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An Online Language Laboratory

This is a phonologically complete guides to the pronunciation of seven varieties of English, and seven other languages. A spoken grammar of English and online dictionaries are also provided. You simply mouse over the sounds to hear them spoken, so even young children can use this resource.

Belair Dictionaries

This site a list of dictionaries, translation dictionaries, and acronym dictionaries. You can view their site in French and in English.

Catalan<>English Dictionary

This is a Catalan<>English dictionary, which you can look up words in either language. The dictionary includes some geographical specifications in case any particular word is used only in a concrete zone of the Catalan-speaking lands. There is also a forum.

DicTur Dictionary Center

DicTur Dictionary Center has dictionary softwares and oline dictionaries. You can view their site in Turkish or English.


ECTACO, Inc. develops and produces electronic handheld translator software and electronic dictionaries in many languages. You can order their product on-line. This site also has on-line foreign dictionaries.


Eurodict is a free online dictionary. This dictionary translates from Bulgarian to English, German, Turkish, Italian, Greek, Spanish and from these languages back to Bulgarian.

Foreign Language Dictionaries

This site lists several foreign language dictionaries from Webster Online Dictionary. The site is laid out simply - it contains a search box and the list of languages.

This site allows you to search in 136 dictionaries on the internet in order to translate from 56 source languages into 58 target languages. Features an easy to use search that can produce almost 300 language combinations.


Translate with the following foreign language dictionaries: English<>Italian, English<>Danish, English<>Finnish, English<>French, English<>Norwegian, English<>Dutch, English<>Portuguese, English<>Spanish, English<>Swedish, English<>German, Italian<>Danish, Italian<>Finnish, Italian<>French, Italian<>Norwegian, Italian<>Dutch, Italian<>Portuguese, Italian<>Spanish, Italian<>Swedish, and Italian<>German.


Freelang is a personal homepage (not a company, not an association) whose aim is to provide free resources for foreign languages: dictionaries to download, human translation help service, and other online resources.

In Dictionary

This is a free multi-dictionary/language search using unique software. There are over 900,000 words defined. New words are being added regularly.


This site provides English, German, French, Spanish, Turkish, Italian and Russian translation for every two languages combination. You can search multiple words by separating commas. LangToLang is available for download on any Java compatible mobile telephone.

Languages Eigenstart

This site is a resource directory for languages: foreign language dictionaries, foreign language schools, translations,and translators. You can also view the website in Dutch. is a comprehensive directory of bilingual and multilingual dictionaries on the internet. Language combinations include: French-English, English-Spanish, English-Arabic, English-Malay, German-English, English-Hebrew, French-Spanish, English-Latin, English-Polish, (English-Italian, Hindi-English, German-French, English-Dutch, English-Portuguese, and French-Italian.


Lingvosoft offers free online dictionaries for over 40 languages. They implement ECTACO word databases and show you the advantages of using electronic translation tools. They also sell dictionary software.

Logos Dictionary

This is a free multilingual dictionary, with millions of entries in over 200 languages. You enter your word in a search box.


Majstro has a multilingual on-line translation dictionary. They also have a Hangman game in 15 different languages.

Multilingual Phrase Dictionary

Input a keyword(s) and see typical related phrases translated simultaneously into French, Spanish, Italian and German. You can view the webpage in German, English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

Online Dictionaries and Translators

This site contains links to numerous online foreign dictionaries and translators. It also features free online foreign language lessons and free translation on the site. This is a good starting point if you are researching foreign languages.

Online Dictionary

Online Dictionary defines words between English and French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. Also features a full English dictionary containing over 175,000 references.

Picture Dictionary

This is a dictionary for elementary aged children. Click on a letter and scroll down for the word you want. The definitions are written plus a picture is shown. They also have the following foreign language dictionaries: English-Dutch, English-French, French-English, English-German, German-English, English-Italian, English-Japanese, English-Portuguese, English-Spanish, Spanish-English, and English-Swedish.

Sun Translation

Sun Translation is an international translation service. They have translators that specialize in legal translation, medical translation, finance, energy, localization, web translation as well as general purpose translations. Their site also includes dictionaries.


This site is designed for travelers. It features translating dictionaries with search capabilities. The site also provides the option to sign up to receive a new translated word via e-mail each day.

Ultralingua Translation Dictionary Software

Utralingua translation & dictionary software for English to Spanish, French, German, Italian & more. They have a web, palm, and pocket pc versions. Test drive any software package on the platform of your choice.


The WordReference Dictionaries are free online translation dictionaries in French, Italian and Spanish. Type in a word in the forms to the left of their site for a quick translation or definition. They also have language forums. You can view their site in English, French, Italian, or Spanish.

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