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pant Tweet Definition of pant Like Definition of pant on Facebook
  1. A quick breathe, breathing; a catching of the breath; a gasp.
  2. A violent palpitation of the heart.
verb (pants, panting, panted)
  1. (intransitive) To breathe quickly or in a labored manner, as after exertion or from eagerness or excitement; to respire with heaving of the breast; to gasp.
  2. (transitive) To long for (something); to be eager for (something).
  3. (intransitive) To long eagerly; to desire earnestly.
  4. (intransitive) Of the heart, to beat with unnatural violence or rapidity; to palpitate.
  5. (intransitive) To sigh; to flutter; to languish.
passage Tweet Definition of passage Like Definition of passage on Facebook
  1. A paragraph or section of text or music with particular meaning.
of scripture
She struggled to play the difficult passages.
  1. Part of a path or journey.
He made his through the trees carefully, mindful of the stickers.
  1. A movement in classical dressage, in which the horse performs a very collected, energetic, and elevated trot that has a longer period of suspension between each foot fall than a working trot
  2. An official agreement of a bill or act by a parliament.
The company was one of the prime movers in lobbying for the of the act.
  1. An artistic term describing use of tight brushwork to link objects in separate spatial plains. Commonly seen in Cubist works.
  2. Shortened form of passageway
  3. (slang, lang=en) a vagina
period Tweet Definition of period Like Definition of period on Facebook
  1. (context, now mostly, North America) Punctuation mark ending a sentence or marking an abbreviation. <!-- What languages does this apply to? All? Or just most? Should it be
  1. appropriate, Appropriate for a given historical era.
    • 2004, Mark Singer, Somewhere in America, Houghton Mifflin, page 70
    • :As the guests arrived &mdash; there were about a hundred, a majority in attire &mdash; I began to feel out of place in my beige summer suit, white shirt, and red necktie. Then I got over it. I certainly didn't suffer from Confederate-uniform envy.
peripheral nervous system Tweet Definition of peripheral nervous system Like Definition of peripheral nervous system on Facebook
  1. (neuroanatomy) The part of the nervous system which is not the central nervous system.
perspiration Tweet Definition of perspiration Like Definition of perspiration on Facebook
  1. the action or process of perspiring
  2. a saline fluid secreted by the sweat glands
perspire Tweet Definition of perspire Like Definition of perspire on Facebook
verb (perspir, ing)
  1. emit matter through the skin
phonoreception Tweet Definition of phonoreception Like Definition of phonoreception on Facebook
  1. the perception of sound by animals through specialized sense organs; hearing
photoreception Tweet Definition of photoreception Like Definition of photoreception on Facebook
  1. (biology) the absorption of light energy by plants and animals, and its utilization for biologically important purposes
physical Tweet Definition of physical Like Definition of physical on Facebook
  1. Physical examination.
How long has it been since your last physical?
adjective (wikipedia, Physical)
  1. Having to do with the body.
Are you feeling any physical effects?
  1. Having to do with the material world.
It's not so much a physical place as a state of mind.
  1. Involving bodily force.
This team plays a very physical game, so watch out.
  1. Having to do with physics.
This substance has a number of interesting physical properties.
physiological Tweet Definition of physiological Like Definition of physiological on Facebook
  1. Of, or relating to physiology
  2. Relating to the action of a drug when given to a healthy person, as distinguished from its therapeutic action
physiology Tweet Definition of physiology Like Definition of physiology on Facebook
noun ;physiology
  1. A branch of biology that deals with the functions and activities of life or of living matter (as organs, tissues, or cells) and of the physical and chemical phenomena involved. Typically divided into plant physiology and animal physiology.
polysynaptic Tweet Definition of polysynaptic Like Definition of polysynaptic on Facebook
  1. (context, of a reflex or impulse) of or involving multiple synapses
pool Tweet Definition of pool Like Definition of pool on Facebook
  1. A small and rather deep collection of (usually) fresh water, as one supplied by a spring, or occurring in the course of a stream; a reservoir for water; as, the pools of Solomon. --w:Wyclif, Wyclif.
Charity will hardly water the ground where it must first fill a . --W:Francis Bacon, Francis Bacon.
The sleepy pool above the dam. --W:Tennyson, Tennyson.
  1. A small body of standing or stagnant water; a puddle.
The filthy mantled pool beyond your cell. --W:Shak, Shak.
  1. The stake played for in certain games of cards, billiards, etc.; an aggregated stake to which each player has contributed a snare; also, the receptacle for the stakes.
verb (transitive)
  1. put together; contribute to a common fund, on the basis of a mutual division of profits or losses; to make a common interest of; as, the companies pooled their traffic.
Finally, it favors the pooling of all issues. -- w:Grant, Grant. (intransitive)
  1. combine or contribute with others, as for a commercial,speculative, or gambling transaction.
presynaptic Tweet Definition of presynaptic Like Definition of presynaptic on Facebook
  1. (cytology) in a synapse, of or pertaining to the neuron that releases neurotransmitter into the synaptic cleft
pronation Tweet Definition of pronation Like Definition of pronation on Facebook
  1. (fencing) The position of the sword hand when the palm is facing down
  2. Walking on the inner edge of the foot.
  3. (anatomy) The action of rotate, rotating the forearm so that the palm of the hand is turned down or back.
prone Tweet Definition of prone Like Definition of prone on Facebook
  1. lying face downward; prostrate
  2. bending forward; inclined
  3. A shooting position
  4. see prone to
proprioception Tweet Definition of proprioception Like Definition of proprioception on Facebook
  1. the sense of the position of parts of the body, relative to other neighbouring parts of the body.
proprioceptor Tweet Definition of proprioceptor Like Definition of proprioceptor on Facebook
  1. (anatomy) A nerve ending that functions as a sensory receptor in muscles, tendons, joints and the inner ear; they respond to movement and position
psychoacoustics Tweet Definition of psychoacoustics Like Definition of psychoacoustics on Facebook
noun psyacoustics
  1. the scientific study of all the psychological interactions between humans and the world of sound; includes the perception and production of speech
pulsation Tweet Definition of pulsation Like Definition of pulsation on Facebook
  1. A single beat, throb or vibration
  2. A recurring increase and decrease of some quantity
pulse Tweet Definition of pulse Like Definition of pulse on Facebook
  1. Any annual legume yielding from 1 to 12 grains or seeds of variable size, shape and colour within a pod, and used as food for humans or animals.
  2. (physiology) A normally regular beat felt when arteries are depressed, caused by the pumping action of the heart.
  3. A beat, throb.
  4. (music) A periodically recurring short stimulus, perceived as points in time. (DeLone? et. al. (Eds.), 1975, chap. 3) Often the stimuli are defined as identical (Cooper & Meyer, 1960). (rfc, music definition needs rewritten because the current one is copyrighted)
pyknic Tweet Definition of pyknic Like Definition of pyknic on Facebook
  1. anthropological: A short, thickset person characterised by thick neck, large abdomen and relatively short limbs. A mesomorph.

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