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galactose Tweet Definition of galactose Like Definition of galactose on Facebook
  1. (carbohydrate) A monosaccharide found, along with lactose, in dairy products, and is synthesized by the body where it is found associated with glycolipids and glycoproteins.
gallate Tweet Definition of gallate Like Definition of gallate on Facebook
  1. (chemistry) any salt or ester of gallic acid
Gallic Tweet Definition of Gallic Like Definition of Gallic on Facebook
  1. Of or relating to Gaul or France.
gallic acid Tweet Definition of gallic acid Like Definition of gallic acid on Facebook
  1. (chemistry) a phenolic carboxylic acid, 3,4,5-trihydroxybenzoic acid, found in galls, tea, the bark of some trees etc; a constituent of tannin
  2. (chemistry) the supposed acid H3GaO?3, the acid form of the amphoteric gallium hydroxide Ga(OH)3, known only as alkali metal salts
gallium Tweet Definition of gallium Like Definition of gallium on Facebook
  1. A chemical element (symbol Ga) with an atomic number of 31; a soft bluish metal.
gallium arsenide Tweet Definition of gallium arsenide Like Definition of gallium arsenide on Facebook
  1. (chemical compound) A binary compound of gallium and arsenic, GaAs?, used as a semiconductor, especially in light-emitting diodes.
gasoline Tweet Definition of gasoline Like Definition of gasoline on Facebook
  1. (uncountable) (North America) A fluid consisting of a mixture of refined petroleum hydrocarbons, primarily consisting of octane, and commonly used as a motor fuel; petrol.
  2. (countable) A type of gasoline (from meaning 1).
gasometer Tweet Definition of gasometer Like Definition of gasometer on Facebook
  1. Any of various instruments used to measure the flow of gas through pipelines
  2. A gasholder
gassy Tweet Definition of gassy Like Definition of gassy on Facebook
adjective (gassier, gassiest)
  1. Of a beverage, containing dissolved gas (usually carbon dioxide).
  2. flatulent, Flatulent.
GD Tweet Definition of GD Like Definition of GD on Facebook
  1. (vulgar) God Damn
  2. (netball) goal defence
GE Tweet Definition of GE Like Definition of GE on Facebook
  1. General Electric
generate Tweet Definition of generate Like Definition of generate on Facebook
verb (generat, ing)
  1. (transitive) To bring into being; give rise to.
The discussion generated an uproar.
  1. (transitive) To produce as a result of a chemical or physical process.
Adding concentrated sulphuric acid to water generates heat.
  1. (transitive) To procreate.
They generated many offspring.
  1. (context, transitive, mathematics) To form a figure from a curve or solid.
Rotating a circle generates a sphere.
generator Tweet Definition of generator Like Definition of generator on Facebook
  1. An apparatus, equipment, etc, to convert or change energy from one form to another.
  2. A machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.
  3. One who, or that which, generates, begets, causes, or produces.
  4. An apparatus in which vapour or gas is formed from a liquid or solid by means of heat or chemical process, as a steam boiler, gas retort etc.
  5. (music) The principal sound or sounds by which others are produced; the fundamental note or root of the common chord; -- see also generating tone.
germanium Tweet Definition of germanium Like Definition of germanium on Facebook
  1. a nonmetallic chemical element (symbol Ge) with an atomic number of 32.
glacial Tweet Definition of glacial Like Definition of glacial on Facebook
  1. of, or relating to glaciers
    • We examined the deposits
      1. suggesting the slow speed of a glacial
    • Work on the new dictionary proceeded at a pace
      1. cold and icy
    • After the rain and frost, the pavements were
      1. having the appearance of ice
    • On cold days, acetic acid will freeze in the bottle
      1. cool and unfriendly
    • He gave me a stare
      1. (geology) of the Pleistocene period dominated by the presence of glaciers
glacial acetic acid Tweet Definition of glacial acetic acid Like Definition of glacial acetic acid on Facebook
  1. (organic chemistry) acetic acid, Acetic acid that is at least 99.8% pure and tends to crystalize on cold days.
glass Tweet Definition of glass Like Definition of glass on Facebook
noun ]]
  1. (uncountable) A solid, transparent substance made by melting sand with a mixture of soda, potash and lime.
The tabletop is made of .
  1. A vessel (especially one made of glass) from which drinks may be drunk.
Fill my with milk please.
  1. The quantity of liquid contained in such a vessel.
Would you like a of milk.
  1. (context, physics, uncountable) Amorphous (non-crystalline) substance.
A popular myth is that window actually is an extremely viscous liquid.
  1. A mirror.
She adjusted her lipstick in the .
  1. (cattag2, Basketball, Colloquial) The backboard.
He got the rebound off of the .
  1. (icehockey) The clear protective screen surrounding a hockey rink.
He fired the outlet pass off the .
verb (glasses, glassing, glassed)
  1. (UK, colloquial) To strike (someone), particularly in the face, with a drinking glass with the intent of causing injury.
adjective (no (compar) or (superl))
  1. (colloquial) Fragile.
He has a ankle.
Glauber's salt Tweet Definition of Glauber Like Definition of Glauber
  1. (inorganic compound) sodium sulphate decahydrate.
gluconic acid Tweet Definition of gluconic acid Like Definition of gluconic acid on Facebook
  1. (organic compound) An organic compound, C6H12O7, formed by oxidizing the aldehyde functional group of glucose into a carboxylic acid; used as a food additive.
glyceric acid Tweet Definition of glyceric acid Like Definition of glyceric acid on Facebook
  1. A colourless syrupy organic compound, CH2OH.CHOH.COOH, formed by the oxidation of glycerol or glyceraldehyde
glycerin Tweet Definition of glycerin Like Definition of glycerin on Facebook
  1. (organic compound) (alternative spelling of, glycerine)
glycerol Tweet Definition of glycerol Like Definition of glycerol on Facebook
  1. (organic compound) 1,2,3-trihydroxy-propane or propan-1,2,3-triol; a trihydric alcohol
  2. A syrupy sweet liquid obtained as a by-product in the manufacture of soap from animal or vegetable oils and fats; it is used as an antifreeze, a plasticizer, and a food sweetener and in the manufacture of dynamite, cosmetics etc.
glycol Tweet Definition of glycol Like Definition of glycol on Facebook
  1. (organic chemistry) Any aliphatic diol.
  2. (organic compound) A thick, colourless liquid, C2H4(OH)2, of a sweetish taste, produced artificially from certain ethylene compounds and used as an antifreeze; ethylene glycol.
glyconic acid Tweet Definition of glyconic acid Like Definition of glyconic acid on Facebook
  1. (obsolete),(chemistry) any aldonic acid
gox Tweet Definition of gox Like Definition of gox on Facebook
  1. the organism Gluconobacter oxydans
gram equivalent Tweet Definition of gram equivalent Like Definition of gram equivalent on Facebook
  1. (chemistry) the amount of a substance, in grams, that is numerically equivalent to its equivalent weight
gram-molecular weight Tweet Definition of gram-molecular weight Like Definition of gram-molecular weight on Facebook
  1. (chemistry) the amount of a substance whose weight, in grams, is equal to its molecular weight
group Tweet Definition of group Like Definition of group on Facebook
  1. A number of things or persons being in some relation to one another.
There is a of houses behind the hill.
A of people gathered in front of the Parliament to demonstrate against the Prime Minister's proposals.
He left town to join a Communist
  1. (grouptheory) A set with an associative binary operation, under which there exists an identity element, and such that each element has an inverse.
  2. A (usually small) group of people who perform music together.
Did you see the new jazz ?
  1. (astronomy) A small number (up to about fifty) of galaxy, galaxies that are near each other.
  2. (chemistry) A column in the periodic table of chemical elements.
  3. (chemistry) A functional entity consisting of certain atoms whose presence provides a certain property to a molecule, such as the methyl group.
  4. (sociology) A subset of a culture or of a society.
  5. (military) An air force formation.
  6. (geology) A collection of formations or rock strata.
  7. (computing) In the Unix operating system, a number of users with same rights with respect to accession, modification, and execution of files, computers and peripherals.
  1. (transitive) To put together to form a group.

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