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saccade Tweet Definition of saccade Like Definition of saccade on Facebook
  1. (rare) a sudden jerking movement
  2. a rapid jerky movement of the eye (voluntary or involuntary) from one focus to another
  • 1993: He added the bill with a single of his pulsing eyes. " Will Self, My Idea of Fun
    1. the act of checking a horse quickly with a single strong pull of the reins
    2. (music) the sounding of two violin strings together by using a sudden strong pressure of the bow
sailboarding Tweet Definition of sailboarding Like Definition of sailboarding on Facebook
  1. The sport of recreational activity of using a sailboard. windsurfing.
scuba Tweet Definition of scuba Like Definition of scuba on Facebook
noun (plural scubas)
  1. An apparatus carried by a diver, which includes a tank holding a mixture of oxygen and other gases, used for breathing underwater.
sensei Tweet Definition of sensei Like Definition of sensei on Facebook
noun (pl=sensei, pl2=senseis)
  1. The Japanese term for teacher. It has been adopted into English mostly for use with martial arts instructors. Sensei of martial arts usually live and/or work at a dojo where they instruct their apprentices.
Serpentine Tweet Definition of Serpentine Like Definition of Serpentine on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. Name of the lake in Hyde Park, London.
setter Tweet Definition of setter Like Definition of setter on Facebook
noun (wikipedia, setter, setter (dog breed))
  1. One who sets something, especially a typesetter
The exam was so hard we assumed the question must have been in a bad mood.
  1. A long-haired breed of gundog.
She has a spaniel and a red .
  1. (context, volleyball) The player who is responsible for set, setting, or pass, passing, the ball to teammates for an attack.
ski jump Tweet Definition of ski jump Like Definition of ski jump on Facebook
  1. A sport in which skiers go down an inrun with a take-off ramp (the jump), attempting to go as far as possible.
ski jumping Tweet Definition of ski jumping Like Definition of ski jumping on Facebook
  1. A winter sport in which skiers ski down a take-off ramp and attempt to jump as far as possible.
slam dunk Tweet Definition of slam dunk Like Definition of slam dunk on Facebook
  1. (basketball) An impressively forceful dunk.
  2. (context, colloquial, idiom) A task expected to present no difficulty.
As long as you get the vice president's approval first, it'll be a .
slot Tweet Definition of slot Like Definition of slot on Facebook
  1. A broad, flat, wooden bar, a slat, especially as used to secure a door, window, etc.
  2. A metal bolt or wooden bar, especially as a crosspiece.
  3. (electrical) A channel opening in the stator or rotor of a rotating machine for ventilation and insertion of windings.
verb (slots, slotting, slotted)
  1. (obsolete) To bolt or lock a door or window.
snatch Tweet Definition of snatch Like Definition of snatch on Facebook
noun (plural: snatches)
  1. A quick grab or catch.
The leftfielder makes a nice to end the inning.
  1. (weightlifting) A competitive weightlifting event in which a barbell is lifted from the platform to locked arms overhead in a smooth continuous movement.
  2. (vulgar, slang) vagina, cunt, twat.
verb (snat, ch, es)
  1. To grasp and remove quickly; to steal.
Someone has just snatched my purse!
snowplow Tweet Definition of snowplow Like Definition of snowplow on Facebook
  1. A vehicle that is used to push snow off surfaces such as roads.
  2. A device attached to a vehicle to enable it to be used as a snowplow.
  3. A maneuver/manoeuvre in skiing in which the tips of the skis point inwards and the back ends point outwards, imitating a snowplow.
  1. (transitive) To clear (roads, etc) using a snowplow.
  2. (intransitive) To perform a snowplow in skiing.
soaring Tweet Definition of soaring Like Definition of soaring on Facebook
  1. (present participle of, soar)
speed skating Tweet Definition of speed skating Like Definition of speed skating on Facebook
  1. The sport of racing around an oval course, on ice skates.
spike Tweet Definition of spike Like Definition of spike on Facebook
  1. A sort of very large nail; also, a piece of pointed iron set with points upward or outward.
  2. Anything resembling such a nail in shape.
  3. An ear of grain.
  4. (context, botany) A kind of inflorescence in which sessile flowers are arranged on an unbranched elongated axis.
  5. (in plural spikes; informal) Running shoes with spikes in the soles.
  6. A sharp peak in a graph.
  7. (volleyball) An attack from, usually, above the height of the net performed with the intent to send the ball straight to the floor of the opponent or off the hands of the opposing block.
  8. (context, zoology) An adolescent male deer.
verb (spik, ing)
  1. To put alcohol or another intoxicating substance in a drink that previously did not contain such substances.
  2. (volleyball) To attack from, usually, above the height of the net with the intent to send the ball straight to the floor of the opponent or off the hands of the opposing block.
  3. (military) To hammer an iron spike into the touch hole so as to render a gun unusable.
He jumped down, wrenched the hammer from the armourer"s hand, and seizing a nail from the bag, in a few moments he had spiked the gun. " w:Frederick Marryat, Frederick Marryat, "Peter Simple", 1834
  1. (journalism) To decide not to publish or make public.
    • October 14, 2002, Jonathan Sale, The Guardian, Edward VIII news blackout.
    • :Instead, the "Beaver" declared he would the story about Wallis Simpson and make sure his fellow media moguls sat on it too.
spoiler Tweet Definition of spoiler Like Definition of spoiler on Facebook
  1. a document, review or comment that discloses the ending or some key surprise, or twist in a story. Good netiquette dictates that one warn of spoilers before discussing them, so that readers who wish to do so may experience the surprises for themselves.
  2. in aeronautics, a device to reduce lift
  3. in automobiles, a device to reduce lift and increase downforce
  4. In politics or game, gaming: an individual unable to win an election or game for him- or herself, but with the power to determine which player or candidate among two or more others does win.
square Tweet Definition of square Like Definition of square on Facebook
  1. (geometry) A polygon with four sides of equal length and four angles of 90 degrees; a regular quadrilateral whose angles are all 90 degrees.
I took refuge in the form and exhibited a picture which consisted of nothing more than a black square on a white field.—q:Kazimir Malevich, Kazimir Malevich
  1. An L- or T-shaped tool used to place objects or draw lines at right angles.
There are so many uses for the , in fact, that a new model will usually come complete with a booklet enumerating its applications.
  1. An open space in a town, not necessarily square in shape, often containing trees, seating and other features pleasing to the eye.
You're not in Wisconsin, Dave. The big story isn't about a cow wandering into the town . q:NewsRadio, NewsRadio?
  1. Anything, such as tiles or cut pieces of material, primarily defined by being square in shape.
You may not move a piece to a already occupied by one of your own pieces.
  1. (mathematics) The second power of a number, value, term or expression.
64 is the of 8.
  1. (slang) A socially conventional person; typically associated with the 1950s
Why do you always wear a tie? Don't be such a !
  1. The symbol
  1. on a telephone; hash.
Enter your account number followed by a .
  1. (cricket) The central area of a cricket field, containing several pitches laid out next to one another - only one being used at a time.
An ideal playing area is roughly circular in shape with a central area, the cricket , measuring 27.44 metres by 27.44 metres and boundaries 45.75 metres from the sides of the square.
  1. (context, real estate jargon) A unit of measurement of area, equal to a 10 foot by 10 foot square, ie. 100 square feet or roughly 9.3 square metres. Used in real estate for the size of a house or its rooms, though progressively being replaced by square metres in metric countries such as Australia.
2006: Just as the basic unit of real estate measurement across the world is the ... — w:Macquarie Bank, Macquarie Bank (Australia), press release Macquarie releases Real Estate Market Outlook 2006 - "The World Squared", 21 June 2006
2007: The house is very large and open and boasts 39 squares of living space plus over 13 squares of decking area on 3 sides and 17 squares of garage and workshop downstairs. — Your Estate advertisement for Grindelwald Tasmania
verb (squar, ing)
  1. (transitive) To adjust so as to align with or place at a right angle to something else.
  2. To resolve.
  • John can this question up for us.
  • These results just don't .
    1. (context, transitive, mathematics) Of a value, term or expression, to multiply by itself; to raise to the second power.
  • adjective (squarer, squarest)
    1. Shaped like a square (the polygon).
    2. At right angles to.
    3. Used in the names of units of area formed by multiplying a unit of length by itself.
    square metre
    square mile
    1. (slang) Socially conventional; boring.
    2. (cricket) in line with the batsman's popping crease.
    striker Tweet Definition of striker Like Definition of striker on Facebook
    1. An individual who is on strike
    2. Someone or something that hits someone or something else
    3. (soccer) Players on a team in football (soccer) in the row nearest to the opposing team's goal, who are therefore principally responsible for scoring goals.
    1. (baseball) (slang) an 1800s baseball term meaning the batter
    2. (cricket) The batsman who is currently facing the bowler and defending his wicket
    struggle Tweet Definition of struggle Like Definition of struggle on Facebook
    1. strife, contention, great effort
    verb (struggl, ing)
    1. to strive, to labour in difficulty, to fight (for or against), to contend.
    During the centuries, the people of Ireland struggled constantly to assert their right to govern themselves.
    synchronized swimming Tweet Definition of synchronized swimming Like Definition of synchronized swimming on Facebook
    1. A swimming event where more than one swimmer dances in the water

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