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pandect Tweet Definition of pandect Like Definition of pandect on Facebook
noun (plural: pandects)
  1. A treatise or similar work that is comprehensive as to a particular topic.
  2. A comprehensive collection of codes or laws.
panel Tweet Definition of panel Like Definition of panel on Facebook
  1. A (usually) rectangular section of a surface, or of a covering or of a wall, fence etc.
Behind the picture was a panel on the wall
  1. A group of people gathered to judge, interview, discuss etc. as on a television or radio broadcast for example.
Today's panel includes John Smith...
verb to panel (panelled, panelling; US paneled, paneling)
  1. to fit with panels
parole Tweet Definition of parole Like Definition of parole on Facebook
  1. The release of (a prisoner) on the understanding that he/she checks in regularly and obeys the law.
  2. The amount of time a prisoner spends on limited release.
  3. A limited sense of freedom.
  4. (linguistics) Language in use, as opposed to language as a system.
verb (parol, ing)
  1. (transitive) To release (a prisoner) on the understanding that s/he checks in regularly and obeys the law.
partition Tweet Definition of partition Like Definition of partition on Facebook
  1. something that divides a thing into parts, or separates one thing from another, especially a vertical structure that divides a room
  2. a part of something that had been divided
  3. the division of a country into two or more autonomous countries
  4. (computing) a section of a hard disk separately formatted
  5. (set theory) a collection of non-empty, disjoint subsets of a set whose union is the set itself (i.e. all elements of the set are contained in exactly one of the subsets)
verb to partition
  1. To divide something into parts, sections or shares
  2. To divide a region or country into two or more territories with separate political status
  3. To separate or divide a room by a partition (ex. a wall), often use with off
pass Tweet Definition of pass Like Definition of pass on Facebook
  1. An opening, road, or track, available for passing; especially, one through or over some dangerous or otherwise impracticable barrier; a passageway; a defile; a ford.
a mountain pass
:"Try not the pass!" the old man said. — Longfellow
  1. (fencing) A thrust or push; an attempt to stab or strike an adversary. (Shakespeare)
  2. A movement of the hand over or along anything; the manipulation of a mesmerist.
  3. (rolling metals) A single passage of a bar, rail, sheet, etc., between the rolls.
  4. The state of things; condition; predicament.
:Have his daughters brought him to this pass. — Shakespeare
:Matters have been brought to this pass. — South.
  1. Permission or license to pass, or to go and come.
A ship sailing under the flag and pass of an enemy. — Kent
  1. (baseball) An intentional walk
Smith was given a after Jones' double.
  1. A document granting permission to pass or to go and come; a passport; a ticket permitting free transit or admission; as, a railroad or theater pass; a military pass.
  2. (figurative) A thrust; a sally of wit. (Shakespeare)
  3. A sexual advance.
The man kicked his friend out of the house after he made a at his wife.
  1. (obsolete) Estimation; character.
:Common speech gives him a worthy pass. — Shakespeare
  1. (obsolete; Chaucer; compare passus) A part, a division.
  2. (rail transport) A passing of two trains in the same direction on a single track, when one is put into a siding to let the other overtake. (Antonym: a meet.)
  3. (sport) The act of moving the ball or puck from one player to another.
verb (pass, es)
  1. (defn, English)
(rfc-header, Intransitive)      
paternity Tweet Definition of paternity Like Definition of paternity on Facebook
  1. fatherhood, being a father
  2. parental descent from the father's side
patresfamilias Tweet Definition of patresfamilias Like Definition of patresfamilias on Facebook
noun (plural)
  1. (plural of, paterfamilias)
payable Tweet Definition of payable Like Definition of payable on Facebook
noun (payables, -)
  1. (plural) Debts owed by a business; liabilities.
    1. A thing that may be paid.
  1. That which is to be pay, paid.
  2. Able to be paid.
  3. Of a mine etc.: capable of yielding profit; profitable.
perception Tweet Definition of perception Like Definition of perception on Facebook
  1. Conscious understanding of something.
  2. Vision (ability)
  3. Acuity
  4. (cognition) That which is detected by the five senses; not necessarily understood (imagine looking through fog, trying to understand if you see a small dog or a cat); also that which is detected within consciousness as a thought, intuition, deduction, etc.
perjure Tweet Definition of perjure Like Definition of perjure on Facebook
verb (perjur, ing)
  1. To knowingly and willfully make a false statement of witness while in court.
perjured Tweet Definition of perjured Like Definition of perjured on Facebook
  1. (past of, perjure)
perjury Tweet Definition of perjury Like Definition of perjury on Facebook
noun (perjur, ies)
  1. (legal) The deliberate giving of false or misleading testimony under oath
We declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct and that this declaration was executed on March 22, 2005, at Seattle, Washington.
perpetuity Tweet Definition of perpetuity Like Definition of perpetuity on Facebook
  1. The quality or state of being perpetual; endless duration; uninterrupted existence.
  2. Something that is perpetual.
  3. A limitation intended to be unalterable and of indefinite duration; a disposition of property which attempts to make it inalienable beyond certain limits fixed or conceived as being fixed by the general law.
per procurationem Tweet Definition of per procurationem Like Definition of per procurationem on Facebook
adverb (abbreviated to per pro, pp.)
  1. by the agency of, especially when signing a letter in place of someone else
  2. (context, informal) on behalf of (someone who does not sign themselves)
person Tweet Definition of person Like Definition of person on Facebook
noun (plural: persons, people (by suppletion))
  1. Human being; individual.
  2. Specific human being.
Where is the ?
  1. The physical body of a specified individual.
Meanwhile, the dazed Sullivan, dressed like a bum with no identification on his , is arrested and put to work on a brutal Southern chain gang. " New York Times, 2004
  1. Any individual or formal organization with standing before the courts.
By common law a corporation or a trust is legally a .
  1. (grammar) A linguistic category used to distinguish between the speaker of an utterance and those to whom or about whom he is speaking. See grammatical person.
personal Tweet Definition of personal Like Definition of personal on Facebook
  1. A advertisement by which individuals attempt to meet others with similar interests.
  2. A movable; a chattel.
  1. Pertaining to human beings as distinct from things.
  2. Of or pertaining to a particular person; relating to, or affecting, an individual, or each of many individuals; peculiar or proper to private concerns; not public or general; as, personal comfort; personal desire.
  3. Pertaining to the external or bodily appearance; corporeal; as, personal charms.
  4. Done in person; without the intervention of another.
  5. Relating to an individual, his character, conduct, motives, or private affairs, in an invidious and offensive manner; as, personal reflections or remarks.
  6. Denoting person; as, a personal pronoun.
petit Tweet Definition of petit Like Definition of petit on Facebook
  1. small or minor
petition Tweet Definition of petition Like Definition of petition on Facebook
  1. a formal, written request made to an official person or organized body, often containing many signatures
  2. a compilation of signatures built in order to exert moral authority in support of a specific cause
  3. a formal written request for judicial action (Law)
  1. to make a request, commonly in written form
PI Tweet Definition of PI Like Definition of PI on Facebook
  1. Partial Induction (see AI)
  2. Politically Incorrect (See PC)
  3. Principal Investigator (lead researcher on a grant-funded project)
  4. Private Investigator
  5. Personal Injury
  6. Prison Industries (The prison-run work program for inmates)
PL Tweet Definition of PL Like Definition of PL on Facebook
  1. Public Library
plaint Tweet Definition of plaint Like Definition of plaint on Facebook
  1. (context, archaic, or, British law) An accusation.
Once the had been made there was nothing that could be done to revoke it.
  1. (context, poetic, or, archaic) A lament or woeful cry.
plaintiff Tweet Definition of plaintiff Like Definition of plaintiff on Facebook
  1. A party bringing a suit in civil law against a defendant; accusers.
poor Tweet Definition of poor Like Definition of poor on Facebook
  1. With little or no possessions or money.
  2. To be pitied.
Oh you poor little thing.
  1. Of low quality.
That was a poor performance.
  1. (i, with "the") Those people as a group who have no possessions or money.
Usage notes: always takes the plural verb.
:the poor are in a bad condition
port Tweet Definition of port Like Definition of port on Facebook
  1. A place on the coast at which ships can shelter, or dock to load and unload cargo or passengers.
  2. A town or city containing such a place.
  3. (nautical) (uncountable) The left-hand side of a vessel when one is facing the front.
  1. (obsolete) To carry, bear, or transport.
  2. (military) To hold a weapon with both hands diagonally across the body
  3. To transfer from one state to another.
  4. (computing) To adapt a program so that it works on a different platform.
  1. (nautical) Of or relating to port, the left-hand side of a vessel.
on the port side
posse Tweet Definition of posse Like Definition of posse on Facebook
  1. A group of people summoned to help law enforcement
  2. A search party
  3. A criminal gang
  4. (context, by extension) A group of associates
posse comitatus Tweet Definition of posse comitatus Like Definition of posse comitatus on Facebook
  1. (British, in medieval times) the authority of a sheriff to conscript able-bodied men to help keep the peace, or arrest a felon
possession Tweet Definition of possession Like Definition of possession on Facebook
  1. Ownership.
  2. Something that is owned.
  3. A territory under the rule of another country.
  4. The condition or affliction of being possessed by a demon or other supernatural entity.
postman Tweet Definition of postman Like Definition of postman on Facebook
noun (postmen)
  1. A person who delivers the post (mail) to residential or commercial addresses.
practice Tweet Definition of practice Like Definition of practice on Facebook
noun (practices)
  1. Repetition of an activity to improve skill.
He will need lots of with those lines before he performs them.
  1. The ongoing pursuit of a craft or profession, particularly in medicine or the fine arts.
She ran a thriving medical .
  1. The observance of religious duties which a Church requires of its members.
  2. A customary action, habit, or behavior; a manner or routine.
It is the usual of employees there to wear neckties only when meeting with customers.
It is good to check each door and window before leaving.
verb (practicing, practiced, practiced)
  1. To repeat an activity as a way of improving one's skill.
  2. To perform or execute a craft or skill.
He practiced law for 19 years.
precedent Tweet Definition of precedent Like Definition of precedent on Facebook
  1. An act in the past which may be used as an example to help decide the outcome of similar instances in the future.
  2. A decided case which is cited or used as an example to justify a judgment in a subsequent case.
  3. The previous version.
  1. happening or taking place earlier in time
prefer Tweet Definition of prefer Like Definition of prefer on Facebook
verb (prefer, r, ed)
  1. (transitive) To be in the habit of choosing something rather than something else; to favor; to select
    I a cup of tea first thing in the morning.
premeditation Tweet Definition of premeditation Like Definition of premeditation on Facebook
  1. the act of planning or plotting something in advance, especially an intentional crime
prenuptial agreement Tweet Definition of prenuptial agreement Like Definition of prenuptial agreement on Facebook
  1. a legal document, signed by both parties before marriage, stating the legal claims on each other's estate upon a subsequent divorce
prescribe Tweet Definition of prescribe Like Definition of prescribe on Facebook
verb (prescrib, ing)
  1. To order (a drug or medical device) for use by a particular patient.
  2. To specify as a required procedure or ritual.
present Tweet Definition of present Like Definition of present on Facebook
  1. The current moment or period of time.
  2. The present tense.
  1. (transitive) To reveal, to show..
The theater is proud to the Fearless Fliers.
  1. (transitive, law) To offer to a court or legislature for consideration.
  2. (transitive) To award a trophy, gift, etc, to.
  1. Relating to now, for the time being; current.
The manager has been here longer than the last one.
  1. Located in the immediate vicinity.
Is there a doctor ?
presumption Tweet Definition of presumption Like Definition of presumption on Facebook
  1. the act of presuming, or something presumed
  2. the belief of something based upon reasonable evidence, or upon something known to be true
  3. the condition upon which something is presumed
  1. (dated) arrogant behaviour
presumptive Tweet Definition of presumptive Like Definition of presumptive on Facebook
  1. based on presumption, probability, conjecture, hypothesis or belief
preterition Tweet Definition of preterition Like Definition of preterition on Facebook
  1. The act of passing by, disregarding or omitting.
  2. A rhetorical device in which the speaker emphasizes something by omitting it.
I do not intend to draw attention to my heroic military service; Instead, I will focus on the economy.
  1. The failure of a testator to name a legal heir in his will.
primogeniture Tweet Definition of primogeniture Like Definition of primogeniture on Facebook
  1. the state of being the firstborn of the children of the same parents
  2. an exclusive right of inheritance belonging to the eldest son
In the Bible, Jacob envied Esau's .
privy Tweet Definition of privy Like Definition of privy on Facebook
noun (pl=privies)
  1. an outdoor toilet; latrine; earth closet; john; johnny house.
  2. a toilet
  1. (old use except in law) private; secret; exclusive
The king retreated to his chamber.
  1. with knowledge of; party to; let in on
He was to the discussions.
probable cause Tweet Definition of probable cause Like Definition of probable cause on Facebook
  1. the standard by which a police officer may make an arrest or conduct a personal or property search
  2. in accident investigations, the conclusions reached by the investigating body as to the factor or factors which caused the accident
probate Tweet Definition of probate Like Definition of probate on Facebook
  1. The legal process of verifying the legality of a will
  2. A copy of a legally recognised and qualified will
verb (probat, ing)
  1. (transitive) To establish the legality of (a will).
process server Tweet Definition of process server Like Definition of process server on Facebook
noun (plural: process servers)
  1. : a person whose profession is the delivery of information to a person or entity providing notice that they are being sued
The could not effect service of process because the defendant was nowhere to be found
proof Tweet Definition of proof Like Definition of proof on Facebook
  1. Any effort, process, or operation designed to establish or discover a fact or truth; an act of testing; a test; a trial.
For whatsoever mother wit or art Could work, he put in . -w:Spenser.
You shall have many proofs to show your skill. -w:Ford.
Formerly, a very rude mode of ascertaining the strength of spirits was practiced, called the . -w:Ure.
  1. That degree of evidence which convinces the mind of any truth or fact, and produces belief; a test by facts or arguments that induce, or tend to induce, certainty of the judgment; conclusive evidence; demonstration.
I'll have some . -w:Shak.
It is no of a man's understanding to be able to confirm whatever he pleases. -w:Emerson.
:Note: Properly speaking, proof is the effect or result of evidence, evidence is the medium of proof. Cf. Demonstration, 1.
    • 1990 October 28, w:Paul Simon, Paul Simon, "Proof", w:The Rhythm of the Saints, The Rhythm of the Saints, Warner Bros.
    • : Faith, faith is an island in the setting sun / But , is the bottom line for everyone
      1. The quality or state of having been proved or tried; firmness or hardness that resists impression, or does not yield to force; impenetrability of physical bodies.
      2. Firmness of mind; stability not to be shaken.
      3. (printing) A proof sheet; a trial impression, as from type, taken for correction or examination.
      4. (mathematics): A process for testing the accuracy of an operation performed. Cf. Prove, v. t., 5.
      5. (obsolete): Armor of excellent or tried quality, and deemed impenetrable; properly, armor of proof.
      6. A measure of the alcohol content of liquor. Originally in Britain 100 was defined as 57,1% by volume (not used anymore). In the US 100 means that the alcohol content is 50% of the total volume of the liquid and thus absolute alcohol would be 200 .
  1. (colloquial) To proofread.
  1. Used in proving or testing; as, a proof load, or proofcharge.
  2. Firm or successful in resisting; as, proof against harm; waterproof; bombproof.
I ... have found thee Proof against all temptation. -w:Milton.
This was a good, stout article of faith. -w:Burke.
  1. Being of a certain standard as to strength; -- said of alcoholic liquors.
prothonotary Tweet Definition of prothonotary Like Definition of prothonotary on Facebook
  1. a chief clerk of any of various courts of law.
prove Tweet Definition of prove Like Definition of prove on Facebook
verb (proves, proving, proved, proved or proven)
  1. (transitive) To demonstrate that something is true; to give proof for.
I will my method is more effective than yours.
The hypothesis has not been proven to our satisfaction.
  1. To turn out; to manifest.
It proved to be a cold day.
Have an exit strategy should your calculations incorrect.
provide Tweet Definition of provide Like Definition of provide on Facebook
verb (provid, ing)
  1. To make a living; earn money for necessities.
  2. To act to prepare for something.
  3. To determine the form of some situations, by means of a stipulation or condition.
  4. To give what is needed or desired, especially basic needs.
  5. To furnish with, cause to be present.
  6. To make possible or attainable.
provocation Tweet Definition of provocation Like Definition of provocation on Facebook
  1. The act of provoke, provoking, inciting or annoying someone into doing something
  2. Something that provoke, provokes; a provocative act
public domain Tweet Definition of public domain Like Definition of public domain on Facebook
  1. The feature of intellectual property being not protected under patent or copyright, i.e. no person or other legal entity can establish proprietary interests.
  • "This book is in public domain" (trans-top, The feature of intellectual property being not protected under patent or copyright)
  • Spanish: (t, es, dominio píºblico)
  1. Not subject to any copyright or patent restrictions.
(trans-top, Not subject to any copyright or patent restrictions)
  • Spanish: (t, es, dominio píºblico, alt=de dominio píºblico)
publish Tweet Definition of publish Like Definition of publish on Facebook
verb (publish, es)
  1. (intransitive): To issue a publication.
  2. (transitive): To issue something (usually printed work) for sale and distribution.
  3. (transitive): To announce to the public.
puisne Tweet Definition of puisne Like Definition of puisne on Facebook
noun (adjective)
  1. inferior in rank. A puisne justice of a court is a judge other than the chief justice.
pupil Tweet Definition of pupil Like Definition of pupil on Facebook
  1. (context, law, obsolete) An orphan who is a minor and under the protection of the state.
  2. A student under the supervision of a teacher or professor.
purchase Tweet Definition of purchase Like Definition of purchase on Facebook
  1. an individual item one has purchased
  2. The act of seeking, getting, or obtaining something (e.g. property, etc.)
  3. The acquisition of title to, or property in, anything for a price; buying for money or its equivalent.
They offer free with the of a drink.
  1. That which is obtained, got, or acquired, in any manner, honestly or dishonestly; property; possession; acquisition.
  2. That which is obtained for a price in money or its equivalent.
He was pleased with his latest .
  1. (uncountable) Any mechanical hold, or advantage, applied to the raising or removing of heavy bodies, as by a lever, a tackle, capstan, and the like
It is hard to get on a nail without a pry bar or hammer.
  1. the apparatus, tackle, or device by which such mechanical advantage is gained
  2. (rock climbing, uncountable): the amount of hold one has from an individual foothold or ledge
  3. Acquisition of lands or tenements by other means than descent or inheritance, namely, by one's own act or agreement.
verb (purchas, es)
  1. buy
  2. To pursue and obtain; to acquire by seeking; to gain, obtain, or acquire.
  3. To obtain by paying money or its equivalent; to buy for a price
to land, to a house.
  1. To obtain by any outlay, as of labor, danger, or sacrifice, etc.
to favor with flattery.
  1. To expiate by a fine or forfeit.
  2. To apply to (anything) a device for obtaining a mechanical advantage; to get a upon, or apply a to
to purchase a cannon.
  1. To put forth effort to obtain anything; to strive; to exert one's self.
  2. To acquire wealth or property.
pursuer Tweet Definition of pursuer Like Definition of pursuer on Facebook
  1. One who pursues.
purveyor Tweet Definition of purveyor Like Definition of purveyor on Facebook
  1. Someone who supply, supplies what is needed, esp food.

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