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This site sells English<->German and French<->German electronic reference book. In addition there is an on-line German<->Spanish you can use for free. The site is in German.


Dix is a Spanish to German and German to Spanish online dictionary. They also offer the Spanish verbs conjugation and the monolingual dictionary of the Real Academia Espa´┐Żola. You can view their site in German, Spanish, or English.

German/English Talking Dictionary

This is an online German/English dictionary with more than 345,000 translations in both directions. Voice output for all words in German and English. Users can add words, help each other in the forum and search, browse or download the word list. Additional PDA-Version available.

Learn German

German language schools, dictionary, words and other resources about German.


A comprehensive word and phrase German-English / English-German and a French-German / German-French dictionary with myriad entries. You can view the site in English and in German. They also have a forum.

Link Everything Online

This site has German to English; English to German; French to German; German to French dictionary and translation. It includes slang terms in both languages. It goes way beyond just a dictionary.

MYJMK: German Spanish dictionary

MYJMK a German Spanish dictionary with over 120.000 translations. You can view their website in English, Spanish, and German. They also have a forum to serve the German Spanish comunity to solve translation problems or help create contact in several issues.

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