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paw Tweet Definition of paw Like Definition of paw on Facebook
  1. (nonstandard, or, rural) father, Father; pa.
  1. (context, of an animal) To go through something (such as a garbage can) with paws
  2. (context, of an animal) To gently push on something with a paw.
  3. (context, by extension, of a human) To clumsily dig through something.
pecking order Tweet Definition of pecking order Like Definition of pecking order on Facebook
  1. The usually informal hierarchy of authority or command, often partial or approximate, as determined by the especially natural propensity for domination of different members of a specific group over each other, such as older brothers and sisters over their younger siblings.
pheromone Tweet Definition of pheromone Like Definition of pheromone on Facebook
  1. (biology) A chemical secreted by an animal, especially an insect that affects the development or behavior of other members of the same species, functioning often as a means of attracting a member of the opposite sex.
pick Tweet Definition of pick Like Definition of pick on Facebook
  1. A tool used for digging.
  2. A comb with long teeth, for use with tightly curled hair.
  3. A choice.
  4. (basketball) A screen
  5. (lacrosse) An offensive tactic in which a player stands so as to block a defender from reaching a teammate.
  6. An interception.
  7. (baseball) A good defensive play by an infielder
  8. (baseball) Short for pick-off
  9. (music) a tool used for strumming the strings of a guitar
  1. To grasp and pull with the fingers or fingernails.
Don't at that scab.
  1. To remove a fruit or plant for consumption.
It's time to the tomatoes.
  1. Decide between options.
I'll the one with the nicest name.
  1. (cricket) to recognise the type of ball being bowled by a bowler by studying the position of the hand and arm as the ball is released
He didn't the googly, and was bowled.
Pip Tweet Definition of Pip Like Definition of Pip on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. diminutive form of the given names Philip, Phillip, and Philippa.
pouch Tweet Definition of pouch Like Definition of pouch on Facebook
  1. A small bag usually closed with a drawstring
  2. A pocket in which a marsupial carries its young
  3. Any pocket or bag shaped object; as, a posing pouch or cheek pouch
verb (pouches, pouching, pouched)
  1. (transitive) To enclose within a pouch.
  2. (transitive) To transport within a pouch, especially a diplomatic pouch.
    We pouched the encryption device to our embassy in Beijing.
pounce Tweet Definition of pounce Like Definition of pounce on Facebook
verb (pounc, ing)
  1. (intransitive) To leap into the air intending to seize someone or something:
The kitten pounced at the ball I threw to him
Rachel pounced on Seth, because she loved him and wanted him for herself.''
  1. (intransitive) To attack suddenly
''I was awakened from a dead sleep by my child pouncing on top of me from out of nowhere.
  1. (intransitive) To eagerly seize an opportunity
I pounced on the chance to get promoted.
predatory Tweet Definition of predatory Like Definition of predatory on Facebook
  1. of, or relating to a predator
  2. living by preying on other living animals
  3. exploiting or victimizing others for personal gain
prick Tweet Definition of prick Like Definition of prick on Facebook
  1. The feeling of being pierced or punctured by an object with a fine point such as a pin or small nail.
  2. A small pointed object.
  3. A sharp feeling of remorse. (Acts ii. 37.)
  4. (nautical, obsolete) ca. 1740-1850 Small roll of yarn or tobacco.
  5. (slang, vulgar, especially, _, US) A penis.
  6. (US, UK, slang, pejorative) A man or boy; usually unpleasant and rude.
verb (transitive)
  1. To pierce or puncture.
John hardly felt the needle his arm when the adept nurse drew blood at his physical.
  1. (figurative) To urge, to spur, to goad, to incite.
My duty pricks me on to utter that. Shakespeare: Two Gentlemen of Verona, ii. 7.
  1. (nautical, obsolete) To trace a ship"s course on a chart.
  2. (nautical, obsolete) To run a middle seam through the cloth of a sail. (The Universal Dictionary of the English Language, 1896)
  3. (rfv-sense) (context, zymurgy) "The floor of a malt-kiln is perforated with small holes which get choked during the malting season. A lad is then employed to clear each hole, which operation is called pricking the kiln." (The Universal Dictionary of the English Language, 1896)
purr Tweet Definition of purr Like Definition of purr on Facebook
  1. The vibrating sound made by a cat in its throat when contented.
  1. (intransitive) Of a cat, to make a vibrating sound in its throat when contented.

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