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taille Tweet Definition of taille Like Definition of taille on Facebook
  1. a form of direct taxation levied on the land of peasants in the France of the Ancien Régime
tanist Tweet Definition of tanist Like Definition of tanist on Facebook
  1. The heir apparent to a Celtic clan, who will succeed the chief
  • 1922: Lover, for her love he prowled with colonel Richard Burke, tanist of his sept, under the walls of Clerkenwell and, crouching, saw a flame of vengeance hurl them upward in the fog. " James Joyce, Ulysses
templar Tweet Definition of templar Like Definition of templar on Facebook
  1. A barrister having chambers in the w:Inner Temple, Inner Temple or w:Middle Temple, Middle Temple
temple Tweet Definition of temple Like Definition of temple on Facebook
  1. The region of the skull on either side of the forehead.
  2. A building for worship.
"A temple of Zeus."
  1. (often capitalized) The Jewish temple of Jerusalem, first built by Solomon.
  2. (French), Sometimes used to describe a protestant church in French-speaking nations.
  3. Something regarded as holding religious presence.
  4. Something of importance; something attended to.
My body is my temple.
  1. (Ophthalmology) Either of the sidepieces on a set of spectacles, extending backwards from the hinge toward the ears and, usually, turning down around them.
  2. (obsolete) a body
thane Tweet Definition of thane Like Definition of thane on Facebook
  1. in Anglo-Saxon England, a man holding lands from the king, or from a superior in rank. There were two orders, the king's thanes, who attended the kings in their courts and held lands immediately of them, and the ordinary thanes, who were lords of manors and who had particular jurisdiction within their limits. After the Norman Conquest, this title was no longer used, and baron took its place.
thegn Tweet Definition of thegn Like Definition of thegn on Facebook
  1. Spelling variant of thane.
theme Tweet Definition of theme Like Definition of theme on Facebook
  1. a subject of a talk or an artistic piece; a topic.
  2. a recurring idea; a motif.
  3. (music) the main melody of a piece of music, especially one that is the source of variations.
  4. (computing, figurative) The collection of color schemes, sounds, artwork etc., that "skin" an environment towards a particular motif.
Third Reich Tweet Definition of Third Reich Like Definition of Third Reich on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. Germany under the Nazi regime, beginning in 1933 and ending in 1945. Literally "third empire" or "third realm".
thorough Tweet Definition of thorough Like Definition of thorough on Facebook
  1. painstaking and careful not to miss or omit any detail
    The Prime Minister announced a investigation into the death of a father of two in police custody.
    He is the most worker I have ever seen.
    The infested house needs a cleansing before it will be inhabitable.
  2. utter; complete; absolute
    It is a pleasure to see him beg for mercy.
trivium Tweet Definition of trivium Like Definition of trivium on Facebook
noun (trivi, a)
  1. (in medieval universities) The lower division of the liberal arts; grammar, logic and rhetoric.
Tudor Tweet Definition of Tudor Like Definition of Tudor on Facebook
  1. A monarch of the British royal family during the sixteenth century. Specifically, King Henry VII and Henry VIII or one of his three children who ascended the throne
  2. A style of dress popular in Britain during the sixteenth century
  1. Pertaining to the British monarchs of the sixteenth century
  2. Pertaining to the period of British history ruled by King Henry VII, Henry VIII and the children of Henry VIII
  3. (architecture) In the style of English buildings of the sixteenth century; using exposed wooden beams on the exterior
Turk Tweet Definition of Turk Like Definition of Turk on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (colloquial): A person from Turkey.
  2. a member of any of the numerous ethnic groups whose majority have lived a nomadic life on the vast Eurasian steppe, speaking Turkic languages.
tycoon Tweet Definition of tycoon Like Definition of tycoon on Facebook
  1. a powerful business person.

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