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ignore Tweet Definition of ignore Like Definition of ignore on Facebook
verb (ignor, ing)
  1. To deliberately pay no attention to.
  2. (obsolete) Fail to notice.
illegal Tweet Definition of illegal Like Definition of illegal on Facebook
  1. (colloquial) An illegal immigrant.
  1. Contrary to or forbidden by law, especially criminal law.
  2. Not permitted by rules
Moving a pawn backward is an move in chess.
  1. (context, stamp-collecting, of an issue printed for collectors) Totally fictitious, and often issued on behalf of a non-existent territory or country.
  2. (context, of an immigrant) Being an illegal immigrant; residing in a country illegally.
illegal alien Tweet Definition of illegal alien Like Definition of illegal alien on Facebook
noun an
  1. (derogatory) A person who is within the boundary, boundaries of a political state without that government's authorization; a national of another country who has entered or stayed without permission.
illegality Tweet Definition of illegality Like Definition of illegality on Facebook
noun (illegalities)
  1. : the state of being illegal
The criminal was aware of the of his act.
  1. (uncountable): a defense to the validity of a contract because it was in violation of the law
When sued for refusing to pay for services provided by a prostitute, the customer raised the defense of illegality.
illicit Tweet Definition of illicit Like Definition of illicit on Facebook
  1. Lacking licitness, but not invalid.
The bigamous marriage, while illicit, was not invalid.
  1. Breaking social norms.
  2. Unlawful.
immovable Tweet Definition of immovable Like Definition of immovable on Facebook
  1. That which can not be moved; something which is immovable.
  1. Incapable of being moved; firmly fixed; fast; -- used of material things; as, an immovable foundation.
  2. steadfast, Steadfast; fixed; unalterable; unchangeable; -- used of the mind or will; as, an immovable purpose, or a man who remain immovable.
  3. Not capable of being affected or moved in feeling or by sympathy; unimpressible; impassive.
impeach Tweet Definition of impeach Like Definition of impeach on Facebook
verb (impeach, es)
  1. To hinder.
  2. To bring a legal proceeding against a public official, asserting that because he or she committed some offense, he or she should be removed from office.
    • President Clinton was impeached by the House in November 1999, but since the Senate acquitted him, he was not removed from office.
    • To discredit an individual or group with presumed expertise.
imperfect Tweet Definition of imperfect Like Definition of imperfect on Facebook
  1. Something having a minor flaw
  2. (grammar) A tense of verbs used in describing a past action that is incomplete or continuous.
  1. Not perfect
  2. (botany) A flower that is unisexual: either male (with stamens) or female (with pistil), but not with both (the latter condition is termed "perfect").
imperium Tweet Definition of imperium Like Definition of imperium on Facebook
noun (imperia, -)
  1. Supreme power; dominion.
  2. The right to command the force of the state, sovereignty.
impleader Tweet Definition of impleader Like Definition of impleader on Facebook
  1. (law) procedural device before trial in which a party joins a third-party into a lawsuit because that third-party is liable to an original defendant
impound Tweet Definition of impound Like Definition of impound on Facebook
  1. To shut up or place in an inclosure called a pound;
  2. To hold in the custody of a court or its delegate; as, to impound stray cattle; to impound a document for safe keeping.
incapacitate Tweet Definition of incapacitate Like Definition of incapacitate on Facebook
verb (incapacitat, ing)
  1. to make incapable (of doing something)
The police officer was incapacitated by a blow to the head
incendiary Tweet Definition of incendiary Like Definition of incendiary on Facebook
noun (incendiaries)
  1. Something capable of causing fire, particularly a weapon.
The military used incendiaries to destroy the building, fortunately the fire didn't spread.
  1. Capable of causing fire.
  2. Inflammatory, emotionally charged.
Politics is an topic; it tends to cause fights to break out.
incompetence Tweet Definition of incompetence Like Definition of incompetence on Facebook
  1. inability, Inability to perform; lack of competence; ineptitude.
incompetent Tweet Definition of incompetent Like Definition of incompetent on Facebook
  1. Unskilled, lacking normally expected degree of ability.
Having an lawyer may be grounds for a retrial, but the lawyer in question probably doesn't know that.
  1. Unable to make rational decisions, insane or otherwise cognitively impaired.
The charged was judged to stand trial, at least until his medication started working.
incorporeal Tweet Definition of incorporeal Like Definition of incorporeal on Facebook
  1. having no material form or substance
  2. (legal) relating to an asset that does not have a material form; such as a patent
incriminate Tweet Definition of incriminate Like Definition of incriminate on Facebook
verb (incriminates, incriminating, incriminated, incriminated)
  1. (transitive) To accuse or bring criminal charges against.
The newpapers are all incriminating me unjustly in this fiasco!
  1. (transitive) To indicate the guilt of.
We have all sorts of evidence which you.
Ind. Tweet Definition of Ind. Like Definition of Ind. on Facebook
  1. Indiana
  2. India
  3. Indian
indemnity Tweet Definition of indemnity Like Definition of indemnity on Facebook
noun (indemnities)
  1. an obligation or duty upon an individual to incur the losses of another.
  2. repayment
  3. the right of an injured party to shift the loss onto the party responsible for the loss.
  4. (insurance) a principle of insurance which provides that when a loss occurs, the insured should be restored to the approximate financial condition occupied before the loss occurred, no better, no worse.
indent Tweet Definition of indent Like Definition of indent on Facebook
  1. A cut or notch in the margin of anything, or a recess like a notch.
  2. A stamp; an impression.
  3. A certificate, or intended certificate, issued by the government of the United States at the close of the Revolution, for the principal or interest of the public debt.
  4. A requisition or order for supplies, sent to the commissariat of an army.
  1. To notch; to jag; to cut into points like a row of teeth; as, to indent the edge of paper.
  2. To dent; to stamp or to press in; to impress; as, indent a smooth surface with a hammer; to indent wax with a stamp.
  3. To bind out by indenture or contract; to indenture; to apprentice; as, to indent a young man to a shoemaker; to indent a servant.
  4. To begin (a line or lines) at a greater or less distance from the margin; as, to indent the first line of a paragraph one em; to indent the second paragraph two ems more than the first. See Indentation, and Indention. Normal indent pushes in a line or paragraph. "hanging indent" pulls the line out into the margin.
  5. To make an order upon; to draw upon, as for military stores.
  6. To be cut, notched, or dented.
  7. To crook or turn; to wind in and out; to zigzag.
  8. To contract; to bargain or covenant.
See w:Indent, the Wikipedia article on indent      
indict Tweet Definition of indict Like Definition of indict on Facebook
  1. To accuse of wrongdoing; charge.
a book that indicts modern values
  1. To make a formal accusation or indictment against (a party) by the findings of a jury, especially a grand jury.
infamy Tweet Definition of infamy Like Definition of infamy on Facebook
noun (infam, ies)
  1. That which is infamous.
infant Tweet Definition of infant Like Definition of infant on Facebook
  1. A very young human being, from birth to somewhere between six months and two years of age, needing almost constant care and/or attention.
  2. (legal) A minor.
infanticide Tweet Definition of infanticide Like Definition of infanticide on Facebook
  1. The murder of an infant, a newborn.
  2. The murder of a child by a parent; filicide.
infectious Tweet Definition of infectious Like Definition of infectious on Facebook
  1. (context, pathology, of an illness) transmit, Transmitted from one person to another, usually through the air breathed.
  2. (context, of feelings and behaviour) Spreading quickly from one person to another.
Her enthusiasm for work is really .
  1. (context, pathology, of a person) Able to infect others.
The patient is still .
in flagrante delicto Tweet Definition of in flagrante delicto Like Definition of in flagrante delicto on Facebook
  1. in the act of committing a misdeed
  2. while performing sexual activity
infringe Tweet Definition of infringe Like Definition of infringe on Facebook
verb (infring, ing)
  1. (transitive) Break or violate a treaty, a law, a right etc.
  2. (intransitive) Break in or encroach on something.
infringement Tweet Definition of infringement Like Definition of infringement on Facebook
  1. a violation or breach, as of a law
injunction Tweet Definition of injunction Like Definition of injunction on Facebook
  1. The act of enjoining; the act of directing, commanding, or prohibiting.
  2. That which is enjoined; an order; a mandate; a decree; a command; a precept; a direction.
    1. A writ or process, granted by a court of equity, and, in some cases, under statutes, by a court of law, whereby a party is required to do or to refrain from doing certain acts, according to the exigency of the writ.
injury Tweet Definition of injury Like Definition of injury on Facebook
noun (injuries)
  1. Any damage or violation of, the person, character, feelings, rights, property, or interests of an individual; that which injures, or occasions wrong, loss, damage, or detriment; harm; hurt; loss; mischief; wrong; evil; as, his health was impaired by a severe injury; slander is an injury to the character.
insanity Tweet Definition of insanity Like Definition of insanity on Facebook
  1. The state of being insane; madness.
    • 18C, Benjamin Franklin (attributed)
    • :Trying to solve problems, expecting different results, using the exact same methods.
intellectual property Tweet Definition of intellectual property Like Definition of intellectual property on Facebook
  1. any product of someone's intellect that has commercial value, especially copyrighted material, patents, trademarks etc
intent Tweet Definition of intent Like Definition of intent on Facebook
  1. The purpose of something that is intended.
  2. The state of someone"s mind at the time of committing an offence.
  1. firmly, Firmly fixed or concentrated on something.
  2. engrossed, Engrossed.
  3. unwavering, Unwavering from a course of action.
interdict Tweet Definition of interdict Like Definition of interdict on Facebook
  1. A papal decree prohibiting the administration of the sacraments from a political entity under the power of a single person (e.g., a king or an oligarchy with similar powers). Exteme unction/Anointing of the sick are excepted.
  1. (transitive) To forbid by church or legal sanction.
  2. (transitive) To damage, interrupt or destroy enemy lines of communication.
  3. (transitive) (Roman Catholic) to exclude a person or geographical area from participation in church symbolism and services.
  4. (transitive) To exclude from church sacraments including burial.
  5. To invoke a prohibition against contact with another.
interfere Tweet Definition of interfere Like Definition of interfere on Facebook
verb (rfc-level, Verb at L4+ not in L3 POS section)
(interfer, ing)
  1. (intransitive) to get involved or involve oneself causing disturbance
I always try not to with other people"s personal affairs.
  1. (intransitive) (physics) (of waves) to be correlated with each other when overlap, overlapped or superpose, superposed
Correlated waves to produce interesting patterns, while uncorrelated waves overlap without interfering.
Where the radio-wave signals of the two radio stations the listener hears nothing but noise.
interrogatory Tweet Definition of interrogatory Like Definition of interrogatory on Facebook
noun (interrogatories)
  1. A formal question submitted to opposing party to answer, generally governed by court rule.
intervene Tweet Definition of intervene Like Definition of intervene on Facebook
verb (intervenes, intervening, intervened)
  1. To come between, or to be between, persons or things; -- followed by between; as, the Mediterranean intervenes between Europe and Africa.
  2. (rfd-redundant) To occur, fall, or come between, points of time, or events; as, an instant intervened between the flash and the report; nothing intervened ( i. e., between the intention and the execution) to prevent the undertaking.
  3. (rfd-redundant) To interpose; as, to intervene to settle a quarrel.
  4. In a suit to which one has not been made a party, to put forward a defense of one's interest in the subject matter.
intestacy Tweet Definition of intestacy Like Definition of intestacy on Facebook
  1. The state of being intestate, or of dying without having made a valid will.
intestate Tweet Definition of intestate Like Definition of intestate on Facebook
  1. Without a valid will indicating whom to leave one's estate to after death.
  2. Not devised or bequeathed; not disposed of by will.

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