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baccarat Tweet Definition of baccarat Like Definition of baccarat on Facebook
  1. (context, Card games): A card game with some similarites to blackjack
backgammon Tweet Definition of backgammon Like Definition of backgammon on Facebook
  1. A board game for two players in which each has 15 pieces which move between 24 triangle, triangular spaces according to the roll of a pair of dice; the object is to move all of one's pieces around, and off the board.
  2. A victory in the game when the loosing opponent still has one or more pieces in his home row.
  1. To win the game with your opponent having one or more pieces in his home row.
balk Tweet Definition of balk Like Definition of balk on Facebook
  1. ridge, an unplowed strip of land. (One use is to walk on it.)
  2. beam.
  3. hindrance.
  4. blunder.
  5. (baseball) an illegal motion intended to deceive a runner.
  1. (archaic) to pass over or by.
  2. to stop, check, block.
  3. to stop short and refuse to go on.
  4. to refuse suddenly.
bank Tweet Definition of bank Like Definition of bank on Facebook
  1. An institution where one can place and borrow money and take care of financial affairs.
  2. A branch office of such an institution
  3. A safe and guaranteed place of storage for and retrieval of important items or goods.
blood bank
sperm bank
data bank
  1. A row or panel of items stored or grouped together.
a of switches
  1. An edge of river or other watercourse.
  2. (nautical) An elevation, or rising ground, under the sea; a shallow area of shifting sand, gravel, mud, and so forth (for example, a sandbank or mudbank).
  3. An embankment.
  4. (context, aviation) The incline of an aircraft, especially during a turn.
  5. A row of keys on a musical keyboard or the equivalent on a typewriter keyboard.
  1. (context, intransitive, aircraft) To roll or incline laterally in order to turn.
  2. (context, intransitive) To deal with a bank or financial institution.
He banked with Barclays.
  1. (context, transitive) To put into a .
I'm going to the money.
  1. (context, transitive) To cause (an aircraft) to .
  2. (context, transitive) To form into a or heap, to bank up.
  3. (context, transitive) To cover the embers of a fire with ashes in order to retain heat.
banker Tweet Definition of banker Like Definition of banker on Facebook
  1. One who conducts the business of banking; one who, individually, or as a member of a company, keeps an establishment for the deposit or loan of money, or for traffic in money, bills of exchange, etc.
  2. A money changer.
  3. The dealer, or one who keeps the bank in a gambling house.
  4. A vessel employed in the cod fishery on the banks of Newfoundland.
  5. A ditcher; a drain digger.
  6. The stone bench on which a mason cuts or squares his work.
  7. (context, rail transport, UK, Australia) A railway locomotive temporarily attached to the rear of a train to assist the train to climb an incline. US: A helper engine.
baseball Tweet Definition of baseball Like Definition of baseball on Facebook
  1. A sport common in North America, the Caribbean, and Japan, in which the object is to strike a ball so that one of a nine-person team can run counter-clockwise among four bases, causing a run. The team with the most runs after nine or more inning, innings wins.
  2. The ball used to play the sport of baseball.
  3. A variant of poker in which cards with baseball-related values have special significance.
beanbag Tweet Definition of beanbag Like Definition of beanbag on Facebook
  1. A piece of soft furniture consisting of a leather or vinyl covering stuffed with beans or other similar pellets.
  2. A small cloth bag filled with beans, used as a toy or for exercise, excersing the hands.
BID Tweet Definition of BID Like Definition of BID on Facebook
  1. twice a day
billiard Tweet Definition of billiard Like Definition of billiard on Facebook
  1. a shot in billiards or snooker in which the cue ball strikes two other balls; a carom.
  1. Pertaining to the game of billiards.
billiards Tweet Definition of billiards Like Definition of billiards on Facebook
  1. A game which has similarities to pool and snooker.
bingo Tweet Definition of bingo Like Definition of bingo on Facebook
  1. A game of chance for two or more players, who mark off numbers on a grid as they are called out by another person (the caller); the game is won by the first person to call out "bingo!" or "house!" on crossing off all numbers on the grid or in one line of the grid.
  2. A fictional dog owned by a farmer in a children's song.
  1. (context, Scrabble) A play where all seven letter tiles are played.

Supplemental Details:

bingo - (noun), A game of chance played by selecting numbers randomly from 1 to 75 and attempting to match them on a 5 row by 5 column card, where each cell contains 1 number. Each column's cells are filled with 1 of 5 numbers randomly selected from a group of 15 assigned to each specific column. A live bingo game is run by a caller, who randomly selects numbers from the group of 75, reading them out to the players. This continues until a player wins, usually based on connecting 5 cells in a row, though many games require other numbers or patterns to win. Since the rise of the Internet, bingo has moved online, which has led to virtual bingo cards. These online bingo halls have replaced the caller with software that randomly selects and reveals the bingo numbers.

definition provided by – read their Foxy Bingo review.

blind Tweet Definition of blind Like Definition of blind on Facebook
  1. A covering for a window to keep out light. The covering may be made of cloth or of narrow slats that can block light or allow it to pass.
  2. Any device intended to conceal or hide; as, a duck blind.
  3. (baseball) (slang) An 1800s baseball term meaning no score.
  4. (poker) A forced bet
  5. (poker) A player who is or was forced to make a bet
  1. (transitive) To make temporarily or permanently blind.
The light was so bright that for a moment he was blinded.
Don't wave that pencil in my face - do you want to blind me?
adjective (blinder, blindest)
  1. (notcomparable) Of a person or animal, unable to see.
    • 1883: w:Robert Louis Stevenson, Robert Louis Stevenson, w:Treasure Island, Treasure Island
    • : He was plainly , for he tapped before him with a stick, and wore a great green shade over his eyes and nose...
      1. (comparable) fail, Failing to see, acknowledge, perceive.
      The lovers were to each other"s faults.
      1. (notcomparable) Of a place, having little or no visibility; as, a blind corner.
      2. (notcomparable) close, Closed at one end; having a dead end; as, a blind hole, a blind alley.
      3. (notcomparable) Without opening; as, a blind wall.
  1. In three card brag, without looking at the cards dealt.
Blitz Tweet Definition of Blitz Like Definition of Blitz on Facebook
proper noun The Blitz
  1. The series of air-raids launched on London by the German airforce in 1940-1.
blot Tweet Definition of blot Like Definition of blot on Facebook
  1. a blemish, spot or stain made by a coloured substance
  2. (context, by extension) a stain on someone's reputation or character; a disgrace
  3. (biochemistry) the Southern blot analysis (and derived Northern and Western) analytical techniques
  4. (games) an exposed piece in backgammon
verb to blot (transitive or intransitive)
  1. to cause a blot (on something) by spilling a coloured substance
  2. to soak up, or absorb liquid
  3. to hide, obscure or obliterate something
bluff Tweet Definition of bluff Like Definition of bluff on Facebook
  1. A high, steep bank, as by a river or the sea, or beside a ravine or plain; a cliff with a broad face.
  2. An act of bluffing; an expression of self-confidence for the purpose of intimidation; braggadocio; as, that is only bluff, or a bluff.
  3. (poker) An attempt to represent yourself as holding a stronger hand than you do.
    John's bet was a , he bet without even so much as a pair.
  1. To make a bluff
John bluffed by betting without even a pair.
  1. Having a broad, flattened front; as, the bluff bows of a ship.
  2. Rising steeply with a flat or rounded front.
  3. Surly; churlish; gruff; rough.
    • 1883: w:Robert Louis Stevenson, Robert Louis Stevenson, w:Treasure Island, Treasure Island
    • : ...he had a , rough-and-ready face, all roughened and reddened and lined in his long travels.
    • Abrupt; roughly frank; unceremonious; blunt; brusque; as, a bluff answer; a bluff manner of talking; a bluff sea captain.
board game Tweet Definition of board game Like Definition of board game on Facebook
  1. any of many games of strategy or chance played on a specially designed board; often involves two or more opponents moving pieces and using dice or cards
bone Tweet Definition of bone Like Definition of bone on Facebook
  1. (uncountable) A composite material consisting largely of calcium phosphate and collagen and making up the skeleton of most vertebrates.
  2. (countable) Any of the components of an endoskeleton, made of bone.
  3. A bone of a fish; a fishbone
  4. One of the rigid parts of a corset that forms its frame, the boning, originally made of whalebone.
  5. (colour) an off-white colour, like the colour of bone.
<table><tr><td>bone colour: &nbsp;</td><td bgcolor="
  1. E4D4BA?" width="80">&nbsp; </td></tr></table>
    1. (context, US, colloquial) A dollar.
    2. (slang) An erect penis; a boner.
    3. (slang) domino, Dominoes or dice.
    4. (slang) (form of, shortened form, trombone)
verb (bon, ing)
  1. (transitive) To prepare (meat, etc) by removing the bone or bones from.
"They boned the roast before placing it in the oven."
  1. (context, transitive, vulgar, slang) To have sexual intercourse with.
So, did you her?
  1. (colour) of an off-white colour, like the colour of bone.
  2. (colloquial) of something that is rubbish or broken
boneyard Tweet Definition of boneyard Like Definition of boneyard on Facebook
  1. (colloquial) A graveyard.
  2. In the game of dominoes, the pile of upside-down, as-yet-unused pieces.
book Tweet Definition of book Like Definition of book on Facebook
  1. A collection of sheets of paper bound together to hinge at one edge, containing printed or written material, pictures, etc. If initially blank, commonly referred to as a notebook.
  2. A record of betting (from the use of a notebook to record what each person has bet).
I'm running a on who is going to win the race.
  1. A convenient collection, in a form resembling a book, of small paper items for individual use.
a of stamps
a of raffle tickets
  1. A major division of a published work, larger than a chapter, commonly an academic publication or the Bible.
  2. The script of a musical.
  3. (usually, in plural) Records of the accounts of a business.
  4. A long document stored (as data) that is or will become a book; an e-book.
  5. (context, law) A colloquial reference to a book award, a recognition for receiving the highest grade in a class (traditionally an actual book, but recently more likely a letter or certificate acknowledging the achievement).
  6. (context, poker slang) four of a kind
  1. (transitive) To reserve (something) for future use
I want to a hotel room for tomorrow night
I can tickets for the concert next week
  1. (transitive) To penalise (someone) for an offence.
The police booked him for driving too fast
  1. (context, intransitive, slang) To travel very fast.
He was really booking, until he passed the speed trap.
  1. (transitive) To write down.
They booked that message from the hill
  1. (context, transitive, law) To receive the highest grade in a class.
The top three students had a bet on which one was going to their intellectual property class.
Boston Tweet Definition of Boston Like Definition of Boston on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The capital and largest city in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, located in the northeastern United States.
And here"s to good old ,
The land of the bean and the cod,
Where Lowells talk only to Cabots
And Cabots talk only to God.
  1. A town in Lincolnshire, England.
boxcar Tweet Definition of boxcar Like Definition of boxcar on Facebook
  1. An enclosed railroad freight car, especially one with a sliding door (traditionally used by hobos)
brag Tweet Definition of brag Like Definition of brag on Facebook
  1. the card game Three card brag
verb to brag (brags, bragged, bragging)
  1. to boast
break Tweet Definition of break Like Definition of break on Facebook
  1. (countable) An instance of breaking something into two pieces.
The femur has a clean and so should heal easily.
  1. (countable) A physical space that open up, opens up in something or between two things.
The sun came out in a in the clouds.
  1. (countable) A rest or pause, usually from work.
Let"s take a five-minute .
  1. (countable) (tennis) (tennis) A game won by the receive, receiving player or players (in case of a double).
  2. (countable) (context, billiards) The first shot in a game of billiards
  3. (countable) (context, snooker) The number of points scored by one player in one visit to the table
  4. (countable) (surfing) Place where waves break (ie. pitch or spill forward creating white water).
2005: The final in the Greenmount area is Kirra Point. &mdash;
verb (breaks, breaking, broke, broken)
  1. (intransitive) To end up in two or more pieces that can't easily be reassembled.
If the vase falls to the floor, it might .
  1. (intransitive) (medicine) Of a bone, to crack or fracture through a sudden physical strain, such as a collision.
Don't slip and your leg.
  1. (intransitive) To stop functioning properly or altogether.
Don't the fridge with your tools.
  1. (intransitive) To interrupt or cease one's work or occupation temporarily.
Let's for lunch.
  1. (intransitive) (tennis) To win a game as receiver.
  2. (intransitive) (context, sports, billiards, snooker, pool) To make the first shot.
Is it your or my turn to ?
  1. (transitive) To cause to end up in two or more pieces.
I am going to your mask.
  1. (transitive) (medicine) (ergative) Of a bone, to cause to crack under physical strain.
Don't try to his neck.
  1. (transitive) (medicine) (ergative) Of a bone, to fracture accidentally.
Don't your fingers playing basketball.
  1. (transitive) (ergative) To cause to malfunction or stop working altogether.
Did you two the trolley by racing with it?
  1. (transitive) To cause a person or animal to lose his/her/its will, usually obtained by means of torture.
You have to an elephant before you can use it as an animal of burden.
America has used many forms of torture to their POWs.
  1. (transitive) To do that which is forbidden by (a rule or rules).
When you go to Vancouver, promise me you won't the law.
  1. (transitive) (gaming slang) To design or use a powerful (yet legal) strategy that unbalances the game in a player's favor.
Letting white have three extra queens would chess.
  1. (transitive) (media) (ergative) to disclose or make known an item of news etc
bridge Tweet Definition of bridge Like Definition of bridge on Facebook
  1. A construction or natural feature that spans a divide.
The rope crosses the river.
  1. (anatomy) The upper bony ridge of the human nose.
Rugby players often break the of their noses.
  1. (dentistry) A prosthesis replacing one or several adjacent tooth, teeth.
The dentist pulled out the decayed tooth and put in a .
  1. (nautical) An elevated platform above the upper deck of a mechanically propelled ship from which it is navigated and from which all activities on deck can be seen and controlled by the captain, etc; smaller ships have a wheelhouse, and sailing ships were controlled from a quarterdeck.
The first officer is on the .
  1. (music) The piece, on string instruments, that support the strings from the sounding board.
  2. (computing) A device which connects two or more computer bus, buses, typically in a transparent manner.
This chip is the between the front-side bus and the I/O bus.
  1. (communication) A system which connects two or more LAN, local area networks at layer 2.
The LAN uses a spanning tree algorithm.
  1. (music) A song contained within another song, often demarcated by meter, key, or melody.
The lyrics in the song's inverted its meaning.
  1. (chemistry) A valence bond, atom or chain of atoms that connects two different parts of a molecule; the atoms so connected being bridgeheads.
  2. (electronics) An unintended solder connection between two or more components or pins.
  3. (electronics) Any of several electrical devices that measure characteristics such as impedance and inductance by balancing different parts of a circuit
  4. (billiards, snooker, pool) A particular form of one hand placed on the table to support the cue when making a shot in cue sports.
verb (bridg, ing)
  1. To be or make a bridge over something.
With enough cable, we can this gorge.
  1. (idiomatic) To span as if with a bridge.
The two groups were able to their differences.
buck Tweet Definition of buck Like Definition of buck on Facebook
  1. A male deer or goat.
  2. A male rabbit or hare.
  3. A male of other species, such as the ferret.
  4. An uncastrated sheep, a ram.
  5. (context, US, Canadian English, colloquial) A dollar (one hundred cents).
  6. (context, Canadian English, colloquial) By extension, one hundred of anything.
The police caught me driving a -forty on the freeway.
  1. (context , North America, derogatory) A black or Native American man.
  2. A young buck; an adventurous or high-spirited young man.
  3. (context, UK, obsolete) Hence, a fop or dandy.
  4. (rfv-sense) (poker) A plastic disc used to represent the player in dealer position.
  5. blame, Blame; responsibility; scapegoating; finger-pointing.
    • w:Harry S. Truman, Harry S. Truman,
    • : The stops here.
  1. Of a horse: to rise sharply up on its hind legs.
  2. Of a horse: to leap upward arching its back.
1848: At the same time we got speared, the horses got speared too, and jumped and bucked all about &mdash; Statement by Jackey Jackey (an Aborigine) published in William Carron Narrative of an Expedition Undertaken Under the Direction of the Late Mr. Assistant Surveyor E. B. Kennedy (
  • carron at Project Gutenberg Australia)
    1. By extension, to move in any sharp or jerking manner.
    2. By extension, to resist obstinately.
    Bug Tweet Definition of Bug Like Definition of Bug on Facebook
    proper noun 
    1. the Bug River, flowing northwest 450 mile, mi. between Belarus and Poland.
    2. the Bug River in the Ukraine, flowing 530 mile, mi. to the Dnieper estuary.
    bullet Tweet Definition of bullet Like Definition of bullet on Facebook
    1. A projectile, usually of metal, shot from a gun at high speed.
    2. (colloquial) An entire round of unfired ammunition for a firearm, including the projectile, the cartridge casing, the explosive charge, etc.
    3. The ammunition for a sling or slingshot.
    4. A printed symbol in the form of a solid circle, ", often used for marking items in a list.
    5. (slang) One year of prison time
    6. (slang) An ace (the playing card).
    bump Tweet Definition of bump Like Definition of bump on Facebook
    1. A light blow or jolting collision.
    2. the sound of such a collision
    3. A protuberance on a level surface.
    4. A swelling on the skin caused by illness or injury.
    5. (Rowing) The point, in a race in which boats are spaced apart at the start, at which a boat begins to overtake the boat ahead.
    6. The swollen abdomen of a pregnant woman
    7. (internet) A post in an Internet forum thread made in order to raise the thread's profile by returning it to the top of the list of active threads.
    verb (bumps, bumping, bumped)
    1. Knock or run into with a jolt.
    2. (internet) To post in an Internet forum thread in order to raise the thread's profile by returning it to the top of the list of active threads.
    burn Tweet Definition of burn Like Definition of burn on Facebook
    1. A physical injury caused by heat or caustic chemicals.
    She had second-degree burns from falling in the bonfire.
    1. The act of burning something.
    They"re doing a controlled of the fields.
    1. Physical sensation in the muscles following strenuous exercise, caused by build-up of lactic acid.
    One and, two and, keep moving; feel the !
    1. (slang) An intense non-physical sting, as left by an effective insult
    verb (burns, burning, burnt or burned)
    1. (intransitive) To be consumed by fire, or at least in flames.
    He watched the house .
    1. (intransitive) To feel hot, e.g. due to embarrassment.
    Her cheeks burned with shame.
    1. (context, intransitive, curling) To accidentally touch a moving stone.
    2. (transitive) (ergative) To cause to be consumed by fire.
    He burned his manuscript in the fireplace.
    1. (transitive) To injure (a person or animal) with heat or caustic chemicals.
    She burned the child with an iron, and was put in jail for ten years.
    1. (context, transitive, slang) To betray.
    The informant burned him.
    1. (context, transitive, computing) To write data to a permanent storage medium like a compact disc or a ROM chip.
    We'll this program onto an E-PROM one hour before the demo begins.
    1. (transitive) To waste (time).
    We have an hour to .
    1. (context, transitive, slang) To insult badly, leaving no possible comeback.
    I just burned you again.
    1. (context, transitive, cards) In pontoon, to swap a pair of cards for another pair.
    buy Tweet Definition of buy Like Definition of buy on Facebook
    verb (buys, buying, bought)
    1. (transitive) To obtain (something) in exchange for money or goods
    2. (context, transitive, informal) to accept as true; to believe
    I don't that theory.
    buy-in Tweet Definition of buy-in Like Definition of buy-in on Facebook
    1. support; agreement; approval; blessing (in a secular sense)
      Let's show the idea around and get from marketing.

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