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balance Tweet Definition of balance Like Definition of balance on Facebook
  1. A pair of scales.
  2. (uncountable) equilibrium, Equilibrium in movement.
  3. (uncountable) support, Support for both viewpoints, substances etc or neither; neutrality.
  4. A list accounting for the debits on one side, and for the credits on the other
verb (balanc, ing)
  1. (transitive) to make (items) weigh up.
  2. (transitive) (figurative) to make (concepts) agree.
  3. (transitive) to hold (an object or objects) precariously.
  4. (transitive) to make the credits and debits of (an account) correspond.
  5. (intransitive) to be in equilibrium.
  6. (intransitive) to have matching credits and debits.
binder Tweet Definition of binder Like Definition of binder on Facebook
  1. Someone who binds, particularly someone who binds books; a bookbinder.
  2. A cover or holder for unbound papers, pages etc.
  3. Something that is used to bind things together, often referring to the mechanism that accomplishes this for a book.
  4. Adossier.
  5. (context, agriculture) A machine used in harvesting that ties cut stalks of grain into a bundle.
  6. (chemistry) A chemical that causes two other substances to form into one.
  7. A down payment on a piece of real property that secures the payor the right to purchase the property from the payee upon an agreement of terms.
  8. (Chiefly Minnesota) A rubber band.
bister Tweet Definition of bister Like Definition of bister on Facebook
  1. alternate spelling of bistre.
bite Tweet Definition of bite Like Definition of bite on Facebook
  1. The act of bite
    1. Verb, biting.
    2. The wound left behind after having been bitten.
    That snake really hurts!
    1. The swelling of one's skin caused by an insect's mouthparts or sting.
    After just one night in the jungle I was covered with mosquito bites.
    1. A piece of food of a size that would be produced by bite
  2. Verb, biting; a mouthful.
There were only a few bites left on the plate.
  1. (slang) Something unpleasant.
That's really a !
  1. (slang) An act of plagiarism.
That song is a of my song!
verb (bites, biting, bit, bitten)
  1. (transitive) To cut off a piece by clamping the teeth.
As soon as you that sandwich, you'll know how good it is.
  1. (transitive) To hold something by clamping one"s teeth.
  2. (intransitive) To attack with the teeth.
That dog is about to !
  1. (intransitive) To take hold; to establish firm contact with.
I needed snow chains to make the tires .
  1. (context, intransitive, of a fish) To bite a baited hook or other lure and thus be caught.
Are the fish biting today?
  1. (intransitive) To fall for a deception.
I've planted the story. Do you think they'll ?
  1. (context, intransitive, of an insect) To sting.
These mosquitoes are really biting today!
  1. (context, intransitive, slang) To lack quality; to be worthy of derision.
This music really bites.
  1. (context, intransitive, slang) To plagiarize.
He's biting my style.
block Tweet Definition of block Like Definition of block on Facebook
  1. A substantial, often approximately cuboid, piece of any substance.
A of ice.
A of stone.
  1. A cuboid of wood, plastic or other material used as a base on which to cut something.
Anne Boleyn placed her head on the and awaited her execution.
  1. A group of urban lots of property, several acres in extent, not crossed by public streets
I'm going for a walk around the .
  1. A group of buildings in a city or town, demarcated by streets.
A of flats.
  1. The distance from one street to another in a city that is built (approximately) to a grid pattern.
The place you are looking for is two long blocks east and one short north.
  1. (slang) The human head.
I'll knock your off.
  1. A set of sheets (of paper) joined together at one end.
A of 100 tickets.
  1. (computing) A logical data storage unit containing one ore more physical sector, sectors (see cluster).
  2. (context, rigging) A case with one or more sheaves/pulleys, used with ropes to increase or redirect force, for example, as part of the rigging of a sailing ship.
  3. (chemistry) A portion of a macromolecule, comprising many units, that has at least one feature not present in adjacent portions.
  4. Something that prevents something from passing (see blockage).
There's a in the pipe that means the water can't get through.
  1. (sports) An action to interfere with the movement of an opposing player or of the object of play (ball, puck).
  2. (Cricket) A shot played by holding he bat vertically in the path of the ball, so that it loses momentum and drops to the ground.
  3. (volleyball) A defensive play by one or more players meant to deflect a spiked ball back to the hitter"s court.
(WikiSaurus?-link, head)
  1. (transitive) To fill (something) so that it is not possible to pass.
The pipe is blocked.
  1. (transitive) To prevent (something or someone) from passing.
You're blocking the road - I can't get through.
  1. (transitive) To prevent (something from happening or someone from doing something).
His plan to take over the business was blocked by the boss.
  1. (transitive) The act of impeding an opponent in sports.
He blocked the basketball player's shot.
The offensive lineman, offensive linemen tried to the blitz.
  1. (transitive, theater) To specify the positions and movements of the actors.
It was very difficult to this scene convincingly.
  1. (transitive, Cricket) To hit with a block.
  2. (intransitive, Cricket) To play a block shot.
bole Tweet Definition of bole Like Definition of bole on Facebook
  1. The trunk or stem of a tree, or that which is like it.
    • 1908: w:Kenneth Grahame, Kenneth Grahame, w:The Wind in the Willows, The Wind in the Willows
    • : A fine powder filled the air and caressed the cheek with a tingle in its touch, and the black boles of the trees showed up in a light that seemed to come from below.
bolus Tweet Definition of bolus Like Definition of bolus on Facebook
  1. a round mass of something, especially of chewed food in the mouth or alimentary canal
  2. a single, large dose of a drug, especially one in that form
boss Tweet Definition of boss Like Definition of boss on Facebook
  1. A person in charge of a business or company.
  • Chat turned to whisper when the entered the conference room.
    1. A person who oversees and directs the work of others; a supervisor; someone who fires people.
  • My complains that I'm always late to work.
    1. A leader, the head of an organized group or team.
  • They named him because he had good leadership skills.
    1. The head of a political party in a given region or district.
  • He is the Republican in Kentucky.
    1. (context, mechanical) A protrusion, frequently a cylinder of material that extends beyond a hole.
    2. (architecture) A knob or projection, usually at the intersection of ribs in a vault.
    3. a hassock or footrest
    4. the strengthened area at the centre of a shield to the hand grip, which is attached to the rear of the boss. The boss is frequently made of metal even when the remainder of the shield is of wood or leather
  • verb (boss, es)
    1. To exercise authoritative control; to lord over; to boss around; to tell someone what to do, often repeatedly.
    • You aren't my father. You can't me around!.
      1. (rare) To decorate with bosses; to emboss.
    1. (slang) of excellent quality, first-rate
    breadth Tweet Definition of breadth Like Definition of breadth on Facebook
    1. the extent or measure of how broad or wide something is
    2. a piece of fabric of standard width
    3. scope or range, especially of knowledge or skill
    bright Tweet Definition of bright Like Definition of bright on Facebook
    1. An artists brush used in oil and acrylic painting with a long ferrule and a flat, somewhat tapering bristle head.
    2. A neologism intended as a positive-sounding umbrella term to describe various kinds of non-religious and non-superstitious people. (w:Brights movement, There is a Wikipedia article on this usage.)
    Definition A person whose world view is free of supernatural and mystical elements. The ethics and actions of a bright are based on a naturalistic world view. (2003, Paul Geisert and Mynga Futrell)
    adjective ((compar): brighter, (superl): brightest)
    1. Visually dazzling, luminous, radiant; not dark.
    2. Intelligent.
    3. Vivid, colourful.
    4. Happy.
    bronze Tweet Definition of bronze Like Definition of bronze on Facebook
    1. (uncountable) A natural or man-made alloy of copper, usually of tin, but also with one or more other metals.
    2. (countable) (uncountable) A reddish-brown colour, the colour of bronze.
    <table><tr><td>bronze colour: &nbsp;</td><td bgcolor="
    1. 826644" width="80">&nbsp; </td></tr></table>
      1. (countable) A work of art made of bronze, especially a sculpture.
      2. A bronze medal
    verb (bronz, es)
    1. To plate with bronze.
    2. To color bronze.
    1. Made of bronze.
    2. Having a reddish-brown colour.
    bust Tweet Definition of bust Like Definition of bust on Facebook
    1. the sculptural portrayal of a person's head and shoulders
    2. the breasts and upper thorax of a woman
    3. (slang) the act of arresting someone for a crime, or raiding a suspected criminal operation: a narcotics bust
    4. (slang) a failed enterprise; a bomb
    1. alteration of burst
    2. to break something
    3. (slang) to arrest for a crime
    4. (slang) to catch someone in the act of doing something wrong or illegal.
    5. (snowboarding): An emphatic to do
    He busted huge air off that jump!
    1. (slang) without any money, broke
    butterfly Tweet Definition of butterfly Like Definition of butterfly on Facebook
    noun (butterflies)
    1. (insect) A flying insect of the order Lepidoptera, distinguished from moths by their diurnal activity and generally brighter colouring.
    2. A swimming stroke in which the body is prone, the arms are moved in simultaneous circles, and the feet are kicked up and down.
    3. A use of surgical tape, cut into thin strips and placed across an open wound to hold it closed.
    verb (butterfl, i, ed)
    1. To cut almost entirely in half and spread the halves apart, in a shape suggesting the wings of a butterfly.
    butterflied shrimp
    1. To cut strips of surgical tape or plasters into thin strips, and place across a gaping wound to close it.
    Byzantine Tweet Definition of Byzantine Like Definition of Byzantine on Facebook
    1. (rare) A native of Byzantium which was in the same place as is now Istanbul
    2. (historic) What belongs to the civilization of the East-Roman empire, as it was established after 331 A.D. when the capital was moved to Constantinoupolis (now Istanbul) and up to 1453 when it was conquered by the Turks.
    1. Overly complex or intricate.
    2. (rare) Of or pertaining to Byzantium.

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