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warm Tweet Definition of warm Like Definition of warm on Facebook
  1. To make or keep
    1. Adjective, warm.
    2. To increasingly favour.
    He is warming to the idea.
    Her classmates are gradually warming to her.
  1. A temperature slightly higher than usual, but still pleasant; a Mild, mild temperature.
The tea is still .
  1. Something that causes warmth, or the impression thereof.
This is a very room.
  1. care, Caring, of relations to another person.
We have a friendship.
    • 1985: Robert Ferro, Blue Star
    • : It seemed I was too excited for sleep, too , too young.
      1. (context, archaic) Ardent, zealous.
    • 1776: Edward Gibbon, The History of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Chapter 1
    • : To the strength and fierceness of barbarians they added a contempt for life, which was derived from a persuasion of the immortality and transmigration of the soul.
whipsaw Tweet Definition of whipsaw Like Definition of whipsaw on Facebook
  1. a crosscut saw operated by two people
verb to whipsaw
  1. to operate a whipsaw
  2. to lose potential profit by buying shares just before the price falls, or by selling them just before the price rises
  3. to defeat someone in two different ways at once
whist Tweet Definition of whist Like Definition of whist on Facebook
  1. A four-player card game, similar to bridge.
  1. silent, Silent
whoopee cushion Tweet Definition of whoopee cushion Like Definition of whoopee cushion on Facebook
noun (plural whoopee cushions)
  1. An inflatable bag containing a valve at its neck that retains the air in the bag until pressure is put on it (usually by someone unintentionally sitting on it after it has been placed on a chair by someone else as a practical joke), when the air is expelled with a sound similar to that of someone break wind, breaking wind.
wicket Tweet Definition of wicket Like Definition of wicket on Facebook
  1. A small door or gate, especially one associated with a larger one
  2. A small window or other opening, sometimes fitted with a grating
  3. (Cricket) One of the two wooden structures at each end of the pitch, consisting of three vertical stumps and two bails; the target for the bowler, defended by the batsman
  4. (Cricket) A dismissal; the act of a batsman getting out
  5. (Cricket) The period during which two batsmen bat together
  6. (Cricket) The pitch
  7. (Cricket) The area around the stumps where the batsmen stand
  8. (Croquet) Any of the small arches through which the balls are driven
  9. (snowboarding): A temporary metal attachment that one attaches one's lift-ticket to.
widow Tweet Definition of widow Like Definition of widow on Facebook
  1. A woman whose husband has died (and has not re-married)
  2. (informal, in combination) A woman whose husband is often away pursuing a sport etc
    • A golf-
      1. (printing) a single line of type, that ends a paragraph, carried over to the next page or column
wild card Tweet Definition of wild card Like Definition of wild card on Facebook
  1. In card games, a card that can be assigned any value or used to substitute for any needed card.
wink Tweet Definition of wink Like Definition of wink on Facebook
  1. An act of winking (a blinking of only one eye), or a message sent by winking.
  2. A brief time; an instant.
  3. A brief period of sleep; especially forty winks.
  4. A disc used in the game of tiddlywinks.
  1. (intransitive) To blink with only one eye as a message, signal, or suggestion.
  2. (intransitive) To twinkle.
  3. (transitive) To send an indication of agreement by winking.
wire Tweet Definition of wire Like Definition of wire on Facebook
  1. (uncountable) Metal formed into a thin, even thread, now usually by being drawn through a hole in a steel die.
  2. A piece of such material; a thread or slender rod of metal, a cable
  3. A metal conductor that carries electricity.
  4. A fence made of usually barbed wire.
  5. (sports) A finish line of a racetrack.
  6. (informal) A telecommunication wire or cable; hence, an electric telegraph; a telegram
  7. (slang) A hidden listening device on the person of an undercover operative for the purposes of obtaining incriminating spoken evidence.
verb (wir, ing)
  1. to fasten with wire, especially with reference to wine bottles, corks, or fencing
We need to that hole in the fence.
  1. to string on a wire
  1. to equip for use with electricity
  2. to add something into an electrical system by means of wiring; to incorporate or include something
I'll just your camera to the computer screen.
  1. (informal) To send a message or a money value to another person through a telecommunications system, formerly predominately by telegraph.
Urgent: please me another 100 pounds sterling.
  1. to make someone tense or psyched-up
I'm never going to sleep " I'm completely wired from all that coffee.
  1. (slang) To install eavesdropping equipment.
We wired the suspects house.

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