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target language Tweet Definition of target language Like Definition of target language on Facebook
noun (plural target languages)
  1. (linguistics) The language into which a translation is done.
  2. (computing) The machine language into which source code is to be compiled
tau Tweet Definition of tau Like Definition of tau on Facebook
  1. The name of the letter T in the Greek, Hebrew and ancient Semitic alphabets, being the nineteenth letter of the Classical Greek, Classical and Modern Greek, the twentieth letter of Old Greek, Old and Ancient Greek, Ancient Greek.
    • Letter of the Greek alphabet: '''Τ Ï�
    • Previous: sigma, Σ
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      1. A (polytonic, Τ)-shaped sign or structure; a St. Anthony's cross, sometimes considered as a sacred symbol.
    • 1658: Nor shall we take in the mysticall Tau, or the Crosse of our blessed Saviour, which having in some descriptions an Empedon or crossing foot-stay, made not one single transversion. " Sir Thomas Browne, The Garden of Cyrus (Folio Society 2007, p. 168)
      1. (context, particles, dated) A tau meson, now usually known as a kaon.
      2. (particles) An unstable heavy lepton, which decays into a muon or electron.
tav Tweet Definition of tav Like Definition of tav on Facebook
noun , also taw
  1. The twentysecond letter of the Hebrew alphabet, ת.
telegraphic Tweet Definition of telegraphic Like Definition of telegraphic on Facebook
  1. of, or relating to the telegraph
  2. brief or concise, especially resembling a telegram with clipped syntax
teth Tweet Definition of teth Like Definition of teth on Facebook
  1. The ninth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, �
  1. hot, scald, scalding, sultry
text Tweet Definition of text Like Definition of text on Facebook
  1. A written passage consisting of multiple glyphs, characters, symbols or sentences.
  2. A book, tome or other set of writings.
  3. A brief written message transmitted between mobile phones.
  4. (computing) data, Data which can be interpreted as human-readable text (often contrasted with binary data).
  5. (slang) A text message.
  1. To send a text message using the Short Message Service (SMS), or a similar service, between communications devices, particularly mobile phones.
theme Tweet Definition of theme Like Definition of theme on Facebook
  1. a subject of a talk or an artistic piece; a topic.
  2. a recurring idea; a motif.
  3. (music) the main melody of a piece of music, especially one that is the source of variations.
  4. (computing, figurative) The collection of color schemes, sounds, artwork etc., that "skin" an environment towards a particular motif.
theta Tweet Definition of theta Like Definition of theta on Facebook
  1. the name for the eighth letter οf the Modern Greek alphabet, ninth in Old Greek.
  2. (mathematics) The measure of an angle.
thorn Tweet Definition of thorn Like Definition of thorn on Facebook
  1. A sharp protective spine of a plant.
  2. A letter of the Latin alphabet (capital: í�, small: í¾), borrowed by Old English from the futhark to represent a dental fricative, then not distinguished from eth, but in modern use (in Icelandic and other languages, but no longer in English) used only for the voiceless dental fricative found in English thigh
    • See also Etymology of ye (definite article).
tmesis Tweet Definition of tmesis Like Definition of tmesis on Facebook
noun (tmes, es)
  1. (prosody) The insertion of one or more words between the components of a compound word.
Example: How bright the chit and chat, inserting (term, and) into (term, chit-chat)
topicalize Tweet Definition of topicalize Like Definition of topicalize on Facebook
verb to topicalize
  1. (linguistics) to place the topic of a sentence at the beginning
    Example: That definition, it was easy.
transfer Tweet Definition of transfer Like Definition of transfer on Facebook
  1. (uncountable) The act of conveying or remove, removing something from one place, person or thing to another.
  2. (countable) An instance of conveying or removing from one place, person or thing to another; a transferal.
  3. (countable) A design conveyed by contact from one surface to another; a heat transfer.
verb (transfer, r, ing)
  1. (transitive) To move or pass from one place, person or thing to another.
  2. (transitive) To convey the impression of (something) from one surface to another.
  3. (intransitive) To be or become transferred.
typology Tweet Definition of typology Like Definition of typology on Facebook
  1. the systematic classification of the types of something according to their common characteristics

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