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aalii Tweet Definition of aalii Like Definition of aalii on Facebook
  1. A bushy garden shrub, w:Dodonaea viscosa, Dodonaea viscosa, of Hawaii, Australia, Africa, and tropical America, having sticky foliage.
Aaron's rod Tweet Definition of Aaron Like Definition of Aaron
noun Aaron's, "s rod
  1. (archaic) A rod with one serpent twined around it, as used by Aaron (differing from the caduceus of Mercury, which has two serpents).
  2. (botany) A plant with a tall flowering stem; especially the great mullein, or hag-taper, and the golden-rod.
abaca Tweet Definition of abaca Like Definition of abaca on Facebook
  1. Tropical plant native to the Philippines grown for its textile and papermaking fibre (Musa textilis) also called Manila hemp.
  2. The fiber/fibre of this plant.
abele Tweet Definition of abele Like Definition of abele on Facebook
  1. The white poplar (Populus alba).
    • Six abeles i' the churchyard grow - Mrs. Browning
abutilon Tweet Definition of abutilon Like Definition of abutilon on Facebook
  1. (Botany): A genus of plants in the family Malvaceae with many species, found in the torrid and temperate zones of both continents; -- called also "Indian mallow".
acacia Tweet Definition of acacia Like Definition of acacia on Facebook
  1. (context, botany, countable) A shrub or tree of a species that belongs to the genus Acacia, is believed to belong to this genus, or once belonged to the genus.
  2. (context, pharmacy, uncountable) The inspissated juice of several species of Acacia.
acanthaceous Tweet Definition of acanthaceous Like Definition of acanthaceous on Facebook
  1. Armed with prickles, as a plant.
  2. (botany): Of, pertaining to, or resembling, the family of plants of which the acanthus is the type.
acanthus Tweet Definition of acanthus Like Definition of acanthus on Facebook
noun (pl=acanthuses, pl2=acanthi)
  1. (botany) A genus of herbaceous prickly plants with toothed leaves, (family Acanthaceae, order Scrophulariales) found in the south of Europe, Asia Minor, and India; includes bear's breech.
  2. (architecture) An ornament resembling the foliage or leaves of the acanthus (Acanthus spinosus); — used in the capitals of the Corinthian and composite orders.
aconite Tweet Definition of aconite Like Definition of aconite on Facebook
  1. (botany) The herb wolfsbane, or monkshood; any plant of the genus Aconitum, all the species of which are poisonous.
  2. An extract or tincture obtained from Aconitum napellus, used as a poison and medicinally.
acorn Tweet Definition of acorn Like Definition of acorn on Facebook
noun (plural: acorns)
  1. The fruit of the oak, being an oval nut growing in a woody cup or cupule.
  2. (nautical) A cone-shaped piece of wood on the point of the spindle above the vane, on the mast-head.
  3. (context, zoology) See acorn-shell.
acorn squash Tweet Definition of acorn squash Like Definition of acorn squash on Facebook
  1. Any of several varieties of a plant, Cucurbita pepo, being a dark green winter squash having yellow to orange fresh
Adam's apple Tweet Definition of Adam Like Definition of Adam
  1. The lump in the throat, more noticeable in males than in females; the laryngeal prominence.
adder's-tongue Tweet Definition of adder Like Definition of adder
noun adder"s tongue
  1. (botany) (a) A genus of ferns (Ophioglossum), whose seeds are produced on a spike resembling a serpent"s tongue. (b) The yellow dogtooth violet. Gray.
African violet Tweet Definition of African violet Like Definition of African violet on Facebook
  1. A perennial plant of the genus Saintpaulia with fine haired round leaf, leaves and velvety petals.
agave Tweet Definition of agave Like Definition of agave on Facebook
  1. A genus of plants of which the chief species is the maguey or century plant. Attaining maturity, it produces a gigantic flower stem.
ageratum Tweet Definition of ageratum Like Definition of ageratum on Facebook
  1. A genus of plants, one species of which (A. Mexicanum) has lavender-blue flowers in dense clusters.
akee Tweet Definition of akee Like Definition of akee on Facebook
  1. A tropical evergreen tree (Blighia sapida) related to the lychee and longan.
  2. The fruit of the ackee, of which only the arils are edible, the remainder being poisonous.
alfalfa Tweet Definition of alfalfa Like Definition of alfalfa on Facebook
  1. A plant, Medicago sativa, grown as a pasture crop
allheal Tweet Definition of allheal Like Definition of allheal on Facebook
  1. any of many plants supposed to have broad healing powers
allseed Tweet Definition of allseed Like Definition of allseed on Facebook
  1. Any of several unrelated plants that produce many seeds.
almond Tweet Definition of almond Like Definition of almond on Facebook
  1. (countable) A type of tree nut.
  2. (countable) A small deciduous tree, Prunus dulcis, that produces almonds.
  3. (context, countable, uncountable) The colour of the kernel of an almond without its shell and thin seed coat, a creamy off-white colour.
  1. brownish, resembling the colour of an almond nut
aloe Tweet Definition of aloe Like Definition of aloe on Facebook
  1. (in plural) The resin of the trees Aquilaria agallocha and Aquilaria malaccensis, known for their fragrant odour
  2. A plant of the genus Aloe.
  3. A strong, bitter drink made from the juice of such plants, used as a purgative.
Althea Tweet Definition of Althea Like Definition of Althea on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A female given name from Greek mythology
amaranth Tweet Definition of amaranth Like Definition of amaranth on Facebook
  1. any of various trees, of the genus Amaranthus
  2. the seed of these plants, used as a cereal
  3. a red to purple azo dye used as a food colouring and in cosmetics
amaranthine Tweet Definition of amaranthine Like Definition of amaranthine on Facebook
  1. (color) a dark reddish purple colour.
<table><tr><td>amaranthine colour: &nbsp;</td><td bgcolor="
  1. 5b1e31" width="80">&nbsp; </td></tr></table>
  1. (color) of a dark reddish purple colour.
Andromeda Tweet Definition of Andromeda Like Definition of Andromeda on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (greekmyth): Daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia, king and queen of Eritrea, rescued from her sacrifice to a sea monster by Perseus who married her; mother of Perseus, ancient king of Persia.
  2. (constellation): An autumn constellation of the northern sky representing the "Chained Lady" Andromeda from Greek myth. The constellation lies between Pisces and Cassiopeia.
  3. (astronomy): The nearest spiral galaxy to the Milky Way; M31.
Angelica Tweet Definition of Angelica Like Definition of Angelica on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (given name, female), borne by a heroine in Ariosto's Orlando Furioso (1516).
anil Tweet Definition of anil Like Definition of anil on Facebook
  1. (organic chemistry) Any imine in which the N-radical is a phenyl (or substituted phenyl) group.
  2. A shortening of anil tinctoria (aka. indigofera tinctura), a plant from which indigo dye can be extracted.
anise Tweet Definition of anise Like Definition of anise on Facebook
  1. An umbelliferous plant (Pimpinella anisum) growing naturally in Egypt, and cultivated in Spain, Malta, etc., for its carminative and aromatic seeds, which are used as a spice. Has a licorice scent.
annatto Tweet Definition of annatto Like Definition of annatto on Facebook
  1. (countable) A tropical American evergreen shrub, Bixa orellana; the lipstick tree.
  2. (uncountable) The seed of this tree used as a colouring or in Latin American cooking.
  3. (uncountable) An orange-red dye obtainied from this seed.
APA Tweet Definition of APA Like Definition of APA on Facebook
  1. Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
  2. American Psychological Association
  3. American Psychiatric Association
Apple Tweet Definition of Apple Like Definition of Apple on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (the Apple) A nickname for New York City (usually the Big Apple).
  2. (&reg;) A multimedia corporation (w:Apple Corps, Apple Corps) and record company (w:Apple Records, Apple Records) founded by the w:Beatles, Beatles.
  3. (&reg;) Name of the company, w:Apple Inc., Apple Inc. (formerly Apple Computer), that produces computers and other digital devices.
  4. (&reg;) A computer produced by the company Apple Inc.
  5. (rare) a female given name.
apple blossom Tweet Definition of apple blossom Like Definition of apple blossom on Facebook
noun ((plural) apple blossoms)
  1. The flower of an apple tree that will eventually turn into an apple.
apricot Tweet Definition of apricot Like Definition of apricot on Facebook
noun (plural: apricots)
  1. A stone fruit.
  2. Fruit bearing tree of the species Prunus armeniaca.
  3. (colour) A pale yellowish-orange colour, like that of an apricot.
<table><tr><td>apricot colour: &nbsp;</td><td bgcolor="
  1. F1BA8D?" width="80">&nbsp; </td></tr></table>
    1. (sniper slang) the junction of the brain and brain stem on a target, used as an aiming point to ensure a one-shot kill.
adjective ((compar): more apricot, (superl): most apricot)
  1. (colour) of a pale yellowish-orange colour, like that of an apricot.
arborvitae Tweet Definition of arborvitae Like Definition of arborvitae on Facebook
  1. Any of severl North American or Asian conifers, of the genera Thuja and Thujopsis, grown for timber or ornament
  1. (anatomy) The white nerve tissue of the cerebellum that has a branching structure
arbutus Tweet Definition of arbutus Like Definition of arbutus on Facebook
  1. any of several broad-leaved trees of the genus Arbutus.
  2. the trailing arbutus.
  3. arbute.
arnica Tweet Definition of arnica Like Definition of arnica on Facebook
  1. Any of several plants, of the genus Arnica, related to the sunflowers.
artichoke Tweet Definition of artichoke Like Definition of artichoke on Facebook
  1. an edible plant related to the thistle
Ash Tweet Definition of Ash Like Definition of Ash on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (given name, female, ) a female given name, short form of Ashley and Ashlee
  2. (given name, male, ) a male given name
ashen Tweet Definition of ashen Like Definition of ashen on Facebook
  1. Like or of ashes.
  2. pale, Pale, wan, pallid.
ASP Tweet Definition of ASP Like Definition of ASP on Facebook
  1. Active Server Pages
  2. Application Service Provider
  3. An extensible baton, used by police and security officers. From the name of the manufacturer: Amalgamated Security Products.
asparagus Tweet Definition of asparagus Like Definition of asparagus on Facebook
noun (pl=asparagus, pl2=asparaguses)
  1. Any of various perennial plants of the genus Asparagus having leaflike stems, scalelike leaves, and small flowers
  2. The young shoots of Asparagus officinalis eaten as a vegetable
Aspen Tweet Definition of Aspen Like Definition of Aspen on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A ski-resort town in Colorado.
  2. A small community in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia.
  3. A gender-ambiguous English given name denominated for the aspen tree.
asphodel Tweet Definition of asphodel Like Definition of asphodel on Facebook
  1. (botany) Flowering plants of the w:Asphodelaceae, Asphodelaceae family, especially w:Asphodelus, Asphodelus ramosus and w:Asphodelus albus, Asphodelus albus; the flowers of these plants.
  2. (mythology) The flower said to carpet Hades, and a favorite food of the dead.
Her hand he seis'd, and to a shadie bank,
Thick overhead with verdant roof imbowr'd
He led her nothing loath; Flours were the Couch,
Pansies, and Violets, and Asphodel,
And Hyacinth, Earths freshest softest lap. -- John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book 9.
aspic Tweet Definition of aspic Like Definition of aspic on Facebook
  1. a dish in which ingredients are set into a gelatine, jelly-like substance made from a meat stock or consommé.
assai Tweet Definition of assai Like Definition of assai on Facebook
  1. In music, a tempo direction equivalent to "very".
aster Tweet Definition of aster Like Definition of aster on Facebook
  1. Any of several plants of the genus Aster; one of its flowers.
  2. (biology) A star-shaped structure formed during the mitosis of a cell.
avens Tweet Definition of avens Like Definition of avens on Facebook
  1. A plant of the genus Geum, esp. Geum urbanum, or herb bennet.
avocado Tweet Definition of avocado Like Definition of avocado on Facebook
noun (plural: avocados, or, rarely, the hypercorrect avocadi)
  1. The large, usually yellowish-green or black, pulpy fruit of the avocado tree.
  2. The avocado tree.
  3. (colour) A dull yellowish-green colour, the colour of the meat of an avocado.
<table><tr><td>avocado colour: &nbsp;</td><td bgcolor="
  1. 6D6937" width="80">&nbsp; </td></tr></table>
  1. (colour) Of a dull yellowish-green colour.
awlwort Tweet Definition of awlwort Like Definition of awlwort on Facebook
  1. A plant, Subularia aquatica, with awl-shaped leaves.
Azalea Tweet Definition of Azalea Like Definition of Azalea on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (botany) A botanical name at the rank of genus. Circumscription of the genus will vary with taxonomic viewpoint.
    :Currently Azalea is submerged in Rhododendron.
azedarach Tweet Definition of azedarach Like Definition of azedarach on Facebook
  1. A handsome Asiatic tree (Melia azedarach), common in the southern United States; called also, Pride of India, Pride of China, and Bead tree.
  2. The bark of the roots of the azedarach, used as a cathartic and emetic.

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