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farrow Tweet Definition of farrow Like Definition of farrow on Facebook
  1. a litter of pigs
verb to farrow
  1. to give birth to a litter of pigs
fatten Tweet Definition of fatten Like Definition of fatten on Facebook
  1. (intransitive) To become fatter
If we give it a bit more sugar, we'll see him slowly fatten.
  1. (transitive) To cause to be fatter
We must fatten the turkey in time for Thanksgiving.
feeder Tweet Definition of feeder Like Definition of feeder on Facebook
  1. that which feeds
  2. that which is used to feed
    Example: a bird
  3. a tributary stream, especially of a canal
  4. a branch line of a railway
  5. a transmission line for an electricity substation, or for a transmitter
    1. (baseball) (slang) an 1800s baseball term meaning the pitcher
    2. (computer gaming) (derogatory) a player who is "killed" by the opposing player or team not more than once due to lack of skills and experience. It has the effect of giving experience and gold to strengthen the opposing side. "Stop feeding! You feeder."
feeding Tweet Definition of feeding Like Definition of feeding on Facebook
  1. The activity of feeding an animal.
''Feeding the seals in one of the zookeeper's most visible chores.
  1. An instance of feeding of an animal.
There are three feedings a day.
  1. (present participle of, feed)
fill Tweet Definition of fill Like Definition of fill on Facebook
  1. The full amount which a person can eat and/or drink.
Don't feed him anymore, he's had his fill.
finish Tweet Definition of finish Like Definition of finish on Facebook
  1. The end of anything.
  2. A protective coating given to wood or metal and other surfaces.
The car's finish was so shiny and new.
  1. A score similar to a touchdown in the game of scuffleball, worth four points.
  2. (of textiles) The result of any process changing the physical or chemical properties of cloth.
verb (finishes, finishing, finished)
  1. (transitive) To complete (something).
Please your homework!
  1. (transitive) To apply a treatment to (a surface, etc).
The furniture was finished in teak veneer.
  1. (transitive) To change an animal's food supply in the months before it is due for slaughter, with the intention of fattening the animal.
Due to BSE, cows in the United Kingdom must be finished and slaughtered before 30 months of age.
  1. (intransitive): To come to an end.
The song has finished.
finished Tweet Definition of finished Like Definition of finished on Facebook
  1. (past of, finish)
He the cabinet with two more layers of polyurethane.
  1. Processed or perfected.
fold Tweet Definition of fold Like Definition of fold on Facebook
  1. the act of folding
  2. a bend or crease.
  3. any correct move in origami.
verb (folds, folding, folded, folded or rarely folden)
  1. (transitive) to bend (any thin material, such as paper) over so that it comes in contact with itself.
  2. (transitive) to make the proper arrangement (in a thin material) by bending.
If you the sheets, they'll fit more easily in the drawer.
  1. (Informal) to fall over.
  2. (intransitive) to give way on a point or in an argument.
  3. (intransitive) (poker) To withdraw from betting.
  4. (transitive) To stir gently, with a folding action.
Fold the egg whites into the batter.
  1. (intransitive) Of a company, to cease to trade.
fowl Tweet Definition of fowl Like Definition of fowl on Facebook
  1. (archaic) A bird.
  2. A bird of the order Galliformes, including chickens, turkeys, pheasant, partridges and quail.
  3. Birds which are hunted or kept for food, including Galliformes and also waterfowl of the order Anseriformes such as ducks, goose, geese and swans.
  1. To hunt fowl.
fresh Tweet Definition of fresh Like Definition of fresh on Facebook
adjective (fresh, er)
  1. New or clean.
He put on a fresh set of clothes.
  1. Of produce, not from storage.
I had a fresh salad made from vegetables straight out of the garden.
  1. Refreshing or cool.
What a nice fresh breeze.
  1. Without salt (especially of water).
The islanders drank from a fresh water spring.
  1. Rude, cheeky, or inappropriate.
No one liked his fresh comments.
  1. . Very clean, and Trendy looking garments, clothes, shoes, accessories">
" Those clothes are Fresh, Those shoes are Fresh."
  1. (military) Rested and ready to engage with the enemy immediately.

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