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Hebrew Language

Here you'll find some resources to help you to understand the Hebrew language better. This includes: the history, useful phrases, Hebrew language schools listing, dictionary, and Hebrew slang.


This is an Hebrew-English and English-Hebrew dictionary. It is a plain website with a search box to type your word. The site is in Hebrew.

My Hebrew Dictionary

This is an on-line resource containing groups of English words translated into Hebrew. You do not need Hebrew fonts to display the Hebrew words. All words are displayed using graphics. The site loads quickly and the interface is simple.

My Hebrew Picture Dictionary

Each word in the dictionary has an English and Hebrew translation and transliteration and a photograph of the item. All the words are basic words.

Toronto�s First Synagogues - glossary

This site explores the history of Toronto�s First Synagogues. It features a glossary of terms used in a synagogue.

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