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rabble Tweet Definition of rabble Like Definition of rabble on Facebook
  1. A mob; collectively, commoners; a disorderly group.
reamer Tweet Definition of reamer Like Definition of reamer on Facebook
  1. A tool for bore, boring a hole wider.
  2. A device for rendering citrus juice.
refractory Tweet Definition of refractory Like Definition of refractory on Facebook
  1. material, such as brick, that has a very high melting point
  1. obstinate and unruly, unresponsive
  2. not affected by great heat
  3. (medicine) difficult to treat
riddle Tweet Definition of riddle Like Definition of riddle on Facebook
  1. a verbal puzzle, mystery, or other problem of an intellectual nature.
  2. a sieve
verb (riddles, riddling, riddled)
  1. to fill with holes
    • The shots from his gun began to the target.
      1. to fill or spread throughout; to pervade
    • Your argument is riddled with errors.
      1. to solve, answer, or explicate a riddle or question
    • Riddle me this...., meaning Answer the following question.
      1. to put something through a sieve
    • You have to the gravel before you lay it on the road.
rim Tweet Definition of rim Like Definition of rim on Facebook
  1. An edge around something, especially when circular.
verb , rimmed, rimming
  1. to lick the anus of a partner as part of the sexual act.
rind Tweet Definition of rind Like Definition of rind on Facebook
  1. a hard, tough outer layer, particularly on food such as fruit, cheese, etc.
riser Tweet Definition of riser Like Definition of riser on Facebook
  1. Someone or something which rises.
  2. A platform or stand used to lift or elevate something.
    The choir stood on risers for the performance.
  3. The vertical part of a step on a staircase
    1. (archery) The main body of a bow
roast Tweet Definition of roast Like Definition of roast on Facebook
  1. a cut of meat suited to roasting
  2. a roast meal
  3. a comical, light-hearted event where a person is praised by sarcasm and jokes.
  1. to cook food by heating in an oven or over fire without covering, resulting in a crisp, possibly even slightly charred appearance to the food.
  2. to admonish someone vigorously
I"m late home for the fourth time this week; my boyfriend will really me this time.
  1. having been cooked by roasting
Rod Tweet Definition of Rod Like Definition of Rod on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (given name, male)
roll Tweet Definition of roll Like Definition of roll on Facebook
  1. The act of rolling, or state of being rolled.
the roll of a ball
the roll of waves
  1. That which rolls; a roller
  2. Specifically, a heavy cylinder used to break clods.
  3. Specifically, one of a set of revolving cylinders, or rollers, between which metal is pressed, formed, or smoothed, as in a rolling mill; as, to pass rails through the rolls.
  4. That which is rolled up; as, a roll of fat, of wool, paper, cloth, etc.
  5. Specifically, a document written on a piece of parchment, paper, or other materials which may be rolled up; a scroll.
  6. Hence, an official or public document; a register; a record; also, a catalogue; a list.
  7. Specifically, a quantity of cloth wound into a cylindrical form; as, a roll of carpeting; a roll of ribbon.
  8. Specifically, A cylindrical twist of tobacco.
  9. A kind of shortened raised biscuit or bread, often rolled or doubled upon itself.
  10. (nautical) The oscillating movement of a vessel from side to side, in sea way, as distinguished from the alternate rise and fall of bow and stern called pitching.
  11. A heavy, reverberatory sound.
the roll of cannon
the roll of thunder
  1. The uniform beating of a drum with strokes so rapid as scarcely to be distinguished by the ear.
  2. (obsolete) Part; office; duty; rí´le.
  3. A measure of parchments, containing five dozen.
  • 1882: Parchement is sold by the dozen, and by the roll of five dozens. — James Edwin Thorold Rogers, A History of Agriculture and Prices in England, Volume 4, p. 594.
    1. the rotation angle about the longitudinal axis
the roll of an aircraft
  1. The act of, or total resulting from, rolling one or more dice.
Make your roll.
Whoever gets the highest moves first.
  1. (nautical) The measure of extent to which a nautical vessel rotates on its fore-and-aft axis, causing its sides to go up and down. Compare with pitch.
  1. (ergative) To cause to revolve by turning over and over; to move by turning on an axis; to impel forward by causing to turn over and over on a supporting surface.
roll a wheel, a ball, or a barrel
  1. To wrap round on itself; to form into a spherical or cylindrical body by causing to turn over and over.
roll a sheet of paper
roll clay or putty into a ball''
  1. To bind or involve by winding, as in a bandage; to inwrap; often with up
roll up a parcel
  1. (ergative) To drive or impel forward with an easy motion, as of rolling.
a river rolls its waters to the ocean
  1. (ergative) To utter copiously, especially with sounding words; to utter with a deep sound; -- often with forth, or out.
roll forth someone's praises
roll out sentences
  1. To press or level with a roller; to spread or form with a roll, roller, or rollers.
roll a field
roll paste
roll steel rails
  1. (ergative) To move, or cause to be moved, upon, or by means of, rollers or small wheels.
  2. To beat with rapid, continuous strokes, as a drum; to sound a roll upon.
  3. (geometry) To apply (one line or surface) to another without slipping; to bring all the parts of (one line or surface) into successive contact with another, in such a manner that at every instant the parts that have been in contact are equal.
  4. To turn over in one's mind; to revolve.
  5. (US slang) A manner of behaving or a way of doing certain things; a general disposition toward a situation.
I was going to kick his ass, but he wasn't worth getting all worked up over, I don't like that.
2006, Times Herald-Record, Tuesday, November 21, by Chris McKenna?. At
:"This is how we in Spring Valley," one teen reportedly boasted.
  1. (transitive or intransitive) To throw dice.
  2. (transitive) To roll dice such that they form a given pattern or total.
If you doubles, you get an extra turn.
With two dice, you're more likely to seven than ten.
  1. To turn over and over.
The child rolled on the floor.
  1. To tumble in gymnastics.
  2. (nautical) when a nautical vessel rotates on its fore-and-aft axis, causing its sides to go up and down. Compare with pitch.
roller Tweet Definition of roller Like Definition of roller on Facebook
noun (wikipedia, roller, roller (bird))
  1. anything that rolls
  2. any rotate, rotating cylindrical device that is part of a machine, especially one used to apply or reduce pressure
  3. (cricket) a heavy rolling device used to flatten the surface of the pitch
  4. a large, wide, curling wave that falls back on itself as it breaks on a coast
  5. a cylindrical tool for applying paint or ink
  6. an agricultural machine used for flattening land and breaking up lumps of earth
  7. a tumble, tumbling pigeon
  8. any of various aggressive birds, of the family Coraciidae, having bright blue wings and hooked beaks
  9. (also written Roller) a car made by Rolls-Royce
  10. the police (old blues slang)
  11. a padded surcingle that is used on horses for training and vaulting
runner Tweet Definition of runner Like Definition of runner on Facebook
  1. somebody who runs
  2. (slang) A quick escape away from a scene
He did a runner after robbing the drugstore
  1. a type of soft-soled shoe originally intended for runners, cf trainer; a sneaker
  2. a part of an apparatus that moves quickly
After the cycle completes, the travels back quickly to be in place for the next cycle.
  1. a mechanical part intended for wheels to run on or to slide against another surface.
  2. a strip of fabric used to decorate a table
The red makes the table so festive.
  1. a protective carpet cover for a high traffic area
How about we put down a clear in the front hall.
  1. (scuffleball) a forward playing position
  2. (cricket) a player who runs for a batsman who is too injured to run; he is dressed exactly as the injured batsman, and carries a bat
  3. (baseball) A player who runs the bases
  4. (aussie-rules) A person (from one or the other team) who runs out onto the field during the game to take verbal instructions from the coach to the players. A runner mustn't interfere with play, and may have to wear an identifying shirt to make clear his or her purpose on the field.
The was out at second.
  1. (slang) A part of a cigarette that is burning unevenly.
  2. (botany) a long stolon sent out by a plant (such as strawberry), in order to root new plantlets.
rust Tweet Definition of rust Like Definition of rust on Facebook
noun (uncountable)
  1. The deteriorated state of iron or steel as a result of moisture and oxidation.
  2. (colour) A reddish-brown color.
<table><tr><td>rust colour: &nbsp;</td><td bgcolor="
  1. 80461B" width="80">&nbsp; </td></tr></table>
    1. A disease of plants caused by a reddish-brown fungus.
rustproof Tweet Definition of rustproof Like Definition of rustproof on Facebook
  1. To make resistant to rust, such as by applying a coating.
We'll the metal with a good coat of paint and then we'll be able to leave it outdorrs for years without damage.
  1. Resistant to rust, oxidation and corrosion.
This is supposed to be a trashcan, but it can't handle the salt they use on our roads.

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