tree, Adansonia digitata (and similar species), native to tropical Africa, having a broad swollen trunk and edible gourd-like hanging fruits.
barleycorn Tweet Definition of barleycorn Like Definition of barleycorn on Facebook
  1. a grain of barley
  2. (context, UK, obsolete) the length of such a grain; a unit of length of approximately one third (or sometimes one quarter) of an inch or 8mm.
  3. (architecture. woodworking) a small groove between two mouldings
  4. In English tradition John Barleycorn personifies beer and whisky which are produced from malt a product of barley.
Bay Tweet Definition of Bay Like Definition of Bay on Facebook
proper noun
  1. A region of Somalia.
bdellium Tweet Definition of bdellium Like Definition of bdellium on Facebook
  1. Probably an aromatic gum like balsam that was exuded from a tree, probably one of several species in the genus Commiphora. Bdellium was an adulterant of the costly myrrh and remains a binder in perfumes.
bean Tweet Definition of bean Like Definition of bean on Facebook
  1. The large edible seed of plants of several genera of Fabaceae.
  2. The seed pod of plants of several genera of Fabaceae.
  3. A seed of coffee; coffee in the general.
  4. (British, slang, archaic) a guineau coin.
  5. (British, slang, usually in the negative) money.
I haven't got a .
verb (beans, beaning, beaned)
  1. To hit with a projectile, accurately.
The pitcher beaned the batter, rather than letting him hit another home run.
beech Tweet Definition of beech Like Definition of beech on Facebook
  1. A tree of the genus Fagus having a smooth, light grey trunk, oval, pointed leaves and many branches.
beet Tweet Definition of beet Like Definition of beet on Facebook
  1. Common name of Beta vulgaris, a plant with swollen root eaten or used to make sugar.
begonia Tweet Definition of begonia Like Definition of begonia on Facebook
  1. Any plant of the large genus of Begonia.
belladonna Tweet Definition of belladonna Like Definition of belladonna on Facebook
  1. a plant, Atropa belladonna, having purple bell-shaped flowers and poisonous black glossy berries; deadly nightshade
  2. an alkaloid extracted from this plant, sometimes used medicinally, containing atropine
bell pepper Tweet Definition of bell pepper Like Definition of bell pepper on Facebook
  1. Capsicum annuum L., An edible spicy-sweet vegetable, indigenous to the New World.
bent grass Tweet Definition of bent grass Like Definition of bent grass on Facebook
  1. any of several grasses, of the genus Agrostis, native to temperate climates; grown for pasture, turf and for putting greens and golf courses
benzoin Tweet Definition of benzoin Like Definition of benzoin on Facebook
  1. A resinous substance, dry and brittle, obtained from the Styrax benzoin, a tree of Sumatra, Java, etc., having a fragrant odor, and slightly aromatic taste. It is used in the preparation of benzoic acid, in medicine, and as a perfume.
  2. (organic compound) A white crystalline substance, C14H12O2, obtained from benzoic aldehyde and some other sources.
  3. (botany) The spicebush, Lindera benzoin
bergamot Tweet Definition of bergamot Like Definition of bergamot on Facebook
  1. (Botany): A tree of the Orange family (Citrus bergamia), having a roundish or pear-shaped fruit, from the rind of which an essential oil of delicious odor is extracted, much prized as a perfume. Also, the fruit.
  2. (Botany): A variety of mint (Mentha aquatica, variety glabrata).
  3. The essence or perfume made from the fruit.
  4. A variety of pear. -Johnson.
  5. A variety of snuff perfumed with bergamot.
    • The better hand . . . gives the nose its . - Cowper.
  6. A coarse tapestry, manufactured from flock of cotton or hemp, mixed with ox's or goat's hair; -- said to have been invented at Bergamo, Italy. Encyclopedia Britannica.
Bermuda grass Tweet Definition of Bermuda grass Like Definition of Bermuda grass on Facebook
  1. A perennial grass, of the genus Cynodon, native to Africa and Asia, used in warm areas of the world for pasture, lawn and making hay
besom Tweet Definition of besom Like Definition of besom on Facebook
  1. A broom made from a bundle of twigs tied onto a shaft.
  1. (context, archaic, poetic) To sweep.
  2. 1954 "Now, in her iceberg-white, holily laundered crinoline nightgown, under virtuous polar sheets, in her spruced and scoured dust-defying bedroom in trig and trim Bay View, a house for paying guests at the top of the town, Mrs Ogmore-Prichard widow, twice, of Mr Ogmore, linolium, retired, and Mr Prichard, failed bookmaker, who maddened by besoming, swabbing and scrubbing, the voice of the vacuum-cleaner and the fume of polish, ironically swallowed disinfectant..." Dylan Thomas: Under Milk Wood p.13
betel palm Tweet Definition of betel palm Like Definition of betel palm on Facebook
  1. An Asiatic palm, Areca catechu, whose seeds are betel nuts
betony Tweet Definition of betony Like Definition of betony on Facebook
  1. A plant of the genus Betonica.
bilberry Tweet Definition of bilberry Like Definition of bilberry on Facebook
noun (bilberries)
  1. A type of blueberry of the cowberry family.
  2. The shrub of the above-mentioned plant.
bindweed Tweet Definition of bindweed Like Definition of bindweed on Facebook
  1. (botany) Any of several trailing vine-like plants, of the related genera Calystegia and Convolvulus, that have funnel-shaped flowers.
birch Tweet Definition of birch Like Definition of birch on Facebook
  1. any of various trees of the genus Betula, native to countries in the northern hemisphere.
  2. a hard wood taken from the birch tree, typically used to make furniture.
  3. a stick, rod or bundle of twigs made from birch wood, used for punishment.
verb (birch, es)
  1. to punish with a stick, bundle of twigs, or rod made of birch wood.
  2. to punish as though one were using a stick, bundle of twigs, or rod made of birch wood.
birdseed Tweet Definition of birdseed Like Definition of birdseed on Facebook
  1. Seed, usually contituting a mixture from several species of plant, set out as food for birds.
If you set out birdseed in the winter, cardinals will be encouraged to overwinter.
bittersweet Tweet Definition of bittersweet Like Definition of bittersweet on Facebook
  1. a vine, of the genus Celastrus, having small orange fruits that open to reveal red seeds
  2. the bittersweet nightshade, Solanum dulcamara
  1. both bitter and sweet
  2. expressing contrasting emotions of pain and pleasure
blackberry Tweet Definition of blackberry Like Definition of blackberry on Facebook
noun (blackberries)
  1. A fruit-bearing shrub of the genus Rubus.
  2. The soft fruit borne by this shrub, formed of a black (when ripe) cluster of drupelets.
  3. In some parts of England, the black currant.
blackcap Tweet Definition of blackcap Like Definition of blackcap on Facebook
noun (pluralblackcaps)
  1. A small Old World warbler, Sylvia atricapilla, which is mainly grey with a black crown.
  2. whitebark raspberry, Whitebark raspberry.
black-eyed pea Tweet Definition of black-eyed pea Like Definition of black-eyed pea on Facebook
  1. An African leguminous plant, of the genus Vigna, cultivated as food and forage
  2. The edible seed of this plant
Black-eyed Susan Tweet Definition of Black-eyed Susan Like Definition of Black-eyed Susan on Facebook
  1. A flowering annual plant Rudbeckia hirta; the state flower of Maryland.
black mulberry Tweet Definition of black mulberry Like Definition of black mulberry on Facebook
  1. A species of mulberry (Morus nigra), a small deciduous tree growing to 10–13 m tall and native to southwestern Asia.
  2. The edible fruit of this tree.
blackthorn Tweet Definition of blackthorn Like Definition of blackthorn on Facebook
  1. A large shrub or small tree, Prunus spinosa, that is native to Europe, western Asia, and north Africa. It has a dark bark and bears thorns.
bleeding heart Tweet Definition of bleeding heart Like Definition of bleeding heart on Facebook
  1. Any of various perennial plants, of the genus Dicentra, having pink heart-shaped flowers
blood orange Tweet Definition of blood orange Like Definition of blood orange on Facebook
  1. A species orange notable for its dark, crimson red flesh.
bloodroot Tweet Definition of bloodroot Like Definition of bloodroot on Facebook
  1. a North American plant, Sanguinaria canadensis, of the poppy family which has a red root and sap and a single white flower in early spring
blueberry Tweet Definition of blueberry Like Definition of blueberry on Facebook
noun (blueberries)
  1. An edible round berry belonging to the cowberry family. (A botanically false berry.) It has flared "crowns" at the end that turn blue on ripening.
  2. The shrub of the above-mentioned berry.
  3. (colour) A dark blue colour.
<table><tr><td>blueberry colour: &nbsp;</td><td bgcolor="
  1. 4A4777" width="80">&nbsp; </td></tr></table>
    <!--According to the quote, they called them "spherules", not "blueberries"
    1. (geology) A mineral formation first identified by the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity in 2004, so-named because of its resemblance to blueberry muffins. We see these strange round objects we're calling &ldquo;spherules&rdquo; embedded in the outcrop, like blueberries in a muffin.
adjective (no (compar) or (superl))
  1. Containing blueberries or having the flavour of blueberries.
blueberry pie
  1. Of a dark blue colour.
bluebottle Tweet Definition of bluebottle Like Definition of bluebottle on Facebook
  1. Any of various blowfly, blowflies of the genus Calliphora that have an iridescent metallic-blue body and make a loud buzzing noise whilst flying.
  2. Various marine creatures of the order Physalia, such as Physalia physalis the Portuguese Man o' War.
bluegrass Tweet Definition of bluegrass Like Definition of bluegrass on Facebook
  1. A type of grass of the genus Poa.
  2. A type of American country music with roots in country music, Scots-Irish Appalachian folk music, blues, and jazz.
bluejack Tweet Definition of bluejack Like Definition of bluejack on Facebook
  1. To send anonymous text messages to a mobile phone using Bluetooth.
My friend's mobile keeps getting bluejacked - it's really quite annoying.
bok choy Tweet Definition of bok choy Like Definition of bok choy on Facebook
noun , pak choy
  1. (uncountable) Chinese cabbage, Brassica rapa, an East Asian leaf vegetable related to the Western cabbage.
borage Tweet Definition of borage Like Definition of borage on Facebook
  1. (herb) a Mediterranean plant with oval leaves, used in salads.
box Tweet Definition of box Like Definition of box on Facebook
noun (boxes)
  1. Any of various evergreen shrubs or trees of the genus w:Buxus, Buxus.
    • 1885: the application of woods other than for purposes for which that wood is now used would tend to lessen the demand for &mdash; Scientific American Supplement, No. 497, July 11, 1885
verb (box, es)
  1. To place inside a box.
  2. To place a primitive value into an object (such as an int into an Integer) -- see also autoboxing.
  3. To hem in.
boxwood Tweet Definition of boxwood Like Definition of boxwood on Facebook
  1. (countable) The box tree, Buxus sempervivens
  2. (uncountable) The hard, close-grained wood of this tree, used in delicate woodwork and in making inlays
boysenberry Tweet Definition of boysenberry Like Definition of boysenberry on Facebook
noun (boysenberries)
  1. A hybrid berry created from crossing a blackberry, red raspberry and a loganberry. They are slightly larger than blackberries and have a red-purple hue.
bracken Tweet Definition of bracken Like Definition of bracken on Facebook
  1. Any of several coarse ferns, of genus Pteridium, that forms dense thickets; often poisonous to livestock
  2. An area of countryside heavily infested with this fern
brake Tweet Definition of brake Like Definition of brake on Facebook
  1. A device used to slow or stop a vehicle, by friction; often installed on the wheels.
  2. something that slows or stops an action
  3. (nautical) the handle, manned by up to six men, by which a ship's pump was worked
  4. a thicket, or an area overgrown with briers etc.
  5. A type of machine for bending sheet metal. (See wikipedia:Brake (box and pan), wikipedia.)
verb (brak, ing)
  1. To operate a brake.
  2. To be stopped or slowed, as if by a brake.
  3. (archaic) past tense of break
    • Exodus 32:3, KJV: And all the people brake off the golden earrings...
bramble Tweet Definition of bramble Like Definition of bramble on Facebook
  1. Common blackberry.
  2. Any of several closely related thorny plants in the genus Rubus, including blackberry and raspberry.
  3. Any thorny shrub.
brassica Tweet Definition of brassica Like Definition of brassica on Facebook
  1. Any of many plants, of the genus Brassica, including cabbage, mustard and rapes
Brazil Tweet Definition of Brazil Like Definition of Brazil on Facebook
proper noun
  1. Portuguese-speaking country in South America. Official name: Federative Republic of Brazil (Repíºblica Federativa do Brasil).
breadfruit Tweet Definition of breadfruit Like Definition of breadfruit on Facebook
  1. An evergreen tree, Artocarpus altilis, native to islands of the east Indian Ocean and western Pacific Ocean.
  2. The large round fruit of this tree.
briar Tweet Definition of briar Like Definition of briar on Facebook
  1. any of a number of unrelated thicket-forming thorny plants
  2. A pipe made from the burl of the white heath tree.
brier Tweet Definition of brier Like Definition of brier on Facebook
  1. A thorny Mediterranean shrub.
  2. A pipe made from the roots of that shrub.
  3. A metaphor for any unpleasantry in general.
bristlecone pine Tweet Definition of bristlecone pine Like Definition of bristlecone pine on Facebook
  1. Any of a small number of different small, slow-growing pine trees found in the western United States, some of which are over 4,000 years old.
broom Tweet Definition of broom Like Definition of broom on Facebook
  1. Fibers bound together at the end of a long handle, used for sweeping.
  2. (curling) An implement with which players sweep the ice to make a stone travel further and curl less; a broom or sweeper.
  3. (botany) Any of several shrubs in the subfamily Faboidae.
    • See wikipedia article on (w, broom (shrub))
Brussels sprout Tweet Definition of Brussels sprout Like Definition of Brussels sprout on Facebook
  1. A green vegetable of the genus Brassica (cabbages) native to Belgium. They reach a length of 4 centimeter, centimeters when full grown and resemble clusters of miniature cabbage.
buckeye Tweet Definition of buckeye Like Definition of buckeye on Facebook
  1. Any of several species of trees, of the genus Aesculus, or the related Mexican Buckeye (genus Ungnadia).
  2. The seed or fruit of these plants
buckthorn Tweet Definition of buckthorn Like Definition of buckthorn on Facebook
  1. A shrub, Rhamnus catharticus", up to 3 meters tall shrub native to northern Europe. Its pea-like berries are first green and turn black later.
buckwheat Tweet Definition of buckwheat Like Definition of buckwheat on Facebook
  1. an Asian plant, of the species Fagopyrum esculentum
  2. the fruit of this plant used as a cereal
buddleia Tweet Definition of buddleia Like Definition of buddleia on Facebook
  1. A tree or shrub of the genus Buddleja, especially Buddleja davidii, a large ornamental shrub whose lilac flowers attract butterflies.
buffalo berry Tweet Definition of buffalo berry Like Definition of buffalo berry on Facebook
noun (buffalo berries)
  1. (alternative spelling of, buffaloberry)
buffalo grass Tweet Definition of buffalo grass Like Definition of buffalo grass on Facebook
  1. Used to describe two distinct species of grass: Hierochloe odorata, family Poaceae, better known as w:Sweetgrass, sweetgrass; or Buchloe dactyloides, used in place of regular lawn-grass.
bugle Tweet Definition of bugle Like Definition of bugle on Facebook
  1. (music) a simple brass instrument consisting of a horn with no valves, playing only pitches in its harmonic series
  2. the often cultivated plant Lamiaceae, lamiaceae
  3. anything shaped like a bugle, round or conical and having a bell on one end
verb (bugl, ing)
  1. to announce, sing, or cry in the manner of a musical bugle
bulrush Tweet Definition of bulrush Like Definition of bulrush on Facebook
  1. Any of several wetland herbs, of the genus Scirpus, having clusters of spikelets; Any similar plant, such as papyrus
bur Tweet Definition of bur Like Definition of bur on Facebook
  1. A rough, prickly husk around the seeds or fruit of some plants
  2. Any of several plants having such husks
  3. A rotary cutting implement having a selection of variously shaped heads
burdock Tweet Definition of burdock Like Definition of burdock on Facebook
  1. Any of the species of biennial thistles in the genus Arctium.
butter-and-eggs Tweet Definition of butter-and-eggs Like Definition of butter-and-eggs on Facebook
  1. the European plant toadflax (Linaria vulgaris)
butter bean Tweet Definition of butter bean Like Definition of butter bean on Facebook
  1. Any of several beans, including the lima bean, sieva bean, wax bean, and civet bean.
buttercup Tweet Definition of buttercup Like Definition of buttercup on Facebook
  1. any of many herbs, of the genus Ranunculus, having yellow flowers; the crowfoot
butterfly bush Tweet Definition of butterfly bush Like Definition of butterfly bush on Facebook
noun (butterfly bushes, sg=butterfly bush)
  1. A buddleia, especially the species Buddleja davidii.
butternut squash Tweet Definition of butternut squash Like Definition of butternut squash on Facebook
  1. wikipedia:Cucurbita, Curcurbita moschata, family wikipedia:Cucurbitaceae, Cucurbitaceae. A vase-shaped orange-fleshed hard winter squash.

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