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calico Tweet Definition of calico Like Definition of calico on Facebook
noun (Plural: calicos or calicoes)
  1. A kind of rough cloth, often printed with a bright pattern.
  1. Having a pattern of red and contrasting areas, resembling the color of calico cloth.
The cat had distinctive red and dark markings.
The patterned tableclothes were supposed to make the restaurant look rustic, instead they made it look run down.
camlet Tweet Definition of camlet Like Definition of camlet on Facebook
  1. A fine fabric made from wool and silk.
  2. A garment made from such a fabric.
July 1, 1660 This morning came home my fine Camlett cloak, with gold buttons, and a silk suit, which cost me much money, and I pray God to make me able to pay for it. " Samuel Pepys, s:Diary of Samuel Pepys/1660/July, Diary of Samuel Pepys
1844 With this announcement he hurried away to the outer door of the Blue Dragon, and almost immediately returned with a companion shorter than himself, who was wrapped in an old blue cloak with a lining of faded scarlet. " Charles Dickens, Martin Chuzzlewit, s:Martin Chuzzlewit/Chapter 4, Chapter 4
1893 She was richly clad in a bodice of gold-coloured and a skirt of gray silk trimmed with gold and silver lace. " Arthur Conan Doyle, The Refugees, s:The Refugees/Chapter III, Chapter 3.
canvas Tweet Definition of canvas Like Definition of canvas on Facebook
noun (countable and uncountable; plural (UK) canvasses, (US) canvases)
  1. A type of coarse cloth, woven from hemp, useful for making sails and tents or as a surface for paintings.
  • 1882: The term canvas is very widely used, as well to denote the coarse fabrics employed for kitchen use, as for strainers, and wraps for meat, as for the best quality of ordinary table and shirting linen. — James Edwin Thorold Rogers, A History of Agriculture and Prices in England, Volume 4, p. 556.
    1. A piece of canvas cloth stretched across a frame on which one may paint.
    2. A basis for creative work.
The author takes rural midwestern life as a for a series of tightly woven character studies.
  1. (nautical) sails in general
  2. A tent.
He spent the night under .
verb (canvas, es)
  1. To cover an area or object with canvas.
card Tweet Definition of card Like Definition of card on Facebook
  1. A flat, normally rectangular piece of stiff paper, plastic etc. especially: one of a pack bearing numbers and symbols used in playing a variety of card games, e.g. a post card, a greeting card (Christmas, birthday etc.,) an identification card, a credit card, a business card, an index card, a baseball card or a warning card.
  2. (informal) An amusing but slightly foolish person.
  3. (context, rare, textiles) A device to raise the nap on a fabric.
  4. (context, rare, textiles) A machine for disentagling the fibres of wool prior to spinning.
  5. (Cricket) A tabular presentation of the key statistics of an innings or match:- batsman, batsmen's scores and how they were dismissed, extras, total score and bowling figures.
  1. (horse racing) A listing of the runners and riders, together with colours and recent form, for all the races on a particular day at a particular racecourse
verb (cards, carding, carded)
  1. To check IDs at a venue with a minimum age requirement
They have to anybody who looks 30 or younger.
  1. (context, rare, textiles) To use the above device or machine.
  2. To scrape or tear someone's flesh using a metal comb, as a form of torture
carpet Tweet Definition of carpet Like Definition of carpet on Facebook
noun (uncountable and countable)
  1. A fabric used as a floor covering; a rug.
  2. (figurative) Any surface resembling a carpet.
  3. (vulgar) A woman's pubic hair.
  1. To lay carpet, or to have carpet installed, in an area.
After the fire, they carpeted over the blackened hardwood flooring.
The builders were carpeting in the living room when Zadie inspected her new house.
  1. (transitive) To substantially cover something; to blanket something.
Popcorn and candy wrappers carpeted the floor of the cinema.
carpeting Tweet Definition of carpeting Like Definition of carpeting on Facebook
  1. carpet, Carpet or a piece of carpet, especially when speaking of installation or removal.
''As part of the restoration of the house, they took up the and left the hardwood floors exposed.
  1. (present participle of, carpet)
She considered her bedroom floor to cover the blood stains in the floorboards.
carrot Tweet Definition of carrot Like Definition of carrot on Facebook
  1. A vegetable with a nutritious, juicy, orange, sweet root.
cashmere Tweet Definition of cashmere Like Definition of cashmere on Facebook
  1. Fine, downy wool from beneath the outer hair of the Cashmere goat
  2. A soft fabric made of this wool
proper noun Cashmere (archaic)
  1. Kashmir
cassimere Tweet Definition of cassimere Like Definition of cassimere on Facebook
  1. (obsolete spelling of, cashmere)
  1. A thin, lightweight twilled woolen fabric, also spelled kerseymere.
  2. An inexpensive version of this fabric, made with a cotton warp and a wool weft.
cast Tweet Definition of cast Like Definition of cast on Facebook
  1. A supportive and immobilising device used to help mend broken bones.
The doctor put a on the boy"s broken arm.
  1. The collective group of people performing a play or production together.
He"s in the of Oliver.
  1. The casting procedure.
  2. A small mass of earth excreted by a worm.
  3. An object made in a mould.
  4. The mould used to make cast objects; as, a plaster cast.
  5. A squint.
  6. visual, Visual appearance.
Her features had a delicate to them. (rfex, the ones without)
verb (casts, casting, cast, )
  1. To throw forcefully.
He a stone at the dog.
  1. To throw something down or toss something aside.
to away fear
She the die.
  1. To throw a fishing line or net into the water.
The fisherman the net into the sea.
  1. To assign a role in a play or performance.
The director the part carefully.
  1. (computing) To change a variable type from, for example, integer to real, or integer to text.
Casting is generally an indication of bad design.
  1. Make by pouring into a mould.
  2. (of animals) To lose the hair or fur of the coat, usually in spring.
  3. (context, of fabric) To twist or warp.
  4. (nautical) To bring the bows of a sailing ship on to the required tack just as the anchor is weighed by use of the headsail.
  5. (nautical) To heave the lead and line in order to ascertain the depth of water.
  6. (context, accountancy) To add up a column of figures; cross-cast refers to adding up a row of figures.
Castor Tweet Definition of Castor Like Definition of Castor on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (greekmyth): One of the Dioscuri
  2. (star): A double star in the constellation Gemini; alpha (α) Geminorum.
Challis Tweet Definition of Challis Like Definition of Challis on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. an English surname derived from a Norman habitational name for someone from Eschalle in Pas-de-Calais, France
chamois Tweet Definition of chamois Like Definition of chamois on Facebook
noun (chamois)
  1. A short-horned goat-antelope native to mountainous terrain in southern Europe; Rupicapra rupicapra.
  2. (italbrac, Usually as "chamois leather") Soft pliable leather originally made from the skin of chamois (nowadays the hides of deer, sheep, and other species of goat are alternatively used).
  3. (colour) The traditional colour of chamois leather: <table><tr><td bgcolor="
    1. FBE4C7?" width="80">&nbsp; </td></tr></table>
  1. Chamois-coloured.
cheesecloth Tweet Definition of cheesecloth Like Definition of cheesecloth on Facebook
  1. A loosely woven cotton gauze. Originally used to wrap cheese but now used for many tasks including in cooking used to strain liquids or make sachets and by farmers to shade crops and keep birds off.
chenille Tweet Definition of chenille Like Definition of chenille on Facebook
noun (wikipedia, chenille fabric)
  1. an extremely soft and bunchy fabric often used to make sweaters
cheviot Tweet Definition of cheviot Like Definition of cheviot on Facebook
  1. a coarse woolen fabric made from the wool of Cheviot sheep
chevron Tweet Definition of chevron Like Definition of chevron on Facebook
  1. a V-shaped pattern; used in architecture, and as an insignia of military or police rank, on the sleeve
  2. In heraldry, a wide inverted V placed on a shield.
  3. (context, mostly, UK) V-shaped markings on the surface of roads used to indicate minimum distances between vehicles
  1. to form or be formed into chevrons
    • 1963, Lucien Victor Gewiss, "Process and Devices for Chevroning Pliable Sheet Material," US Patent 3397261, page 14:
      "...the sheet to be chevroned locks itself into the furrow."
    • 1983, Allen Sillitoe, The Lost Flying Boat, ISBN 0246122366, page 118:
      "Bull fixed the claw under a batten, strained like a sailor at the capstan, shirt off, arms chevroned by elaborate tattoos"
    • 2003, Felice Picano, A House on the Ocean, a House on the Bay, ISBN 1560234407, page 55:
      "Earlier, in glaring winter daylight, I'd first noticed thin lines chevroning off the edge of each eye into the taut skin of his cheeks..."
chinchilla Tweet Definition of chinchilla Like Definition of chinchilla on Facebook
  1. A small, nocturnal rodent of the genus Chinchilla, native to the Andes, prized for its very soft fur and also often kept as a pet.
  2. The fur of a chinchilla used for clothing.
chine Tweet Definition of chine Like Definition of chine on Facebook
noun (wikipedia, Chine (boating))
  1. The top of a ridge.
  2. The spine of an animal.
  3. (nautical) a sharp angle in the cross section of a hull
  4. (Southern England) a steep-sided ravine leading from the top of a cliff down to the sea
chino Tweet Definition of chino Like Definition of chino on Facebook
noun (wikipedia, Chino_cloth)
(plural chinos)
  1. A coarse cotton fabric commonly used to make trousers and uniforms.
cloth Tweet Definition of cloth Like Definition of cloth on Facebook
noun (pl=cloths, pl2=clothes)
  1. (uncountable) A woven fabric such as used in dressing, decorating, cleaning or other practical use.
  2. A piece of cloth used for a particular purpose.
  3. A form of attire that represents a particular profession.
coated Tweet Definition of coated Like Definition of coated on Facebook
  1. (past of, coat)
cobbler Tweet Definition of cobbler Like Definition of cobbler on Facebook
  1. A person who makes and repairs shoes.
  2. A kind of pie, usually filled with fruit, that lacks a base crust.
  3. (slang) A police officer, usually used in the plural form.
Look out, it's the cobblers!.
coir Tweet Definition of coir Like Definition of coir on Facebook
  1. The fibre obtained from the husk of a coconut, used chiefly in making rope and matting. Derived from malayalam �യറ� kayar
conditioner Tweet Definition of conditioner Like Definition of conditioner on Facebook
  1. anything that improves the condition of something
  2. hair conditioner
  3. someone who trains athletes
converter Tweet Definition of converter Like Definition of converter on Facebook
  1. A person or thing that converts.
cord Tweet Definition of cord Like Definition of cord on Facebook
noun (countable except where indicated; plural cords)
  1. A long, thin, flexible length of twisted strands of fibre/fiber, for example rope; (uncountable) such a length of twisted strands considered as a commodity.
The burglar tied up the householder with a cord.
He looped some cord around his fingers.
  1. A small flexible conductor assembly of insulated wires, "lamp" or "sweeper" cords.
  2. A unit of measurement used for firewood, equal to 128 cubic feet (4 x 4 x 8 feet).
  3. (in plural cords) See cords.
  4. A cross-section measurement of an aircraft's wing.
corduroy Tweet Definition of corduroy Like Definition of corduroy on Facebook
  1. A heavy fabric, usually made of cotton, with vertical ribs.
cotton Tweet Definition of cotton Like Definition of cotton on Facebook
  1. A plant that encases its seed in a thin fiber that is harvested and used as a fabric or cloth.
  2. The textile that is harvested from the cotton plant.
  1. Made of cotton.
cottonade Tweet Definition of cottonade Like Definition of cottonade on Facebook
  1. A somewhat stout and thick fabric of cotton, generally inferior, coarser, and less durable.
cotton gin Tweet Definition of cotton gin Like Definition of cotton gin on Facebook
  1. A machine used for separating cotton fibers from cotton seeds, etc.
  2. (slang) Any mechanism that separates one person from another, whether it be distance, time, or apathy
    • She really put me in the cotton gin, when she wouldn't call me back.
cotton wool Tweet Definition of cotton wool Like Definition of cotton wool on Facebook
  1. raw fibers of cotton before being processed
  2. absorbent cotton for medical or cosmetic use etc.
crape Tweet Definition of crape Like Definition of crape on Facebook
  1. A thin, crimped stuff, made of raw silk gummed and twisted on the mill. Black crape is much used for mourning garments, also for the dress of some clergymen.
crash Tweet Definition of crash Like Definition of crash on Facebook
noun (crashes)
  1. An automobile, airplane, or other vehicle accident.
  2. A computer malfunction that is caused by faulty software, and makes the system either partially or totally inoperable.
  3. A loud sound as made for example by cymbals.
  4. A comedown of a drug.
  5. A herd of rhinoceroses.
    • (post, 1991) Patrick F. McManus?, "Nincompoopery and Other Group Terms", in The Grasshopper Trap, Henry Holt and Company, ISBN 0-8050-0111-5, page 103,
    • : One of my favorites among the terms of groups of creatures is a ' of rhinoceros. I can imagine an African guide saying to his client, "Shoot, dammit, shoot! Here comes the whole bloody of rhinoceros!"
    • : " Personally, I think I"d just as soon come across a of rhinoceros as a knot of toad.
    • 1998, E. Melanie Watt, Black Rhinos, page 19
    • : The largest group of black rhinos reported was made up of 13 individuals. A group of rhinos is called a .
    • 1999, Edward Osborne Wilson, The Diversity of Life, page 126
    • : Out in the water a of rhinoceros-like animals browse belly deep through a bed of aquatic plants.
    • 2003', Claude Herve-Bazin, Judith Farr Kenya and Tanzania'', page 23
    • : The of rhinoceros at Tsavo now numbers almost 200.
verb (crash, es)
  1. (intransitive) to collide with something destructively
  2. (intransitive) to make informal temporary living arrangments
Hey dude, can I at your pad?
  1. (intransitive) (of a computer program) to terminate extraordinary, extraordinarily
  2. (transitive) to severely damage or destroy something by causing it to collide with something else
  3. (transitive)(slang) to turn up at or join a social event without having been invited
  1. quick, fast, intensive
crash course
creel Tweet Definition of creel Like Definition of creel on Facebook
  1. (context, fishing) An osier basket, such as anglers use to hold fish.
  2. A bar or set of bars with skewers for holding paying-off bobbins, as in the roving machine, throstle, and mule.
crepe de Chine Tweet Definition of crepe de Chine Like Definition of crepe de Chine on Facebook
noun (plural crepes de Chine or crepe de Chines)
  1. A fine, thin fabric, usually of silk, that is used to make dresses or blouses.
cretonne Tweet Definition of cretonne Like Definition of cretonne on Facebook
  1. A strong, heavy fabric of cotton, linen or rayon, used to make curtains and upholstery.
crimp Tweet Definition of crimp Like Definition of crimp on Facebook
  1. A fastener or a fastening method that secures parts by bending metal around a joint and squeezing it together, often with a tool that adds indentations to capture the parts.
The strap was held together by a simple metal .
  1. (obsolete): A coal broker. Provincial England
  2. (obsolete): One who decoys or entraps men into the military or naval service.
  3. (obsolete): A keeper of a low lodging house where sailors and emigrants are entrapped and fleeced.
  4. (usually in plural): A hairstyle which has been crimped, or shaped so it bends back and forth in many short kinks.
  5. (obsolete): A game at cards.
  1. To fasten by bending metal so that it squeezes around the parts to be fastened.
He crimped the wire in place.
  1. To style hair into a crimp.
  1. (obsolete): Easily crumbled; friable; brittle.
  2. (obsolete): Weak; inconsistent; contradictory.
crock Tweet Definition of crock Like Definition of crock on Facebook
  1. A stoneware or earthenware jar or storage container.
  2. A piece of broken pottery, a shard.
  3. (UK, AU) A person who is physically limited by age or injury. Old crocks home = home for the aged
  4. An old or broken-down vehicle (and formerly a horse). Old crocks race = veteran car rally
  5. (slang) Silly talk, a foolish belief, a poor excuse. (short for crock of shit.)
  1. To break something or injure someone.
    • 1904, P.G. Wodehouse, w:The Gold Bat, The Gold Bat
      "That last time I brought down Barry I crocked him. He's in his study now with a sprained ankle. ..."
    • 2007 January 3, Daily Mirror:
      Thousands of cars crocked by dodgy fuel
    • 2006 April 30, The Sunday Times:
      Ferreira ... peremptorily expunges England"s World Cup chances by crocking Wayne Rooney.
      1. (textiles, leatherworking) To transfer coloring through abrasion from one item to another.
    • 1917, John H. Pfingsten, "Colouring-matter for leather and method of using the same", US Patent 1371572, page 1:
      thus producing a permanent, definite color thereon which will not fade or , and at the same time using up all of the coloring matter.
    • 1964, Isabel Barnum Wingate, Know Your Merchandise, page 109:
      Colored fabrics should be dried separately for the first few times to prevent crocking (rubbing off of dye).
    • 2002, Sandy Scrivano, Sewing With Leather & Suede, ISBN 1579902731, page 95:
      In leather garments, lining also prevents crocking of color onto skin or garments worn underneath.
      1. (horticulture) To cover the drain holes of a planter with stones or similar material, in order to ensure proper drainage.
    • 1900, H.A. Burberry, The Amateur Orchid Cultivators' Guide Book, page 21:
      The pots should be crocked for drainage to one-half their depth and the plants made moderately firm in the compost, as already indicated...
cylinder Tweet Definition of cylinder Like Definition of cylinder on Facebook
  1. (geometry) A surface created by projecting a closed two-dimensional curve along an axis intersecting the plane of the curve.
When the two-dimensional curve is a circle, the cylinder is called a circular cylinder. When the axis is perpendicular to the plane of the curve, the cylinder is called a right cylinder. In non-mathematical usage, both 'right and circular are usually implied.
  1. (geometry) A solid figure bounded by a cylinder and two parallel planes intersecting the cylinder.
  2. Any object in the form of a circular cylinder.
    • 1898 " w:H. G. Wells, H. G. Wells, The War of the Worlds Ch.4
    • :A big greyish rounded bulk, the size, perhaps, of a bear, was rising slowly and painfully out of the .
      1. A cylindrical cavity or chamber in a mechanism, such as the counterpart to a piston found in a piston-driven engine.
      2. A container in the form of a cylinder with rounded ends for storing pressurized gas.
      3. An early form of phonograph recording, made on a wax cylinder.

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