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Machiavellian Tweet Definition of Machiavellian Like Definition of Machiavellian on Facebook
  1. Attempting to achieve what one wants by cunning, scheming and unscrupulous methods.
Wikipedia:Iago, Iago is the Machiavellian antagonist in William Shakespeare's play, Wikipedia:Othello, Othello.
Mafia Tweet Definition of Mafia Like Definition of Mafia on Facebook
noun the Mafia
  1. An international criminal organization of Sicilian origin operating in Italy and the United States.
  2. A coverall term used to describe any organized criminal syndicates, individually or collectively, specifically those operating internationally in high level organized crime including drug smuggling and cultivation, fraud, loan sharking and prostitution.
Magna Carta Tweet Definition of Magna Carta Like Definition of Magna Carta on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A charter, granted by w:John of England, King John to the barons at Runnymede in 1215, that is a basis of English constitutional tradition
magnate Tweet Definition of magnate Like Definition of magnate on Facebook
  1. Metal object with flux
  2. Power industrialist; captain of industry
  3. A person of rank, influence or distinction in any sphere.
Maine Tweet Definition of Maine Like Definition of Maine on Facebook
proper noun (wikipedia, Maine, Maine (US state))
  1. The northeasternmost state of the United States of America. Capital: Augusta
  2. A town in Marathon County, Wisconsin.
  3. A town in Outagamie County, Wisconsin.
mameluke Tweet Definition of mameluke Like Definition of mameluke on Facebook
  1. One of a body of mounted soldiers recruited from slaves converted to Mohammedanism, who, at times, had more or less control of the government of Egypt, until exterminated or dispersed by Mehemet Ali in 1811.
"I hastened to buy many slaves of both sexes, mamluks, beautiful veiled women, negroes, lands, houses and other property..." - The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night
  1. (In Muslim countries) a white slave.
Man Tweet Definition of Man Like Definition of Man on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The genus Homo.
man-at-arms Tweet Definition of man-at-arms Like Definition of man-at-arms on Facebook
  1. A medieval heavilly armed mounted member of the cavalry
Manchu Tweet Definition of Manchu Like Definition of Manchu on Facebook
noun (Manchus)
  1. The indigenous language spoken in Manchuria.
  2. A person belonging to the indigenous people in Manchuria
  1. Referring to the Manchus
Mandarin Tweet Definition of Mandarin Like Definition of Mandarin on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The official language of the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China on Taiwan, and one of four official languages in Singapore.
manor Tweet Definition of manor Like Definition of manor on Facebook
  1. A landed estate.
  2. The main house of such an estate or a similar residence; a mansion.
  3. A district over which a feudal lord could exercise certain rights and privileges in medieval western Europe.
  4. The lord's residence and seat of control in such a district.
manor house Tweet Definition of manor house Like Definition of manor house on Facebook
  1. (in England) The main house on a landed estate.
  2. The house of the lord of the manor
mansion Tweet Definition of mansion Like Definition of mansion on Facebook
  1. A large house or building.
  2. (obsolete) A house provided for a clergyman; a manse.
  3. (obsolete) A stopping-place during a journey; a stage.
  4. (historical) An astrological house; a station of the moon.
    • Late C14: Which book spak muchel of the operaciouns / Touchynge the eighte and twenty mansiouns / That longen to the moone " Geoffrey Chaucer, "The Franklin's Tale", Canterbury Tales
marcher Tweet Definition of marcher Like Definition of marcher on Facebook
  1. An inhabitant of a march (border country)
  2. A person who holds lands in such a region
margrave Tweet Definition of margrave Like Definition of margrave on Facebook
  1. (context, historic) A military officer in charge of a German border area.
Marianne Tweet Definition of Marianne Like Definition of Marianne on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The personification of France
  2. (given name, female) of French origin.
Mark Tweet Definition of Mark Like Definition of Mark on Facebook
proper noun (book of the Bible, Gospel of Mark)
  1. (given name, male). Jocular diminutive: Marky.
  2. (biblical) w:Mark the Evangelist, Mark the Evangelist, also called John Mark, first patriarch of Alexandria and credited with the authorship of the Gospel of Mark.
  3. (biblical) The Gospel of St. Mark, a book of the New Testament of the Bible. Traditionally the second of the four gospels.
marque Tweet Definition of marque Like Definition of marque on Facebook
  1. A license to pass the limits of a jurisdiction, or boundary of a country, for the purpose of making reprisals; a letter of marque
  2. A brand of a manufactured product, especially a model of motor car
Mason Tweet Definition of Mason Like Definition of Mason on Facebook
  1. an English and Scottish occupational surname for a stonemason
  2. a Freemason
  3. (given name, male) derived from the surname.
Masonic Tweet Definition of Masonic Like Definition of Masonic on Facebook
  1. Of or pertaining to Freemasons or to their craft or mysteries.
medieval Tweet Definition of medieval Like Definition of medieval on Facebook
  1. Of or relating to the Middle Ages, perhaps AD 650 to 1550.
Meiji Tweet Definition of Meiji Like Definition of Meiji on Facebook
  1. Of the Meiji period.
  2. Of the Meiji emperors.
Middle Ages Tweet Definition of Middle Ages Like Definition of Middle Ages on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. In history, the Middle Ages is the period of time in Europe between the decline of the Roman Empire and the revival of letters (the Renaissance). Hallam regards it as beginning with the sixth and ending with the fifteenth century.
Middle Kingdom Tweet Definition of Middle Kingdom Like Definition of Middle Kingdom on Facebook
  1. A nickname for China.
ming Tweet Definition of ming Like Definition of ming on Facebook
  1. (British slang) to be unattractive (person or object)
  2. (British slang) to be foul smelling
modern Tweet Definition of modern Like Definition of modern on Facebook
  1. Someone who lives in modern times.
    • 1956: Even though we moderns can never crawl inside the skin of the ancient and think and feel as he did..., we must as historians make the attempt. " John Albert Wilson, The Culture of Ancient Egypt, p. 144.
  1. Pertaining to the current time and style.
mogul Tweet Definition of mogul Like Definition of mogul on Facebook
  1. a rich or powerful person; a magnate
  2. a hump or bump on a skiing piste
moot Tweet Definition of moot Like Definition of moot on Facebook
  1. (historical) An assembly (usually for decision making in a locality).
  2. A mock legal debate, wherein law students act as opposing counsel in a fictional case as a method of learning or for competition.
  3. A gathering of Rovers (18 - 26 year-old Scouts). Usually a camp lasting 2 weeks.
  4. (context, paganism) A social gathering of pagans, normally held in a public house.
  5. A system of arbitration in many areas of Africa in which the primary goal is to settle a dispute and reintegrate adversaries into society rather than assess penalties.
= verb 
  1. To bring up as a subject for debate, to propose.
  2. To discuss or debate.
  3. To make or declare irrelevant.
  1. Subject to discussion (originally at a moot); arguable, debatable, not settled.
  2. Having no practical importance; academic.
Munich Tweet Definition of Munich Like Definition of Munich on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The capital of Bavaria, Germany.

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