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rafter Tweet Definition of rafter Like Definition of rafter on Facebook
  1. one of the sloping beams that support a pitched roof
range Tweet Definition of range Like Definition of range on Facebook
  1. Line or series of mountains.
  2. Large fuel-burning stove.
  3. Selection, array. Eg: A range of cars.
  4. Area used for shooting, artillery, etc.
  5. An area of open, often unfenced, grazing land.
  6. (mathematics) The set of values (points) which a function can obtain.
  7. (statistics) The length of the smallest interval which contains all the data. It is calculated by subtracting the smallest observations from the greatest.
  8. The distance to a target, or to the subject of discussion.
We could see the ship at a range of five miles.
  1. (sports) (baseball) The defensive area that a player can cover.
Jones has good for a big man.
  1. (music) Compass - The scale of all the tones a voice or an instrument can produce.
  2. (ecology) The geographical area or zone where a species is normally naturally found.
verb (ranges, ranging, ranged)
  1. (intransitive) (followed by over) To travel over (an area, etc) with a particular purpose.
  2. (intransitive) (mathematics, computing; followed by over) Of a variable, to be able to take any of the values in a specified range.
The variable x ranges over all real values from 0 to 10.
  1. (transitive) classify
rear Tweet Definition of rear Like Definition of rear on Facebook
  1. The back or hindmost part; that which is behind, or last on order; - opposed to front.
  • Nipped with the lagging rear of winter's frost. - w:Milton
    1. (military) Specifically, the part of an army or fleet which comes last, or is stationed behind the rest.
  • When the fierce foe hung on our broken rear. --Milton
  • verb 
    1. (transitive) To raise; to lift up; to cause to rise, to elevate; as, to rear a monolith.
    • In adoration at his feet I fell Submiss; he reared me. —Milton
  • It reareth our hearts from vain thoughts. —Barrow
  • Mine shall be the first hand to rear her banner. —Ld. Lytton
    1. (transitive) To construct by building; to set up; as, to rear defenses or houses; to rear one government on the ruins of another.
  • One reared a font of stone. —Tennyson
    1. (context, transitive, obsolete) To lift and take up.
  • And having her from Trompart lightly reared, Upon his set the lovely load. —Spenser
    1. (transitive) To bring up to maturity, as young; to educate; to instruct; to foster; as, to rear offspring.
  • He wants a father to protect his youth, and rear him up to virtue. —Southern
    1. (transitive) To breed and raise; as, to rear cattle (cattle-rearing).
    2. (context, transitive, obsolete) To rouse; to strip up.
  • And seeks the tusky boar to rear. —Dryden
    1. (intransitive) To rise up on the hind legs, as a horse.
  • adjective 
    1. Being behind, or in the hindmost part; hindmost; as, the rear rank of a company.
    1. early; soon Prov. Eng.
    • Then why does Cuddy leave his cot so rear! --Gay. =
    reserve Tweet Definition of reserve Like Definition of reserve on Facebook
    1. The act of reserving, or keeping back; reservation.
    2. That which is reserved, or kept back, as for future use.
    3. That which is excepted; exception.
    4. Restraint of freedom in words or actions; backwardness; caution in personal behavior.
    5. A tract of land reserved, or set apart, for a particular purpose; as, the Connecticut Reserve in Ohio, originally set apart for the school fund of Connecticut; the Clergy Reserves in Canada, for the support of the clergy.
    6. A body of troops in the rear of an army drawn up for battle, reserved to support the other lines as occasion may require; a force or body of troops kept for an exigency.
    7. A member of a sports team who does not participate from the start of the game, who can be used to replace tired or injured team-mates.
    8. Funds kept on hand to meet liabilities.
    verb (reserves, reserving, reserved, reserved)
    1. To keep back; to retain; not to deliver, make over, or disclose.
    2. Hence, to keep in store for future or special use; to withhold from present use for another purpose or time; to keep; to retain.
    3. To make an exception of; to except.
    Ring Tweet Definition of Ring Like Definition of Ring on Facebook
    proper noun (infl, en, proper noun)
    1. An Irish family name.
    roundup Tweet Definition of roundup Like Definition of roundup on Facebook
    1. an activity in which cattle are herded together in order to be inspected, counted, branded or shipped
    2. the similar police activity of gathering together suspects to a crime
    3. the summary to a news bulletin
    rouse Tweet Definition of rouse Like Definition of rouse on Facebook
    1. an arousal
    2. an official ceremony over drinks
    And the King's the heaven shall bruit again,
    Re-speaking earthly thunder. - "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare, act 1 scene 2 lines 127-128
    verb (rous, ing)
    1. to wake or be awoken from sleep, or from apathy
    2. to provoke (someone) to anger or action
    3. (nautical) To pull by main strength; to haul
    rout Tweet Definition of rout Like Definition of rout on Facebook
    1. A bellowing; a shouting; noise; clamor; uproar; disturbance; tumult.
    2. A troop; a throng; a company; an assembly; especially, a traveling company or throng.
    3. A disorderly and tumultuous crowd; a mob; hence, the rabble; the herd of common people.
    4. The state of being disorganized and thrown into confusion; -- said especially of an army defeated, broken in pieces, and put to flight in disorder or panic; also, the act of defeating and breaking up an army; as, the rout of the enemy was complete.
    5. A disturbance of the peace by persons assembled together with intent to do a thing which, if executed, would make them rioters, and actually making a motion toward the executing thereof.
    6. A fashionable assembly, or large evening party.
    1. To roar; to bellow; to snort; to snore loudly.
    2. To scoop out with a gouge or other tool; to furrow.
    3. To search or root in the ground, as a swine.
    4. To defeat an enemy completely and force them to retreat
    runway Tweet Definition of runway Like Definition of runway on Facebook
    1. an airstrip, a (usually) paved section on which planes land or take off
    2. a narrow platform extending from a stage on which people walk, especially used by models in fashion shows
    3. the usual path taken by deer or other wild animals, i.e. from the forest to the stream
    4. a stream bed
    rut Tweet Definition of rut Like Definition of rut on Facebook
    1. Sexual desire or oestrus of cattle, and various other mammals
    2. The annual condition of sexual excitement in deer
    verb (rut, t, ing)
    1. To make a furrow

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