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ferry Tweet Definition of ferry Like Definition of ferry on Facebook
noun (ferries)
  1. A ship used to transport people, smaller vehicles and goods from one port to another, usually on a regular schedule
verb (ferr, i, ed)
  1. To move someone or something from one place to another, usually repeatedly.
Being a good waiter takes more than the ability to plates of food around a restaurant.
Fido Tweet Definition of Fido Like Definition of Fido on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A popular given name for a dog.
fin Tweet Definition of fin Like Definition of fin on Facebook
noun (plural: fins)
  1. One of the appendages of a fish, used to propel itself and to manoeuvre/maneuver.
  2. A similar appendage of a cetacean or other marine animal.
  3. A thin, rigid component of an aircraft, extending from the fuselage and used to stabilise and steer the aircraft.
  4. A similar structure on the tail of a bomb, used to help keep it on course.
  5. A hairstyle, resembling the fin of a fish, in which the hair is combed and set into a vertical ridge along the top of the head from about the crown to the forehead.
  6. A device worn by divers and swimmers on their feet.
  7. An extending part on a surface of a radiator, engine, heatsink, etc., used to facilitate cooling.
  8. (U.S. slang) A five-dollar bill
fishtail Tweet Definition of fishtail Like Definition of fishtail on Facebook
  1. The tail of a fish, or an object resembling this.
  1. (intransitive) To swing the back of a vehicle (originally an aircraft) from side to side.
As we approached the runway, the pilot fishtailed slightly to reduce landing speed.
  1. (intransitive) (idiom) To move with the tail swinging from side to side in this way.
The car fishtailed down the muddy lane.
flap Tweet Definition of flap Like Definition of flap on Facebook
  1. Anything broad and limber that hangs loose, or that is attached by one side or end and is easily moved; as, the flap of a garment.
  2. A hinged leaf, as of a table or shutter.
  3. a stir, scandal or controversy
The comment caused quite a in the newspapers.
  1. The motion of anything broad and loose, or a stroke or sound made with it; as, the flap of a sail or the flap of a wing
  2. A disease in the lips of horses.
flaperon Tweet Definition of flaperon Like Definition of flaperon on Facebook
  1. (aeronautical) An aircraft control surface at the trailing edge of a wing that acts as an aileron (controlling movement around the longitudinal axis) and a flap (changing the chord line of the wing, thusly affecting the angle of attack).
flatten Tweet Definition of flatten Like Definition of flatten on Facebook
  1. (transitive) To make something flat or flatter.
As there was a lot of damage, we chose the heavy roller to the pitch.
Mary would the dough before rolling it into pretzels.
  1. (transitive) To knock down or lay low.
The prize fighter quickly flattened his challenger.
  1. (intransitive) To become flat or flatter.
  2. (intransitive) To be knocked down or laid low.
flight path Tweet Definition of flight path Like Definition of flight path on Facebook
  1. the traveled path of a projectile, rocket or aircraft through the air
  2. a predefined route of travel for an aircraft or spacecraft
flight recorder Tweet Definition of flight recorder Like Definition of flight recorder on Facebook
  1. a device which records data that would be of use in investigating the cause of an aircraft accident; comprises a flight data recorder and a cockpit voice recorder
float Tweet Definition of float Like Definition of float on Facebook
  1. A buoyant device used to support something in water or another liquid.
Attach the and the weight to the fishing line, above the hook.
  1. A sort of trowel used for finishing concrete surfaces.
When pouring a new driveway, you can use a two-by-four as a .
  1. An elaborately decorated trailer or vehicle, intended for display in a parade or pageant.
That covered in roses is very pretty.
  1. (finance) Funds committed to be paid but not yet paid.
Our bank does a nightly sweep of accounts, to adjust the so we stay within our reserves limit.
  1. (context, finance, AU, and other Commonwealth countries?) An offering of shares in a company (or units in a trust) to members of the public, normally followed by a listing on a stock exchange.
2006, You don't actually need a broker to buy shares in a when a company is about to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. — w:Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Australian Securities and Investments Commission financial tips article, Buying shares in a float
  1. (banking) The total amount of checks/cheques or other drafts written against a bank account but not yet cleared and charged against the account.
No sir, your current is not taken into account, when assets are legally garnished.
  1. (insurance) Premiums taken in but not yet paid out.
We make a lot of interest from our nightly .
  1. (programming) Short form of floating-point number.
That routine should not have used an int, it should be a .
  1. A soft beverage with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream floating in it.
It's true - I don't consider anything other than root-beer with vanilla ice-cream to be a "real" .
  1. A small sum of money put in a cashier's till at the start of business to enable change to be made.
FOIL Tweet Definition of FOIL Like Definition of FOIL on Facebook
  1. First Outer Inner Last, the abbreviation for one algorithm for processing the multiplication of multiple binomials
Example: (2x + 4) × (4x + 3y)
fuselage Tweet Definition of fuselage Like Definition of fuselage on Facebook
  1. (aeronautical) The main body of a winged aerospace vehicle

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