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earwax Tweet Definition of earwax Like Definition of earwax on Facebook
  1. A waxy substance secreted by the ear.
eat Tweet Definition of eat Like Definition of eat on Facebook
verb (eats, eating, ate, eaten)
  1. (transitive) To consume (something solid or semi-solid, usually food) by putting it into the mouth and swallowing it.
He"s eating an apple.
  1. (context, transitive, colloquial) To cause (someone) to worry.
What"s eating you?
  1. (transitive) (Idiom) To take a loss in a transaction
It"s a special order, we can"t send it back; if the customer won"t accept it, we"ll have to the 40 tons of steel ourselves.
  1. (intransitive) To consume a meal.
What time do we this evening?
Don"t disturb me now; can't you see I"m eating?
eating Tweet Definition of eating Like Definition of eating on Facebook
noun (eatings, -)
  1. the act of consuming food
  2. food, comestibles
    I remember when we visited Aunt Martha's house, we had some really good !
  1. suitable to be eaten without being cooked; for example an eating apple
egest Tweet Definition of egest Like Definition of egest on Facebook
  1. To excrete from the body.
egesta Tweet Definition of egesta Like Definition of egesta on Facebook
noun (pluralonly)
  1. The waste which is carried out from a cell or an organism; the excrements.
egestion Tweet Definition of egestion Like Definition of egestion on Facebook
  1. The excretion of undigested food as feces, faeces.
ejaculate Tweet Definition of ejaculate Like Definition of ejaculate on Facebook
  1. (uncountable) semen, Semen ejected during an ejaculation.
ejaculation Tweet Definition of ejaculation Like Definition of ejaculation on Facebook
  1. The act of throwing or darting out with a sudden force and rapid flight.
  2. The uttering of a short, sudden exclamation or prayer, or the exclamation or prayer uttered.
  3. The act of ejecting or suddenly throwing, as a fluid from a duct.
  4. (biology) The forcible ejection of semen from the mammalian urethra, a reflex in response to sexual stimulation.
ejaculatory Tweet Definition of ejaculatory Like Definition of ejaculatory on Facebook
  1. of or pertaining to ejaculation
  2. exclamatory
elaborate Tweet Definition of elaborate Like Definition of elaborate on Facebook
adjective ((compar) more elaborate, (superl) most elaborate)
  1. Highly complex, detailed, or sophisticated
After reading a long, description, I was impressed but no wiser.
  1. intricate, fancy, flashy, or showy
I stared for hours at the pattern in the rug.
electrolyte Tweet Definition of electrolyte Like Definition of electrolyte on Facebook
  1. (chemistry) a substance that, in solution or when molten, ionizes and conducts electricity
  2. (physiology) any of the various ions (such as sodium or chloride) that regulate the electric charge on cells and the flow of water across their membranes
eliminate Tweet Definition of eliminate Like Definition of eliminate on Facebook
verb (eliminat, ing)
  1. (transitive) To completely destroy (something) so that it no longer exists.
  2. (slang) To kill (a person or animal).
emission Tweet Definition of emission Like Definition of emission on Facebook
  1. Something that is emitted, especially the exhaust from a car.
  2. The act of sending or throwing out; the act of sending forth or putting into circulation; issue; as, the emission of light from the sun; the emission of heat from a fire; the issuing of bank notes.
  3. That which is sent out, issued, or put in circulation at one time; issue; as, the emission was mostly blood. Emission theory (Physics), the theory of Newton, regarding light as consisting of emitted particles or corpuscles. See Corpuscular theory, under Corpuscular.
erection Tweet Definition of erection Like Definition of erection on Facebook
  1. (uncountable) The act of build, building or putting up or together of something; construction.
  2. (uncountable) Anything erected or built.
    1. (context, physiology) The physiological process by which a penis become erect by being engorged with blood.
  3. (context, physiology) A penis that has become rigid.
eruct Tweet Definition of eruct Like Definition of eruct on Facebook
  1. To burp or belch
erythrocyte Tweet Definition of erythrocyte Like Definition of erythrocyte on Facebook
  1. (cytology) An anucleate cell in the blood involved with the transport of oxygen. Also called a red blood cell because of the red coloring of hemoglobin.
evacuate Tweet Definition of evacuate Like Definition of evacuate on Facebook
verb (evacuat, es)
  1. To make empty; to empty out; to remove the contents of; as, to evacuate a vessel or dish.
  2. Fig.: To make empty; to deprive.
  3. To remove; to eject; to void; to discharge, as the contents of a vessel, or of the bowels.
  4. To withdraw from; to quit; to retire from; as, soldiers from a country, city, or fortress
evacuation Tweet Definition of evacuation Like Definition of evacuation on Facebook
  1. The act of emptying, clearing of the contents, or discharging.
  2. Withdrawal of troops from a town, fortress, etc.
  3. Voidance of any matter by the natural passages of the body or by an artificial opening; defecation; also, a diminution of the fluids of an animal body by cathartics, venesection, or other means.
  4. That which is evacuated or discharged; especially, a discharge by stool or other natural means.
  5. Abolition; nullification.
excrement Tweet Definition of excrement Like Definition of excrement on Facebook
  1. Animal solid waste; feces.
excreta Tweet Definition of excreta Like Definition of excreta on Facebook
noun (plurale tantum, always plural, sg=excreta)
  1. Human bodily waste which is excreted from the body.
excrete Tweet Definition of excrete Like Definition of excrete on Facebook
verb (excret, ing)
  1. (context, of an organism) to discharge from the system.
excretion Tweet Definition of excretion Like Definition of excretion on Facebook
  1. The process of remove, removing or ejecting material that has no further utility, especially from the body; the act of excrete, excreting.
  2. Something being excreted in that manner.
exhalation Tweet Definition of exhalation Like Definition of exhalation on Facebook
  1. The act or process of exhale, exhaling, or sending forth in the form of steam or vapor; evaporation.
  2. That which is exhaled, or which rises in the form of vapor, fume, or steam; effluvium; emanation; as, exhalations from the earth or flowers, decaying matter, etc.
  3. A bright phenomenon; a meteor.
expectorate Tweet Definition of expectorate Like Definition of expectorate on Facebook
verb (expectorat, ed)
  1. To cough up fluid from the lungs.
  2. To spit.
expectoration Tweet Definition of expectoration Like Definition of expectoration on Facebook
  1. The action of expectorate, expectorating, of ejecting phlegm or mucus from the throat or lungs by coughing, hawking, or spitting.
  2. That which is expectorated, as phlegm or mucus.
exude Tweet Definition of exude Like Definition of exude on Facebook
verb (exud, ing)
  1. To discharge through pores or incisions, as moisture or other liquid matter; to give out.
eyesight Tweet Definition of eyesight Like Definition of eyesight on Facebook
  1. vision, Vision or the faculty of sight
  2. view, View or the range of vision

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