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gabardine Tweet Definition of gabardine Like Definition of gabardine on Facebook
noun (plural: gabardines)
  1. a type of cloth with a diagonal ribbed texture on one side
gaberdine Tweet Definition of gaberdine Like Definition of gaberdine on Facebook
  1. a long cloak
galloon Tweet Definition of galloon Like Definition of galloon on Facebook
  1. (obsolete) A braided trimming with bullion thread, used on men's coats in the eighteenth century, on women's apparel in the nineteenth, or on something like drapery or cushions.
1918 And when the "Atlantis" had finally entered the port and all its many-decked mass leaned against the quay, and the gang-plank began to rattle heavily, -- what a crowd of porters, with their assistants, in caps with golden galloons, what a crowd of various boys and husky ragamuffins with pads of colored postal cards attacked the Gentleman from San Francisco, offering their services! " Ivan Bunin,,+Ivan:+The+Gentleman+from+San+Francisco,+1918&query=galloon&id=BunGent The Gentleman from San Francisco.
gather Tweet Definition of gather Like Definition of gather on Facebook
noun (plural: gathers)
  1. A plait or fold in cloth, made by drawing a thread through it; a pucker.
  2. The inclination forward of the axle journals to keep the wheels from working outward.
  3. The soffit or under surface of the masonry required in gathering. See Gather, v. t., 7.
  1. To bring together; to collect, as a number of separate things, into one place, or into one aggregate body; to assemble; to muster; to congregate.
  2. To pick out and bring together from among what is of less value; to collect, as a harvest; to harvest; to cull; to pick off; to pluck.
  3. To accumulate by collecting and saving little by little; to amass; to gain; to heap up.
  4. To bring closely together the parts or particles of; to contract; to compress; to bring together in folds or plaits, as a garment; also, to draw together, as a piece of cloth by a thread; to pucker; to plait; as, to gather a ruffle.
  5. To derive, or deduce, as an inference; to collect, as a conclusion, from circumstances that suggest, or arguments that prove; to infer; to conclude.
    I you mean I'm ignorant rather than stupid.
  6. To gain; to win.
  7. To bring together, or nearer together, in masonry, as where the width of a fireplace is rapidly diminished to the width of the flue, or the like.
  8. To haul in; to take up; as, to gather the slack of a rope.
  9. To come together; to collect; to unite; to become assembled; to congregate.
  10. To grow larger by accretion; to increase.
  11. To concentrate; to come to a head, as a sore, and generate pus; as, a boil has gathered.
  12. To collect or bring things together.
gauze Tweet Definition of gauze Like Definition of gauze on Facebook
  1. A thin fabric with a loose, open weave.
  2. A similar bleached cotton fabric used as a surgical dressing.
  3. A thin woven metal of plastic mesh.
  4. wire, Wire gauze, used as fence.
gig Tweet Definition of gig Like Definition of gig on Facebook
  1. (archaic) A two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage.
  2. (archaic) A forked spear for catching fish, frogs, or other small animals.
  3. (colloquial) A performing engagement by a musical group.
I caught one of the Rolling Stones' first gigs in Richmond
  1. (colloquial) Any temporary job.
I had this as a file clerk but it wasn't my style so I left
  1. (rare) A six-oared sea rowing boat commonly found in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.
verb (gigs, gigging, gigged)
  1. To catch with a gig.
  2. To engage in musical performances.
The Stones were gigging around Richmond at the time
  1. To make fun of; to make a joke at someone's expense, often condescending.
His older cousin was just gigging him about being in love with that girl from school.
gill Tweet Definition of gill Like Definition of gill on Facebook
noun (rfc-level, Noun at L4+ not in L3 POS section)
  1. The breathing organ of fish and other aquatic animals.
  2. One of the radial folds on the underside of the cap of a mushroom, on the surface of which the spore-producing organs are borne.
gin Tweet Definition of gin Like Definition of gin on Facebook
  1. (obsolete) A trick; a device or instrument.
  2. A snare or trap for game.
  3. A machine for hoisting or moving heavy objects.
  4. A pile driver.
  5. A windpump.
  6. A cotton gin.
= verb (gin, n, ed)
  1. (transitive) To remove the seeds from cotton with a cotton gin.
  2. (transitive) To trap something in a gin.
gingham Tweet Definition of gingham Like Definition of gingham on Facebook
  1. A cotton fabric made from dyed and white yarn woven in checks
Gloria Tweet Definition of Gloria Like Definition of Gloria on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (given name, female)
gossamer Tweet Definition of gossamer Like Definition of gossamer on Facebook
  1. A fine film or strand as of cobwebs, floating in the air or caught on bushes etc.
  2. A soft, sheer fabric.
  3. Anything delicate, light and flimsy.
  1. Tenuous, light, filmy or delicate.
"The heaven was spangled with tremulous stars, and at the horizon the clouds hung down in folds---God's robe trailing in the sea!" — Thomas Bailey Aldrich (1836-1907)
grease Tweet Definition of grease Like Definition of grease on Facebook
noun (rfc-level, Noun at L4+ not in L3 POS section)
  1. Animal fat in a melted or soft state; oily or fatty matter of any kind.
  2. Inflammation of a horse's heels also knowen as scratches (pastern dermatitis).
verb (greas, ing)
  1. Put grease or fat on something to lubricate.
  2. To bribe.
  3. (italbrac, aviation slang) To perform a landing extraordinarily smoothly.
To my amazement, I greased the landing despite the tricky crosswinds.
  1. (slang) To kill
greige Tweet Definition of greige Like Definition of greige on Facebook
  1. (rfv-sense) A colour between grey and beige, closely akin to taupe.
    • 1943, S.J. Perelman, The Dream Department, page 74:
      Brilliant, sparkling reds will complement the bright, new beauty of Fall fashions and accent the subtle reserve of pale Priority beiges and greiges.
    • 1959, Paint, Oil and Chemical Review vol. 122, page 12:
      The August issue of Better Homes & Gardens, for example, features an article showing which accents look best with greiges and other popular colors.
    • 2006, Lauri Ward, Home Therapy, ISBN 039953279X, page 256:
      To accessorize the server, we arranged a grouping of mahogany candlesticks in a variety of interesting shapes, a small -colored vase, and a platter that incorporates the colors of the candlesticks as well as the of the vase.
  1. (context, of textiles) Unfinished; not fully processed; neither bleached nor dyed.
The rolls of cloth sat on the factory floor waiting to be printed.
grenadine Tweet Definition of grenadine Like Definition of grenadine on Facebook
  1. A cordial syrup made from pomegranates, or a dilute drink made from such syrup.
grille Tweet Definition of grille Like Definition of grille on Facebook
  1. Alternative spelling of grill.
verb (no-verb-1, grill)
  1. To grill
grosgrain Tweet Definition of grosgrain Like Definition of grosgrain on Facebook
noun grossgrain
  1. a silk fabric having narrow, horizontal ribs
gunny Tweet Definition of gunny Like Definition of gunny on Facebook
  1. A coarse heavy fabric made of jute or hemp.
    1. The Gibson.

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