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decal Tweet Definition of decal Like Definition of decal on Facebook
  1. A design or picture produced in order to be transfered to another surface either permanently or temporarily.
  2. A decorative sticker.
    • "Your flag won't get you into heaven any more" w:John Prine, John Prine
decorative Tweet Definition of decorative Like Definition of decorative on Facebook
  1. that serves to decorate
Deposition Tweet Definition of Deposition Like Definition of Deposition on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (Christianity) The removal of Jesus from the cross.
D.F.A. Tweet Definition of D.F.A. Like Definition of D.F.A. on Facebook
  1. Doctor of Fine Arts, a terminal higher education degree
diptych Tweet Definition of diptych Like Definition of diptych on Facebook
  1. A writing tablet consisting of two leaves of rigid material connected by hinges and shutting together so as to protect the writing within.
  2. A picture or series of pictures painted on two tablets, usually connected by hinges.
  3. A double catalogue, containing in one part the names of living, and in the other of deceased, ecclesiastics and benefactors of the church.
  4. A catalogue of saints.
  5. Artistically-wrought tablets distributed by consul, consuls, etc. of the later Roman Empire to commemorate their tenure of office; hence transferred to a list of magistrates
  6. a. a literary work consisting of two contrasting parts (as a narrative telling the same story from two opposing points of view) "a diptych, a pastoral in which the author narrates the birth of Christ ... first as it has impressed the rich countryman Asveer, then as it has been seen by the skeptic Nicodemus" -- Franí§ois Closset b. any work made up of two matching parts treating complementary or contrasting pictorial phases of one general topic "the first volume of a diptych Vegetation and Flora of the Sonoran Desert" -- F.E. Egler
distemper Tweet Definition of distemper Like Definition of distemper on Facebook
  1. A viral disease of animals, such as dogs and cats, characterised by fever, coughing and catarrh.
  2. A type of paint.
  1. to disturb and disorder, hence to make sick
divisionism Tweet Definition of divisionism Like Definition of divisionism on Facebook
  1. In art, the use of small areas of color to construct an image.
draftsman Tweet Definition of draftsman Like Definition of draftsman on Facebook
  1. alternative spelling of draughtsman
drapery Tweet Definition of drapery Like Definition of drapery on Facebook
noun (draperies, -)
  1. (uncountable) cloth draped gracefully in folds
  2. (countable) a piece of cloth, hung vertically as a curtain; a drape
draw Tweet Definition of draw Like Definition of draw on Facebook
verb (draws, drawing, drew, drawn, )
  1. to produce a picture with pencil, crayon, chalk, etc. on paper, cardboard, etc.
She likes to draw the ocean.
  1. to pull out (a gun, a tooth)
  2. (upon): to rely on
She had to upon her experience to solve the problem
  1. to determine the result of a lottery
  2. to end a game with neither side winning
The result will be a if nobody scores soon. <!---Noun?
drawing Tweet Definition of drawing Like Definition of drawing on Facebook
  1. A picture, likeness, diagram or representation, usually written on paper.
  2. The act of producing such a picture.
  3. A contest in which the winner is selected by chance; especially such a contest in which a winning name or number is selected randomly by removing (or drawing) it from a container, popularly a hat.
  1. (present participle of, draw)
dry Tweet Definition of dry Like Definition of dry on Facebook
verb (dries, drying, dried)
  1. (intransitive) To become dry.
  2. (transitive) To make dry. (e.g., your eyes)
Devin dried her eyes with a handkerchief.
adjective (drier, driest or dryest)
  1. free, Free from liquid or moisture.
Could you hand me a towel?
My throat feels itchy and .
Cover the chicken as it bakes or it'll get too .
  1. (chemistry) Free of water in any state; anhydrous
Dry alcohol is 200 proof.
  1. Maintaining temperance; void or abstinent from alcoholic beverages.
A former alcoholic, he's been for almost a year now.
You'll have to drive out of this county to find any liquor.
Dutch Tweet Definition of Dutch Like Definition of Dutch on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The main language of the Netherlands and Flanders (i.e., the northern half of Belgium).
  2. The people from the Netherlands.
  3. (archaic) The main language of the Holy Roman Empire(Germany, Austria, Alsace, Luxemburg)
  4. (archaic) A German
  1. Of or pertaining to the Netherlands, the Dutch people or the Dutch language.
  2. In a shared manner; of a shared expense.
  3. (archaic) Pertaining to the Dutch, the Germans, and the Goths.

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