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The DAFA is the first genuine language dictionary of Business French. The DAFA contains 11000 multiword units and a very keen system to differentiate synonyms and its conceptual organisation. It includes more than 3000 contexts from the fields of business and economics, numerous usage notes and geographical variants from Belgium, France, Qu´┐Żbec and the French speaking part of Switzerland.

French English Dictionary

This is a French<>English dictionary site. To look up a word, type the basic form of the word into the field above and then press Enter. You can also download the dictionary.


A comprehensive word and phrase German-English / English-German and a French-German / German-French dictionary with myriad entries. You can view the site in English and in German. They also have a forum.

Link Everything Online

This site has German to English; English to German; French to German; German to French dictionary and translation. It includes slang terms in both languages. It goes way beyond just a dictionary.

My French Picture Dictionary

This French Picture Dictionary is a free, online, resource to learn French (or English) words in a fun way. Each word in the dictionary has an English - French translation and a photograph of the item. The interface is simple.

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