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taciturnity Tweet Definition of taciturnity Like Definition of taciturnity on Facebook
  1. The trait of being taciturn.
take Tweet Definition of take Like Definition of take on Facebook
  1. An act of taking.
  2. Something that is taken.
  3. A profit or reward.
He wants half of the if he helps with the job.
  1. An interpretation or view.
What"s your on this issue, Fred?
  1. (film) An attempt to record a scene.
It"s a .
Act seven, scene three, two.
  1. (rugby) A catch.
  2. (acting) A facial gesture in response to an event.
I did a when I saw the new car in the driveway.
  1. (cricket) a catch of the ball, especially by the wicket-keeper
verb (takes, taking, took, taken)
  1. To grasp with the hands.
  2. To grab and move to oneself.
I"ll that plate off the table.
  1. To get into one's possession.
  2. (military) To gain a position by force.
After a bloody battle, they were able to the city.
  1. To have sex with forcefully, possibly without consent.
The rapist took his victims in dark alleys.
  1. To carry, particularly to a particular destination.
I'll the plate with me.
  1. To choose.
I'll the blue plates.
  1. To support or carry without failing or breaking.
That truck bed will only two tons.
  1. To endure or cope with.
I can the noise, but I can't take the smell.
  1. (baseball) To not swing at a pitch
He"ll probably this one.
  1. To ingest medicine, drugs, etc.
I aspirin every day to thin my blood.
  1. (italbrac, Usually with "for") To assume or interpret to be.
Do you me for a fool?
I it you're not going?''
  1. To enroll (in a class, or a course of study)
I plan to math, physics, literature and flower arrangment this semester.
  1. To participate in, undergo (a test or exam).
Aren't you supposed to your math final today?
  1. (climbing) To tighten (take up) a belaying rope. Often used imperatively.
  1. To fight or attempt to fight somebody. (See also take on.)
Don't try to that guy. He's bigger than you.
  1. To stick, persist, thrive or remain.
I started some tomato seeds last spring, but they didn't .
  1. (cricket) To catch the ball; especially for the wicket-keeper to catch the ball after the batsman has missed or edged it.
  2. (impersonal) To require.
Looks like it's gonna a taller person to get that down.
It takes a village to raise a child.
  1. (transitive) To require.
You'll need to your textbook with you to every class.
  1. To last an amount of time.
I estimate the trip will about ten minutes.
tales Tweet Definition of tales Like Definition of tales on Facebook
  1. (plural of, tale)
talion Tweet Definition of talion Like Definition of talion on Facebook
noun (uncountable)
  1. retaliation
  • 1973: Simple may be fine for wartime, but politics between wars demands symmetry and a more elegant idea of justice, even to the point of masquerading, a bit decadently, as mercy. " Thomas Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow
tenant Tweet Definition of tenant Like Definition of tenant on Facebook
  1. One who pays a fee (rent) in return for the use of land, buildings, or other property owned by others.
  • "Long even before the last had occupied it, the room had been regarded with fear and aversion, and the end of that last tenant had in no way lightened the gloom that hung about the place." — w:The Thing in the Upper Room, The Thing in the Upper Room by w:Arthur Morrison, Arthur Morrison
    1. An occupant.
    2. One who rents their own property to others.
    3. One who possesses property.
  1. To hold as, or be, a tenant.
tender Tweet Definition of tender Like Definition of tender on Facebook
  1. A means of payment such as a check or cheque, cash or credit card.
Your credit card has been declined. You need to provide some other such as cash.
  1. A formal offer of payment.
We will submit our to you within the week.
  1. A railroad car towed behind a steam engine to carry fuel.
  2. (nautical) A naval ship that functions as a mobile base for other ships.
submarine tender
destroyer tender
  1. (nautical) A boat used for transportation between a ship and shore.
  1. (formal) To offer, to give.
  • one's resignation
  1. 1864 November 21, Abraham Lincoln (signed) or John Hay, letter to Mrs. Bixby in Boston
  2. : I cannot refrain from tendering to you the consolation that may be found in the thanks of the Republic they died to save.
    1. To offer a payment, as at sales or auctions
adjective (tenderer, tenderest)
  1. Sensitive or pain, painful to be touched.
Be careful, that area is . - Mike Meyers as the voice of the title character in the movie Shrek.
  1. Of food, soft and easily chewed.
The matrix is telling my brain this steak is , succulent and juicy. - Joey Pantolino in the movie ''The Matrix'.'
  1. Fond, loving, gentle, sweet
Suzanne was such a and sweet woman to her children.
terrier Tweet Definition of terrier Like Definition of terrier on Facebook
  1. A dog from a group of small, lively breeds, originally bred for the hunt on furred prey or vermin which digs a layer or burrow in the ground, such as rabbit, fox and various mice.
testamentary Tweet Definition of testamentary Like Definition of testamentary on Facebook
adjective (notcomp)
  1. (legal): Of or pertaining to a will or testament.
Although such letter shall not be interpreted as a writing, I request that my beneficiaries and executor carry out the requests made in the letter.
testate Tweet Definition of testate Like Definition of testate on Facebook
  1. Having left a legally valid last will and testament (of one who has died).
testator Tweet Definition of testator Like Definition of testator on Facebook
  1. One who dies having made a legally valid will
testatrix Tweet Definition of testatrix Like Definition of testatrix on Facebook
noun (testat, rices)
  1. A female testator.<ref name="COED-pron&def">The Concise Oxford English Dictionary Eleventh Edition</ref>
test case Tweet Definition of test case Like Definition of test case on Facebook
  1. A legal action, representative of others, whose outcome will serve as a precedent.
  2. (computing) Any of a set of conditions and variables used to test an application.
testify Tweet Definition of testify Like Definition of testify on Facebook
verb (testif, i, ed) (intransitive or transitive)
  1. to make a declaration, or give evidence, under oath
  2. to make a statement based on personal knowledge or faith
testimony Tweet Definition of testimony Like Definition of testimony on Facebook
noun (plural: testimonies)
  1. Statements made by a witness in court.
  2. An account of first-hand experience.
  3. In a church service, a personal account, such as of one's conversion.
Thing Tweet Definition of Thing Like Definition of Thing on Facebook
  1. (context, obsolete, Historical) A public assembly or council in a Scandinavian country
  • 1997, Before Thorstein left home, he and Asgerd decided to take Arinbjorn's gift, the silk cloak, out of Egil's chest, and Thorstein wore it to the . " "Egil's Saga", tr. Bernard Scudder, The Sagas of Icelanders (Penguin 2001, p. 168)
time immemorial Tweet Definition of time immemorial Like Definition of time immemorial on Facebook
  1. time that extends beyond memory or record
tithing Tweet Definition of tithing Like Definition of tithing on Facebook
  1. a rural division of land, originally corresponding to ten households under the frank-pledge system
triple Tweet Definition of triple Like Definition of triple on Facebook
  1. A drink with three portions of alcohol.
I've had a hard day, make that a .
  1. A hamburger with three patty, patties.
I'd like a with cheese.
  1. (baseball) A three-base hit
The shortstop hit a to lead off the ninth.
  1. (curling) A takeout shot in which three stones are removed from play.
  2. (mathematics) A sequence of three elements; 3-tuple.
verb (tripl, ing)
  1. To multiply by three
The company tripled their earnings per share over last quarter.
  1. (baseball) To get a three-base hit
The batter tripled into the gap.
  1. Made up of three related elements, often matching
The markings on this vase are quite unique.
  1. Three times the quantity
Give me a serving of mashed potatoes.
trust Tweet Definition of trust Like Definition of trust on Facebook
  1. confidence, Confidence in or reliance on some person or quality.
  • 1671, O ever-failing / In mortal strength! " John Milton, Samson Agonistes
    1. dependence, Dependence upon something in the future; hope.
  • 1611, Such have we through Christ. " Authorised Version, 2 Corinthians iii:4.
    1. Confidence in the future payment for goods or services supplied; credit.
  • I was out of cash, but the landlady let me have it on .
    1. (rare) trustworthiness, Trustworthiness, reliability.
    2. The confidence vested in a person who has legal ownership of a property to manage for the benefit of another.
    3. A group of businessmen or traders organised for mutual benefit to produce and distribute specific commodities or services, and managed by a central body of trustees.
    1. (obsolete) secure, Secure, safe.
    2. (obsolete) faithful, Faithful, dependable.
    trustee Tweet Definition of trustee Like Definition of trustee on Facebook
    1. A person to whom property is legally committed in trust, to be applied either for the benefit of specified individuals, or for public uses; one who is intrusted with property for the benefit of another; also, a person in whose hands the effects of another are attached in a trustee process.
    1. To commit (property) to the care of a
    2. English, trustee; as, to trustee an estate.
    3. To attach (a debtor's wages, credits, or property in the hands of a third person) in the interest of the creditor.
    try Tweet Definition of try Like Definition of try on Facebook
    noun (tries)
    1. An attempt.
    I gave unicycling a but I couldn"t do it.
    1. An act of tasting or sampling.
    I gave sushi a but I didn"t like it.
    1. (rugby) A score in rugby, analogous to a touchdown in American football.
    Today I scored my first .
    verb (tr, i, ed)
    1. To attempt. Followed by infinitive, the attempt fails or is expected to fail.
    I tried to rollerblade, but I couldn"t.
    1. To make an experiment. Usually followed by a present participle.
    I tried mixing more white paint to get a lighter shade.
    1. To work on something.
    You are trying too hard.
    1. To put to test
    I shall my skills on this
    1. To taste, sample, etc.
    Try this"you"ll love
    1. Verb, love it.
      1. To put on trial.
      He was tried and executed.
      1. To tire.
      It was a trying experience.

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