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D&D Tweet Definition of D&D Like Definition of D&D on Facebook
  1. (game) Dungeons and Dragons
  2. Drunk and Disorderly
  3. Drunk and Drive
  4. Dinner and Dance
dart Tweet Definition of dart Like Definition of dart on Facebook
  1. A pointed missile weapon, intended to be thrown by the hand; a short lance; a javelin; hence, any sharp-pointed missile weapon, as an arrow.
  • And he Joab took three darts in his hand, and thrust them through the heart of Absalom. - 2nd Samuel 18:14
    1. Anything resembling a dart; anything that pierces or wounds like a dart.
  • The artful inquiry, whose venomed Scarce wounds the hearing while it stabs the heart. - Hannan More
    1. A sudden or fast movement.
    2. A fold that is stitched on a garment.
    3. (obsolete) A spear set as a prize in running. - Geoffrey Chaucer
    4. (zoology) A fish; the dace. See dace.
    5. (in plural): A game of throwing darts at a target.
    dartboard Tweet Definition of dartboard Like Definition of dartboard on Facebook
    1. A board used as a target for throwing darts.
    deal Tweet Definition of deal Like Definition of deal on Facebook
    1. (archaic) A division, a portion, a share.
    We gave three deals of grain in tribute to the king.
    1. (often followed by of) A quantity, a lot (usually qualified by great or good.)
    Skydiving requires a good of courage.
    I'm a good older than I used to be.
    That doesn't make a great of sense.
    1. (informal) A situation.
    What's the ?
    1. (informal) A thing, an unspecified or unidentified object.
    The with four tines is called a fork.
    verb (deals, dealing, dealt)
    1. (transitive) To distribute among a number of recipients, to give out as one"s portion or share.
    The fighting is over; now we out the spoils of victory.
    1. (transitive) To administer or give out, as in small portions.
    I dealt him a mighty blow
    1. To distribute cards to the players in a game.
    I was dealt four aces.
    The cards were shuffled and dealt by the croupier.
    1. (baseball) To pitch.
    The whole crowd waited for him to a real humdinger.
    1. (intransitive) To have dealings or business.
    Now you'll have to with me.
    1. (intransitive) To trade professionally (followed by in)
    She deals in gold.
    1. (transitive) To sell (illicit drugs.)
    This club takes a dim view of members who drugs.
    1. (intransitive) To be concerned with.
    The film dealt with a sensitive subject.
    1. (intransitive) To handle, to manage, to cope.
    There's only one way to with people like her.
    I can't with this.
    1. Made of deal.
    A plain table
    dealer Tweet Definition of dealer Like Definition of dealer on Facebook
    1. One who deals things, especially automobiles; a middleman.
    That used car gave me a great deal on my 1962 rusted-out Volkswagen bug!
    1. One who peddles illicit drugs, especially to teenagers.
    2. A particular type of stock broker or trader.
    1. The person who deals the cards in a card game.
    deck Tweet Definition of deck Like Definition of deck on Facebook
    1. The floorlike covering of the horizontal sections, or compartments, of a ship. Small vessels have only one deck; larger ships have two or three decks.
    2. A balcony.
    3. A porch.
    4. The upper part or top of a mansard roof or curb roof when made nearly flat.
    5. The roof of a passenger car.
    6. A pack or set of playing cards.
    7. A heap or store.
    8. (slang) Cool, fresh.
    9. Presentation Slides (ie. MS Powerpoint or Apple Keynote)
    1. To cover; to overspread.
    2. To dress, as the person; to clothe; especially, to clothe with more than ordinary elegance; to array; to adorn; to embellish.
    3. To furnish with a deck, as a vessel.
    4. (slang) to knock someone to the floor with a single punch
    declare Tweet Definition of declare Like Definition of declare on Facebook
    verb (declar, ing)
    1. (intransitive): To make a declaration.
    2. (intransitive): To announce one"s support, choice, opinion, etc.
    3. (intransitive), (cricket): For the captain of the batting side to announce the innings complete even though all batsman, batsmen have not been dismissed.
    4. (transitive): To announce something formally or officially.
    5. (transitive): To affirm or state something emphatically.
    6. (transitive), (cricket): To declare (an innings) closed.
    deltiology Tweet Definition of deltiology Like Definition of deltiology on Facebook
    1. the study and collection of postcards
    deuce Tweet Definition of deuce Like Definition of deuce on Facebook
    1. (playing cards) A card with two spots, one of four in a standard deck of playing cards.
    2. (dice) A side of a dice with two spots
    3. (dice) A cast of dice totalling two
    4. The number two.
    5. (tennis) A tie, both players have the same number of points and one can win by scoring two additional points.
    6. (baseball) A curveball
    7. (epithet) The Devil, used in exclamations of confusion or anger
    Love is a bodily infirmity . . . which breaks out the knows how or why (Thackeray)
    :5. Slang term for defecating. ie a number two
    :Ex. That you just took was vile.
    deuces wild Tweet Definition of deuces wild Like Definition of deuces wild on Facebook
    1. (baseball) two on, two out, 2-2 count, 2-2 tie (or variant thereof)
    diabolo Tweet Definition of diabolo Like Definition of diabolo on Facebook
    1. A juggle, juggling aparatus consisting of a spool which is whirled and tossed on a string.
    2. Such a spool plus its accompanying string and handsticks.
    Diamond Tweet Definition of Diamond Like Definition of Diamond on Facebook
    proper noun 
    1. (given name, female) of modern usage, from the name of the gem.
    dice Tweet Definition of dice Like Definition of dice on Facebook
    1. (form of, one of the two plurals, die
      1. Noun, die)
      • 1972, (translation), Einstein: The Life and Times, Avon Books
      • : I, at any rate, am convinced that He does not throw .
      • 1926 December 12, Albert Einstein, letter to Max Born
      • : Jedenfalls bin ich í¼berzeugt, dass der Alte nicht wí¼rfelt.
        1. (colloquial) An alternative singular of die when the plural is .
      • 1980, Benny Andersson and Bjí¶rn Ulvaeus, "The Winner Takes It All", Super Trouper, Polar Music
      • : The gods may throw a / Their minds as cold as ice
    verb (dic, ing)
    1. (transitive) To cut into small cubes.
    discard Tweet Definition of discard Like Definition of discard on Facebook
    1. Anything discarded.
    2. A discarded playing card in a card game.
    1. (transitive) to throw away, to reject
    distribution Tweet Definition of distribution Like Definition of distribution on Facebook
    1. a distribution or being distributed; specifically, (a) apportionment by law (of funds, property, etc.), (b) the process by which commodities get to final consumers, including storing, selling, shipping, and advertising, (c) frequency of occurrence or extent of existence
    2. anything distributed; portion; share
    3. the result of distributing; arrangement
    4. (statistics) the relative arrangements of the elements of a statistical population based on some criterion, as frequency, time, or location
    domino Tweet Definition of domino Like Definition of domino on Facebook
    noun (pl=dominos, pl2=dominoes)
    1. A rectangular block divided into two squares, each having 0 to 6 dots or pips (as in dice), used in the game of dominoes.
    2. (politics) A country that is expected to react to events in a neighboring country, according to the domino effect
    3. A masquerade costume consisting of a hooded robe and a mask covering the upper part of the face.
    4. The mask itself.
    5. The person wearing the costume.
    6. (geometry) A polyomino made up of two squares.
    doublet Tweet Definition of doublet Like Definition of doublet on Facebook
    1. a man"s close-fitting jacket, with or without sleeves. Men in Europe wore doublets from the 1400s to the 1600s.
    2. a pair of two similar or equal things; couple.
    3. one of two or more different words in a language derived from the same origin but coming by different routes.
    4. An imitation gem made of two pieces of glass or crystal with a layer of color between them.
    5. (printing, US) A word or phrase set a second time by mistake.
    6. (quantum mechanics) A quantum state of a system with a spin of 1/2, such that there are two allowed values of the spin component, -1/2 and +1/2.
    drop Tweet Definition of drop Like Definition of drop on Facebook
    1. A fall.
    That was a long , but fortunately I didn't break any bones.
    1. The space beyond a boundary into which someone or something could fall.
    On one side of the road was a 50-meter .
    1. (crime) A place where items may be left anonymously for others to collect.
    I left the plans at the , like you asked.
    1. A small mass of liquid, just large enough to fall away of its own weight.
    Put three drops of oil into the mixture.
    1. A small, round sweet/piece of candy.
    Lemon drops are delicious.
    1. (American football) A dropped pass
    Yet another for the Tiger tight end.
    1. (American football) Short for drop-back or drop back
    The Tiger quarterback took a one-step , expecting his tight end to be open.
    verb (drop, p, ing)
    1. (intransitive) To fall.
    A single shot was fired and the bird dropped from the sky.
    1. (intransitive) To fall in value.
    The stock dropped 1.5% on the news.
    1. (intransitive) To lower oneself quickly to the ground.
    Drop and give me thirty push-ups, Private!
    If your clothes are on fire, stop, and roll.
    1. (context, transitive) (ergative) To allow to fall.
    Don't that plate!
    1. (transitive) To get rid of.
    I dropped 10 pounds and an obnoxious fiance.
    1. (transitive) To eject, to remove.
    I've been dropped from the football team.
    1. (transitive) To fail to respond to an argument.
    The affirmative team dropped our arguments about the cost of the plan.
    1. (context, transitive, slang) To ingest a hallucinogen, particularly LSD.
    They had never dropped acid.
    1. (context, transitive, slang) To impart.
    I knowledge wherever I go.
    1. (transitive) To fail to pronounce.
    Cockneys their h's.
    1. (transitive) To kill.
    Make any sudden movements and I will you!
      • 1865, E. Littell, The Living Age, page 613
      • : ...with a single shot he dropped him like a master of the art.
      • 1985, The Beastie Boys, Paul Revere
      • : The piano player's out, the music stopped / His boy had beef, and he got dropped...
      • 1992, Dan Parkinson, Dust on the Wind, page 164
      • : With a quick clench of the fist on Joey's throat, Bodie dropped him. The man crumpled to the ground...
    duck Tweet Definition of duck Like Definition of duck on Facebook
    1. An aquatic bird of the family Anatidae, having a flat bill and webbed feet.
    2. Specifically, an adult female female duck; contrasted with drake and with duckling.
    3. The flesh of a duck used as food.
    4. (cricket) A batsman's score of zero after getting out. (short for duck's egg, since the digit "0" is round like an egg.)
    5. (UK, especially East of the Pennines) Dear, Mate (informal way of addressing a friend or stranger).
    Ay up duck, ow'a'tha?
    1. (slang) A playing card with the rank of two.
    2. A tightly-woven cotton fabric used as sailcloth.
      • 1912, Katherine Mansfield, "The Woman At The Store", from "Selected Short Stories":
        He was dressed in a Jaeger vest"a pair of blue trousers, fastened round the waist with a plaited leather belt.
    1. (intransitive) To lower the head in order to prevent it from being struck by something.
    2. (transitive) To lower (something) into water.
    3. (transitive) To lower (the head) in order to prevent it from being struck by something.
    4. (transitive) To try to evade doing something.
    ducks and drakes Tweet Definition of ducks and drakes Like Definition of ducks and drakes on Facebook
    1. A pastime of throwing flat stones across water so as to make them bounce off the surface.
    duplicate Tweet Definition of duplicate Like Definition of duplicate on Facebook
    1. One that resembles or corresponds to another; an identical copy.
    This is a , but a very good replica.
    verb (duplicat, ed)
    1. to make a copy of
    If we the information, are we really accomplishing much?
    1. to do repeatedly; to do again
    You don't need to my efforts.
    1. to produce something equal to
    He found it hard to the skills of his wife.
    1. being the same as another; identical
    This is a entry.

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