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Collins Spanish Dictionary

Collins best-selling large Spanish dictionary available free online. Over 250,000 full sentence examples, idioms, audio pronunciation, word trends, images, language and cultural notes. The official site from Collins.

Spanish-English online dictionary is an online tool for translators and language learners that includes an online dictionary, as well as a social network to learn Spanish, English, Russian and other languages online using chat


This site contains a Spanish language dictionary, Spanish synonyms dictionary, Spanish<->English dictionary, and French<-> Spanish dictionary. The site is in Spanish.


Dix is a Spanish to German and German to Spanish online dictionary. They also offer the Spanish verbs conjugation and the monolingual dictionary of the Real Academia Espa´┐Żola. You can view their site in German, Spanish, or English.

Katari.orgs dictionary defines words between Spanish and Quechua or Aymara. Symbols have also been included.


This site provides Spanish linguistic engines (dlls) for developers. Spanish linguistic online tools include: thesaurus, conjugator, speller, and hyphenator. Spanish linguistic software for end users include: thesaurus, conjugator, speller, and hyphenator.

My Spanish Picture Dictionary

My Spanish Picture Dictionary is an online resource to learn Spanish (or English) words in a fun way. Each word in the dictionary has an English - Spanish translation and a photograph of the item. The interface is simple and both kids and adults will find this new resource entertaining and educational.

MYJMK: German Spanish dictionary

MYJMK a German Spanish dictionary with over 120.000 translations. You can view their website in English, Spanish, and German. They also have a forum to serve the German Spanish comunity to solve translation problems or help create contact in several issues.

Spanish Language

This site contains a dictionary. Additionally it provides an overview about grammar, slang, phrases, history of the language, literature, and more. If you are a teacher, you can visit their Spanish Teaching resources page. This site is free.


Transpanish provides English <> Spanish Translations, including proofreading, editing, and desktop Publishing. Their site also includes glossaries in various topics such as medicine, law, and physics. You can view their website in English and Spanish.

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