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This is a free dictionary of Turkish<->English. They also have some commons sayings such as greeting translated. The site is written in Turkish.

This is an online English to Turkish and Turkish to English Dictionary Site. It also give grammar examples and includes a world dictionary.

Sesli Sozluk

This is a comprehensive English-Turkish-English online dictionary which includes pronunciations of words. Their site includes a forum and a toolbar. is an on-line turkish-english dictionary.


This is an English<>Turkish dictionary containing more then hundred thousand words. The explanations of how to use the website is in Turkish.

Turkish Dictionary

Online Turkish-English and English-Turkish dictionary.


Zargan is an English-Turkish, Turkish-English dictionary database project for gathering, developing, and publishing resources on the Turkish language. It can find translations for idioms especially in the areas of: law, finance, banking, insurance, and trade.

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