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penalty area Tweet Definition of penalty area Like Definition of penalty area on Facebook
  1. (football) An area of a soccer pitch extending 18 yards out of the goal, inside which a penalty is given to the offensive team if a foul is made by the defensive team.
penalty kick Tweet Definition of penalty kick Like Definition of penalty kick on Facebook
  1. (soccer) a form of free kick, taken from the penalty spot, with only the goalkeeper defending the goal
pentathlon Tweet Definition of pentathlon Like Definition of pentathlon on Facebook
  1. An ancient athletics discipline, featuring stadion, wrestling, long jump, javelin and discus
  2. (context, athletics) modern pentathlon
pike Tweet Definition of pike Like Definition of pike on Facebook
noun (plural pikes for the weapon and for the fish)
  1. A weapon similar to a spear with a hooked barb near the tip.
  2. Any carnivorous freshwater fish of the genus Esox.
  3. A turnpike.
  1. (context, AU, slang) to quit or back out of a promise.
piste Tweet Definition of piste Like Definition of piste on Facebook
  1. (context, skiing) a downhill trail.
  2. (fencing) the field of play of a fencing match.
pocket Tweet Definition of pocket Like Definition of pocket on Facebook
  1. A bag stitched to an item of clothing, used for carrying small items.
  2. (context, sports, billiards, snooker, pool) A net or similar struture at each corner, and halfway along the edge, of a billiard table into which balls are to be struck.
  3. An enclosed volume of one substance surrounded by another.
The drilling expedition discovered a pocket of natural gas.
  1. An area of land surrounded by a loop of a river (Australian English)
  2. (aussie-rules) The area of the field to the side of the goal posts (four pockets in total on the field, one to each side of the goals at each end of the ground). The pocket is only a roughly defined area, extending from the behind post, at an angle, to perhaps about 30 metres out.
  1. To put (something) into a pocket.
  2. (context, sports, billiards, snooker, pool) To cause a ball to go into one of the pockets of the table.
  3. (slang) To take and keep (especially money) that is not one's own.
adjective (no (compar) or (superl))
  1. Of a size suitable for putting into a pocket.
pocket dictionary
point Tweet Definition of point Like Definition of point on Facebook
  1. A location or place.
  2. (geometry) A zero-dimensional mathematical object representing a location in one or more dimensions.
  3. A particular moment in an event or occurrence.
At this point in the meeting, I'd like to propose a new item for the agenda.
  1. The sharp tip of an object.
  2. A peninsula.
  3. (arithmetic) A decimal point (used when reading decimal fractions aloud).
10.5 ("ten point five"; = ten and a half)
  1. An opinion which adds (or supposedly adds) to the discussion.
  2. A unit of measure of success or failure in a game or competition; the unit of score, scoring.
The one with the most points will win the game
Germany awarded Greece the maximum 12 points in the Eurovision Song Contest.
  1. The color/colour on the extremities of an animal (typically darker or richer) than the rest of the coat).
The point color of that cat was a deep, rich sable.
  1. (rail transport, Commonwealth) a device by which trains change tracks; switch
  2. (cricket) a fielding position square of the wicket on the off side, between gully and cover.
  3. The position at the front or vanguard of an advancing force.
    • 2005: Willie Jones decided to become Kimani Jones, Black Panther, on the day his best friend, Otis Nicholson, stepped on a mine while walking during a sweep in the central highlands. " Martin Torgoff, Can't Find My Way Home (Simon & Schuster 2005, p. 189)
    • (nautical) An angle equivalent to eleven and a quarter degrees, that is 1/32 of a circle. Most commonly used to indicate a relative bearing to an object or vessel, but can be used to describe a compass bearing.
  1. (intransitive) To extend the index finger in the direction of something in order to show where it is or to draw attention to it.
It's rude to at other people.
  1. (transitive) To direct or encourage (someone) in a particular direction
If he asks for food, him toward the refrigerator.
pole position Tweet Definition of pole position Like Definition of pole position on Facebook
  1. (auto racing) The top qualifying position for a race, on the inside of the front row at the starting line.
Smith once again enjoys the pole position.
  1. first place, favourite
policeman Tweet Definition of policeman Like Definition of policeman on Facebook
noun (policemen)
  1. A member of the police, or of a law-enforcement agency.
  2. (chemistry) a glass rod capped at one end with rubber, used in a chemistry laboratory for gravimetric analysis; a rubber policeman.
pommel horse Tweet Definition of pommel horse Like Definition of pommel horse on Facebook
  1. An apparatus for gymnastic exercises with a cylindrical body covered with leather and two upright pommels, as hand grips, near the centre; held upright with adjustable legs
  2. An athletic event in which the pommel horse is used.
press Tweet Definition of press Like Definition of press on Facebook
  1. A device used to apply pressure to an item.
...a flower .
  1. A collective term for the print based media (both the people and the newspapers)
This article appeared in the .
...according to a member of the ...
  1. An enclosed storage space (eg closet, cupboard).
Put the cups in the .
  1. General term for a printing machine.
Stop the presses!
  1. (weightlifting) An exercise in which weight is forced away from the body by extension of the arms or legs.
verb (press, es)
  1. To apply pressure to an item.
Press any key
  1. (with "gone"): To indicate that a story is being printed.
That story has gone to . (rfv, In the sentence "That story has gone to press", is not "press" a noun? --User:Daniel Polansky, Daniel Polansky 09:09, 11 November 2007 (UTC))

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