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meconium Tweet Definition of meconium Like Definition of meconium on Facebook
  1. A dark green mass, the contents of the fetal intestines during the later stages of mammalian gestation, that forms the first faeces of the newborn
menarche Tweet Definition of menarche Like Definition of menarche on Facebook
  1. The onset of menstruation; the beginning of the menstrual period. A girl's first period.
  • 1973: How old is she? Nine? Ten? The is not far off " a hint of a bosom, poor child. " Patrick O'Brian, HMS Surprise
menopause Tweet Definition of menopause Like Definition of menopause on Facebook
  1. The final menstruation of a female.
menses Tweet Definition of menses Like Definition of menses on Facebook
  1. menstrual, Menstrual flow.
menstrual Tweet Definition of menstrual Like Definition of menstrual on Facebook
  1. Of or having to do with the menses
  2. Occurring once a month : MONTHLY
  3. Lasting for a month
A menstrual flower
metabolism Tweet Definition of metabolism Like Definition of metabolism on Facebook
  1. (physiology) The complete set of chemical reactions that occur in living cells.
metabolize Tweet Definition of metabolize Like Definition of metabolize on Facebook
verb to metabolize (intransitive)
  1. to undergo metabolism
to metabolize (transitive)
  1. to cause a substance to undergo metabolism
  2. to produce a substance using metabolism
micturition Tweet Definition of micturition Like Definition of micturition on Facebook
  1. (physiology) urination
milk Tweet Definition of milk Like Definition of milk on Facebook
  1. (uncountable) A liquid secreted by the mammary glands of mammals to nourish their young.
  2. (countable, informal) An individual serving of milk.
Table three ordered three milks. (Formally: The guests at table three ordered three glasses of .)
  1. (transitive) To express milk from (a mammal, especially a cow).
  2. (transitive) To express any liquid (from any creature).
  3. (transitive) To talk or write at length about (a particular point).
  4. (transitive) To take advantage of (a situation).
miscarriage Tweet Definition of miscarriage Like Definition of miscarriage on Facebook
  1. An accidental termination of a pregnancy
  2. A spontaneous abortion
  3. A failure to properly execute a plan or achieve the expected ideals
The guilty verdict was a of justice.
miscarry Tweet Definition of miscarry Like Definition of miscarry on Facebook
verb (miscarries, miscarrying, miscarried)
  1. To abort a foetus
move Tweet Definition of move Like Definition of move on Facebook
  1. The act of moving; a movement.
  2. An act for the attainment of an object; a step in the execution of a plan or purpose.
  3. The event of changing one's residence.
  4. (chess) The act of moving a token on a gameboard from one position to another when it's one's turn to play.
verb (mov, ing)
  1. (intransitive) To change place or posture; to stir; to go, in any manner, from one place or position to another; as, a ship moves rapidly.
  2. (intransitive) To act; to take action; to stir; to begin to act; as, to move in a matter.
  3. (intransitive) To change residence; to remove, as from one house, town, or state, to another; to go and live at another place.
  4. (intransitive) (chess) To change the place of a piece in accordance with the rules of the game.
  5. (transitive) (ergative) To cause to change place or posture in any manner; to set in motion; to carry, convey, draw, or push from one place to another; to impel; to stir; as, the wind moves a vessel; the horse moves a carriage.
  6. (transitive) (chess) To transfer (a piece or man) from one space or position to another, according to the rules of the game; as, to move a king.
  7. (transitive) To excite to action by the presentation of motives; to rouse by representation, persuasion, or appeal; to influence.
  8. (transitive) To arouse the feelings or passions of; especially, to excite to tenderness or compassion; to touch pathetically; to excite, as an emotion.
  9. (transitive) To propose; to recommend; specifically, to propose formally for consideration and determination, in a deliberative assembly; to submit, as a resolution to be adopted; as, to move to adjourn.
  10. (transitive) (obsolete) To apply to, as for aid.
movement Tweet Definition of movement Like Definition of movement on Facebook
  1. Physical motion between points in space.
I saw a in that grass on the hill.
I saw some in that grass on the hill.
  1. (italbrac, horology) for a clockwork, a clock, or a watch, a device that cuts time in equal portions.
  2. The impression of motion in an artwork, painting, novel etc.
  3. A trend in various fields or social categories.
The labor has been struggling in America since the passage of the Taft-Hartley act in 1947.
  1. (music) A large division of a larger composition.
  2. (aviation) An instance of an aircraft taking off or landing.
Albuquerque International Sunport serviced over 200,000 movements last year.
  1. (baseball) The deviation of a pitch from ballistic flight
The on his cutter was devastating.
  1. An act of emptying the bowels.
mucous Tweet Definition of mucous Like Definition of mucous on Facebook
  1. Pertaining to mucus
  2. Having the qualities of mucus
mucus Tweet Definition of mucus Like Definition of mucus on Facebook
noun (wikipedia, Mucus)
  1. (physiology) a slippery secretion from the lining of the mucous membranes
muscarinic Tweet Definition of muscarinic Like Definition of muscarinic on Facebook
  1. Of or pertaining to muscarine.

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