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gavel Tweet Definition of gavel Like Definition of gavel on Facebook
  1. A wooden mallet, used by a judge in a courtroom, or a chairman of a committee, struck against a sounding block to quiet the rabble down.
  2. (figurative) The legal system as a whole.
verb (gavell, ing)
  1. To use a gavel.
The judge gavelled for order in the courtroom after the defendent burst out with a confession.
geld Tweet Definition of geld Like Definition of geld on Facebook
  1. money; tribute; compensation; ransom.
  1. (transitive) To castrate a male (usually an animal).
gemot Tweet Definition of gemot Like Definition of gemot on Facebook
  1. A meeting or assembly, especially in Anglo-Saxon England.
gentleman Tweet Definition of gentleman Like Definition of gentleman on Facebook
noun (gentlemen)
  1. A man of breeding or higher class.
  2. A polite term referring to a man.
Please direct this to the menswear department.
  1. (context, in plural only) A polite form of address to a group of men.
Follow me, gentlemen.
  1. (gentlemen's) Toilets intended for use by men.
gentry Tweet Definition of gentry Like Definition of gentry on Facebook
  1. People of education and good breeding.
  2. (context, British) In a restricted sense, those people between the nobility and the yeomanry.
  1. Birth; condition; rank by birth.
  2. Courtesy; civility; complaisance.
Georgian Tweet Definition of Georgian Like Definition of Georgian on Facebook
  1. A person from the country of Georgia or of Georgian descent.
  2. A person from the U.S. State of Georgia or of Georgian descent.
proper noun 
  1. The language of the country of Georgia.
  1. Of, from, or pertaining to the country of Georgia, the Georgian people or the Georgian language.
  2. Of, from, or pertaining to the U.S. State of Georgia or its Georgian or English dialect.
  3. Of, from, or characteristic of the reigns of Kings George I-IV of the UK (1714-1837).
germinal Tweet Definition of germinal Like Definition of germinal on Facebook
  1. (figurative) Of or pertaining to something very small, as small as a germ; pertaining to the essence of something.
It was only the most idea, to start writing a book, originally.
ghazi Tweet Definition of ghazi Like Definition of ghazi on Facebook
  1. A hero or champion, especially as a Muslim against non-Muslims; often used as a title.
    • 2001, Orhan Pamuk, My Name Is Red, tr. ErdaÄ� M Gí¶knar:
    • :On a particularly joyous day of the festivities, below Our Sultan"s loge overlooking the Hippodrome, a division of impoverished frontier ghazis appeared in tattered clothes.
ghetto Tweet Definition of ghetto Like Definition of ghetto on Facebook
noun (s, pl2=ghettoes)
  1. The district in a city where Jews were compelled to confine themselves.
The Jews of Venice were confined to the ghèto, in what is now the Arsenale district
  1. An economically depressed urban district predominently inhabited by members of one ethnic or religious group.
Bedford-Stuyvesant and Brownsville are often cited as African-American ghettos.
South New Orleans is often thought of as a Black Ghetto.
  1. A district where members of one ethnic, religious, or cultural group are congregated, usually voluntarily.
The Castro district of San Francisco is a gay ghetto.
Beverley Hills is the ghetto of the glitterati.
  1. of or related to a ghetto or to ghettos in general
  2. (slang) (informal) of low quality; cheap; shabby
My apartment's so ghetto, the rats and cockroaches filed a complaint with the city!
I like to drive ghetto cars, if they break down you can just abandon them and pick up a new one!
gild Tweet Definition of gild Like Definition of gild on Facebook
verb (inf=to gild, gilds, gilding, gilded or gilt, gilded or gilt)
  1. (transitive) To cover with a thin layer of gold; to cover with gold leaf.
  1. to adorn
  2. to make appear drunk
Golden Horde Tweet Definition of Golden Horde Like Definition of Golden Horde on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The Mongol invaders who invaded Europe in the 13th Century (1237) and were eventually stopped by Tarlemain in 1395.
  2. The name of a Rock Band.
Gothic Tweet Definition of Gothic Like Definition of Gothic on Facebook
noun Goth"ic
  1. an extinct language, once spoken by the Goths in what is now Ukraine and Bulgaria.
adjective or gothic
  1. of or related to the Goth, Goths.
  2. of or related to the architecture, architectural style favored in western Europe in the 12th to 16th centuries.
  3. of or related to the goth subculture or lifestyle.
  4. of or related to a style of fictional writing emphasizing violent or macabre events in a mysterious, desolate setting.
  5. of a style of elaborate calligraphy based on medieval writing, also called black letter.
  6. (typography) of a sans serif typeface using straight, even-width lines, also called typesetters gothic.
guild Tweet Definition of guild Like Definition of guild on Facebook
  1. an association of tradespeople made up of merchants, craftspeople, or artisans, particularly in the Middle Ages
Gunpowder Plot Tweet Definition of Gunpowder Plot Like Definition of Gunpowder Plot on Facebook
proper noun gunpowder, Gunpowder plot, Plot
  1. A failed plot, in 1605, to kill the Protestant king of England.

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