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magnalium Tweet Definition of magnalium Like Definition of magnalium on Facebook
  1. An alloy of 75% aluminium with about 25% magnesium.
    • 2006, Thomas Pynchon, Against the Day, Vintage 2007, p. 686:
    • :The hanging man's face was partly covered by a hinged mask of , connected to the oven by gutta-percha hoses.
malleable Tweet Definition of malleable Like Definition of malleable on Facebook
  1. Able to be hammered into thin sheets; capable of being extended or shaped by beating with a hammer, or by the pressure of rollers.
  2. (metaphorical) flexible, Flexible, liable to change.
My opinion on the subject is .
mangle Tweet Definition of mangle Like Definition of mangle on Facebook
  1. A hand-operated device with rollers, for wringing laundry.
  2. The mangle attached to wringer washing machines, often called the wringer.
mantle Tweet Definition of mantle Like Definition of mantle on Facebook
  1. a piece of clothing somewhat like an open robe or cloak, especially that worn by Orthodox bishops
  2. (figuratively) anything that covers or conceals something else
  3. the zone of hot gases around a flame; the gauzy incandescent covering of a gas lamp
  4. (anatomy) the cerebral cortex
  5. (geology) the layer between the Earth's core and crust
  6. (zoology) the body wall of a mollusc/mollusk
  7. An alternative spelling mantel
(wikipedia, mantle (geology))
(wikipedia, mantle (mollusc))      
matrix Tweet Definition of matrix Like Definition of matrix on Facebook
noun (matrices)
  1. (obsolete) The womb. The concept of an enclosure is common to many of the other uses of .
  2. (biology) The material or tissue in which more specialized structures are embedded.
  3. (biology) An extracellular matrix, the material or tissue between the cells of animals or plants.
  4. (biology) Part of the mitochondrion.
  5. (biology) The medium in which bacterium, bacteria are cultured.
  6. (mathematics) A rectangular arrangement of numbers or terms having various uses such as transforming coordinates in geometry, solving system of linear equations, systems of linear equations in linear algebra and representing graphs in graph theory.
  7. (computing) A two-dimensional array.
  8. A table of data.
  9. (geology) A geological matrix, the outer material of a rock consisting of larger grains embedded in a material consisting of smaller ones.
  10. (archaeology) The sediment surrounding and including the artifacts, features, and other materials at a site.
  11. (analytical chemistry) The environment from which a given sample is taken.
matte Tweet Definition of matte Like Definition of matte on Facebook
  1. (Art, photography) A decorative border around a picture
''The image is a perfect square of 8 cm (with white border the total dimensions are 14 cm tall by 11 cm wide).
  1. (context, cinema) A background, often paint, painted or created with computer, computers
Matte painting is a tool that filmmakers can use to create a scene that is either too impractical, too costly or simply too impossible to achieve with conventional cinematographic means.
(wikipedia, Matte (metallurgy))
  1. (context, pyrometallurgy) The molten metal sulfide phases typically formed during smelting of copper, nickel, and other base metals
  1. dull, not reflect, reflective of light
Flat or paint allows a deep color expression on the walls while also hiding flaws that may be inherent on the painted surface.
merchant Tweet Definition of merchant Like Definition of merchant on Facebook
  1. One who buys and sells for business.
mesh Tweet Definition of mesh Like Definition of mesh on Facebook
  1. The opening or space enclosed by the threads of a net between knot and knot, or the threads enclosing such a space.
  2. The engagement of the teeth of wheels, or of a wheel and rack.
verb (mesh, es)
  1. to fit in, to come together
metal Tweet Definition of metal Like Definition of metal on Facebook
  1. Any of a number of chemical elements in the periodic table that form a metallic bond with other metal atoms; generally shiny, somewhat malleable and hard, often a conductor of heat and electricity.
  2. Any material with similar physical properties, such as an alloy.
  3. (astronomy) Any element other than hydrogen and helium,<ref>Majewski, S. R. (2003, 2006). CHEMICAL ABUNDANCE EFFECTS ON SPECTRAL ENERGY DISTRIBUTIONS. ASTR 551 (Majewski) Lecture Notes.</ref> or sometimes other than hydrogen.<ref>Martin, J. C. (n.d.). What we learn from a star's metal content</ref>
  4. Crushed rock, stones etc. used to make a road.
  5. (tincture) A light tincture used in a coat of arms, specifically argent and or.
  6. A category of rock music encompassing a number of genres (including thrash metal, death metal, heavy metal, etc.) categorised by strong and/or fast drum-beats and distorted guitars.
verb (metal, l, ed)
  1. To make a road using crushed rock, stones etc.
  1. Made of metal.
  2. Of or pertaining to the metal musical genre (e.g. the metal scene).
metallic Tweet Definition of metallic Like Definition of metallic on Facebook
  1. made of, appearing to be made of, resembling, or related to metal
metalloid Tweet Definition of metalloid Like Definition of metalloid on Facebook
  1. (chemistry) an element, such as silicon or germanium, intermediate in properties between that of a metal and a nonmetal; especially one that exhibits the external characteristics of a metal, but behaves chemically more as a nonmetal
metallurgy Tweet Definition of metallurgy Like Definition of metallurgy on Facebook
  1. The science of metals; their extraction from ores, purification and alloying, heat treatment, and working.
millwright Tweet Definition of millwright Like Definition of millwright on Facebook
  1. a person who designed, erected and built mills and milling machinery
mixer Tweet Definition of mixer Like Definition of mixer on Facebook
noun (wikipedia, drink mixer)
  1. blender (machine)
  2. The non-alcoholic drink (such as lemonade, Coca-Cola or fruit juice) that is added to spirits to make cocktails.
Do we have any mixers? I don't want to drink this Vodka neat.
mold Tweet Definition of mold Like Definition of mold on Facebook
  1. American English spelling of mould (etymologies 1-3).
  1. American English spelling of mould
mull Tweet Definition of mull Like Definition of mull on Facebook
  1. A thin, soft muslin.
  2. (uncountable) marijuana, Marijuana that has been prepared for smoking by way of chopping it.
  1. To work (over) mentally; to cogitate; to ruminate; usually with over;
to over a thought or a problem
  1. To chop marijuana so that it becomes a smokable form.
  2. To heat and spice something, such as wine.
  1. (rfv-sense)To join two (or more) individual window(s) at mullion(s)

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