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tap Tweet Definition of tap Like Definition of tap on Facebook
  1. A device used to dispense liquids.
We don't have bottled water, you'll have to get it from the .
  1. A device used to cut an internal screw thread. (External screw threads are cut with a die.)
We drilled a hole and then cut the threads with the proper to match the valve's thread.
  1. A connection made to an electrical or fluid conductor without breaking it.
The system was barely keeping pressure due to all of the ill advised taps along its length.
verb (tapp, ing)
  1. To furnish with taps.
  2. on tap: To have something available; to open (a keg) with a .
We have draft beer on tap.
  1. To access a resource or object.
When he ran out of money, he decided to into his trust fund.
  1. To draw off liquid from a vessel
He tapped a new barrel of beer.
  1. To place a listening or recording device on a telephone or wired connection
They can't the phone without a warrant.
  1. To intercept a communication without authority.
He was known to Cable TV and satellite dishes.
  1. (context, mechanical) To cut an internal screw thread.
Tap an M3 thread all the way through the hole.
  1. (slang) To have sexual intercourse with.
I would tap that hot girl over there. or, more informally, I'd tap that
tarnish Tweet Definition of tarnish Like Definition of tarnish on Facebook
  1. oxidation, Oxidation or discoloration, especially of a decorative metal exposed to air.
verb (tarnish, es)
  1. To oxidize or discolor due to oxidation.
Careful storage of silver will prevent it from tarnishing.
  1. To soil, sully, damage or compromise
He is afraid that he will his reputation if he disagrees.
temper Tweet Definition of temper Like Definition of temper on Facebook
  1. A tendency to anger or lose patience easily.
He has quite a when dealing with salespeople.
  1. The heat treatment to which a metal or other material has been subjected; a material that has undergone a particular heat treatment.
  1. To moderate or control.
Temper your language around children.
  1. To heat-treat a material, particularly a metal.
Next, the steel by dropping the white hot metal into cold water.
  1. To mix clay, plaster or mortar with water to obtain the proper consistency
tempered Tweet Definition of tempered Like Definition of tempered on Facebook
  1. (past of, temper)
  1. Of one's disposition.
The Pyncheon Elm, throughout its great circumference, was all alive, and full of the morning sun and a sweet- little breeze, which lingered within this verdant sphere, and set a thousand leafy tongues a-whispering all at once. This aged tree appeared to have suffered nothing from the gale. " Edgar Allen Poe, The House of the Seven Gables,,+Nathaniel,+1804-1864:+The+House+of+the+Seven+Gables,+1851&query=tempered&id=Haw3Gab Chapter 19.
  1. Pertaining to the metallurgical process for finishing metals.
1851 "Not forged!" and snatching Perth's levelled iron from the crotch, Ahab held it out, exclaiming -- "Look ye, Nantucketer; here in this hand I hold his death! Tempered in blood, and by lightning are these barbs; and I swear to temper them triply in that hot place behind the fin, where the white whale most feels his accursed life!" " Herman Melville, Moby Dick.
  1. Of something moderated or balanced by other considerations.
1792 The downcast eye, the rosy blush, the retiring grace, are all proper in their season; but modesty, being the child of reason, cannot long exist with the sensibility that is not by reflection " Mary Wollstonecraft,,+Mary,+1759-1797:+A+vindication+of+the+rights+of+woman,+1892&query=tempered&id=WolVind A Vindication of the Rights of Woman.
  1. (music) Pertaining to the well-tempered scale, where the twelve notes per octave of the standard keyboard are tuned in such a way that it is possible to play music in any major or minor key and it will not sound perceptibly out of tune.
Test Tweet Definition of Test Like Definition of Test on Facebook
  1. (cricket) (sometimes test) a Test match
thermite Tweet Definition of thermite Like Definition of thermite on Facebook
  1. (chemistry) a mixture of aluminium metal and ferric oxide; used in incendiary devices
tin Tweet Definition of tin Like Definition of tin on Facebook
  1. (context, uncountable, element) A malleable, ductile, metallic element, resistant to corrosion, with atomic number 50 and symbol Sn.
  2. (context, British, countable) An airtight container, made of tin or another metal, used to preserve food.
  3. (countable) A metal pan used for baking, roasting, etc.
verb (tin, n, ing)
  1. (transitive) To place into a tin in order to preserve.
  2. (transitive) To cover with tin.
  3. (transitive) To coat with solder in preparation for soldering.
  1. Made of tin.
tinfoil Tweet Definition of tinfoil Like Definition of tinfoil on Facebook
noun (wikipedia, tin foil)
  1. a thin, pliable sheet of tin or an alloy of tin and lead, used as a protective wrapping
  1. (as a misnomer) aluminium foil
tinned Tweet Definition of tinned Like Definition of tinned on Facebook
  1. (past of, tin)
  1. Coated, or plated with tin.
  2. Packed in a tin can; canned.
tin plate Tweet Definition of tin plate Like Definition of tin plate on Facebook
  1. a thin sheet of steel coated with tin to prevent rusting; used to make cans etc
tinsel Tweet Definition of tinsel Like Definition of tinsel on Facebook
  1. A shine, shining material used for ornamental purposes; especially, a very thin, gauzelike cloth with much gold or silver woven into it; also, very thin metal overlaid with a thin coating of gold or silver, brass foil, or the like.
    • w:John Dryden, John Dryden:
    • : Who can discern the from the gold?
      1. Very thin strips of a glittering, metallic material used as a decoration, and traditionally, draped at Christmas time over streamers, paper chains and the branches of Christmas trees.
      2. Anything shining and gaudy; something superficially shining and showy, or having a false luster, and more gay than valuable.
    • w:William Cowper, William Cowper:
    • : O happy peasant! O unhappy bard! His the mere , hers the rich reward.
verb (tinsels, tinselling (UK) or tinseling (US), tinselled (UK) or tinseled (US))
  1. (transitive) To adorn with tinsel; to deck out with cheap but showy ornaments; to make gaudy.
    • w:Alexander Pope, Alexander Pope:
    • : She, tinseled o'er in robes of varying hues.
      1. (context, metaphorical, transitive) To give something a false sparkle.
  1. Showy to excess; gaudy; specious; superficial.
    • w:John Milton, John Milton:
    • : Tinsel trappings.
trompe Tweet Definition of trompe Like Definition of trompe on Facebook
  1. A trumpet; a trump.
tundish Tweet Definition of tundish Like Definition of tundish on Facebook
  1. a funnel (usually) used in smelting, foundry work etc.
tuyere Tweet Definition of tuyere Like Definition of tuyere on Facebook
  1. A nozzle, mouthpiece, or fixture through which the blast is delivered to the interior of a blast furnace, or to the fire of a forge. Corruptly written also {tweer}, and {twier}.
  • 1957: Remains of a clay tuyere are present through which the blast was conducted into the furnace. — H.R. Schubert, History of the British Iron and Steel Industry, p. 21.

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