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panel Tweet Definition of panel Like Definition of panel on Facebook
  1. A (usually) rectangular section of a surface, or of a covering or of a wall, fence etc.
Behind the picture was a panel on the wall
  1. A group of people gathered to judge, interview, discuss etc. as on a television or radio broadcast for example.
Today's panel includes John Smith...
verbto panel (panelled, panelling; US paneled, paneling)
  1. to fit with panels
parallax Tweet Definition of parallax Like Definition of parallax on Facebook
  1. The change of angular position of two stationary points relative to each other as seen by an observer, due to the motion of an observer
  2. The apparent shift of an object against a background due to a change in observer position
pellicle Tweet Definition of pellicle Like Definition of pellicle on Facebook
  1. a thin skin or film
  2. cuticle, the hard protective outer layer of certain life forms
  3. the skin of a mushroom cap
  4. the growth on the surface of a liquid culture
  5. the photosensitive emulsion of photographic film
  6. (optics) a thin plastic membrane used as a beam splitter or protective cover
photo Tweet Definition of photo Like Definition of photo on Facebook
  1. photograph
  1. To take a photograph.
photocopy Tweet Definition of photocopy Like Definition of photocopy on Facebook
noun (pl=photocopies)
  1. A copy made using a photocopier
verb (photocop, i, ed)
  1. to make a copy using a photocopier
photoduplicate Tweet Definition of photoduplicate Like Definition of photoduplicate on Facebook
  1. a photocopy
verbto photoduplicate
  1. to photocopy
photofinishing Tweet Definition of photofinishing Like Definition of photofinishing on Facebook
  1. (photography) The commercial developing and printing of photographs
photoflash Tweet Definition of photoflash Like Definition of photoflash on Facebook
  1. (photography) A lamp that emits a brief flash of bright light; used to take photographs in a dark environment
  2. (photography) A flashbulb
photogelatin Tweet Definition of photogelatin Like Definition of photogelatin on Facebook
  1. gelatin, coated on a glass plate, that carries an image to be printed by the collotype process
photogram Tweet Definition of photogram Like Definition of photogram on Facebook
  1. A photograph made without using a camera; normally by placing an object in contact with photosensitive paper and exposing it to light
photograph Tweet Definition of photograph Like Definition of photograph on Facebook
  1. A picture created by projecting an image onto a photosensitive surface such as a chemically treated plate or film, CCD receptor, etc.
  1. (transitive) take a photograph (of a subject)
photographic Tweet Definition of photographic Like Definition of photographic on Facebook
  1. Pertaining to photographs or photography.
This shop stocks all the latest photographic equipment.
photography Tweet Definition of photography Like Definition of photography on Facebook
noun (uncountable)
  1. The art and technology of producing images on photosensitive surfaces.
  2. The occupation of taking (and often printing) photographs.
photosensitize Tweet Definition of photosensitize Like Definition of photosensitize on Facebook
verbto photosensitize
  1. (transitive) to make something photosensitive
photostat Tweet Definition of photostat Like Definition of photostat on Facebook
  1. A photocopy, especially one made by a Photostat machine
verbto photostat
  1. To make such a photocopy
plate Tweet Definition of plate Like Definition of plate on Facebook
  1. A serving dish or food course.
We filled our plate from the bountiful table.
  1. A flat metallic object of uniform thickness.
A clutch usually has two plates.
  1. (weightlifting) A weighted disk, usually of metal, with a hole in the center for use with a barbell, dumbbell, or exercise machine.
  2. (printing) An engraved surface used to transfer an image to paper.
We finished making the plates this morning.
  1. (context, printing, photography) An image or copy.
  2. (dentistry) A shaped and fitted surface, usually ceramic or metal that fits into the mouth and in which teeth are implanted; a dental plate.
  3. (construction) A horizontal framing member at the top or bottom of a group of vertical studs.
  4. A decorative or food service item coated with silver.
The tea was served in the .
  1. (Cockney rhyming slang) feet, from "plates of meat".
"Sit down and give your plates a rest"
  1. (baseball) home plate; where the batter stands next to
There was a close play at the .
  1. (geology) tectonic plate
verb (plat, ing)
  1. To cover the surface material of an object with a thin coat of another material, usually a metal.
This ring is plated with a thin layer of gold.
  1. To place the various elements of a meal on the diner's plate prior to serving.
After preparation, the chef will the dish.
  1. To perform cunnilingus.
He fingered her as he plated her with his tongue.
positive Tweet Definition of positive Like Definition of positive on Facebook
  1. A thing capable of being affirmed; something real or actual.
  2. A favourable point or characteristic.
  3. Something having a value in physics, such as an electric charge.
  4. (grammar) An adjective or adverb in the degree.
  5. (context, photography) A image; one that displays true colors and shades, as opposed to a negative.
  1. Definitively laid down; explicitly stated; clearly expressed, precise, emphatic.
    • Bacon:
    • : Positive words, that he would not bear arms against King Edward"s son.
      1. Fully assured, confident; certain.
      I"m absolutely you've spelt that wrong.
      1. Overconfident, dogmatic.
    • Pope:
    • : Some , persisting fops we know, That, if once wrong, will needs be always so.
      1. (grammar) Describing the primary sense of an adjective or adverb; not comparative or superlative.
      "Better" is an irregular comparative of the form "good".
      1. Derived from an object by itself; not dependent on changing circumstances or relations; absolute.
      The idea of beauty is not , but depends on the different tastes of individuals.
      1. Wholly what is expressed; colloquially downright, entire, outright.
      Good lord, you've built up a arsenal of weaponry here.
      1. Characterised by the existence or presence of qualities or features, rather than by their absence.
      The box was not empty " I felt some substance within it.
      1. Characterised by the presence of features which support a hypothesis.
      The results of our experiment are .
      1. Characterised by affirmation, constructiveness, or influence for the better; favourable.
      He has a outlook on life.
      The first-night reviews were largely .
    • Swift:
    • : a voice in legislation.
      1. (context, chiefly, philosophy) actual, Actual, real, concrete.
    • Bacon:
    • : Positive good.
      1. (photography) Of a visual image, true to the original in light, shade and colour values.
      A photograph can be developed from a photographic negative.
      1. (physics) Having more protons than electrons.
      A cation is a positive ion as it has more protons than electrons.
      1. (slang) HIV positive.
print Tweet Definition of print Like Definition of print on Facebook
  1. (uncountable) book, Books and other material created by printing presses, considered collectively or as a medium.
  • Three citations are required for each meaning, including one in .
TV and the internet haven't killed .
  1. (uncountable) Clear handwriting, especially, writing without connected letters as in cursive.
Write in using block letters.
  1. (uncountable) The letters forming the text of a document.
The is too small for me to read.
  1. A visible impression on a surface.
Using a crayon, the girl made a of the leaf under the page.
  1. A fingerprint.
Did the police find any prints at the scene?
  1. A footprint.
  2. (context, visual art) A picture that was created in multiple copy, copies by printing.
  3. (context, photography) A photograph that has been printed onto paper from the negative.
  4. (context, motion pictures) A copy of a film that can be projected.
  5. cloth, Cloth that has had a pattern of dye printed onto it.
  1. (transitive) To copy something onto a surface, especially by machine.
  • Print the draft double-spaced so we can mark changes between the lines.
The circuitry is printed onto the semiconductor surface.
  1. (context, transitive or intransitive) To write very clearly, especially, to write without connecting the letters as in cursive.
  • Print your name here and sign below.
  • I'm only in grade 2, so I only know how to .
    1. (transitive) To publish in a book, newspaper, etc.
  • How could they an unfounded rumour like that?
  • adjective
    1. of, relating to, or writing for printed publications
    process Tweet Definition of process Like Definition of process on Facebook
    noun (rfc-level, Noun at L4+ not in L3 POS section)
    1. A series of events to produce a result, especially as contrasted to product.
    This product of last month's quality standards committee is quite good, even though the was flawed.
    1. The act of serving a defendant with a summons or a writ.
    2. (biology) An outgrowth of tissue.
    3. (computing) A task or program that is or was execute, executing.
    4. (manufacturing) A set of procedures used to produce a product, most commonly in the food and chemical industries.
      • 1960, Mack Tyner, Process Engineering Calculations: Material and Energy Balances - Ordinarily a plant will use a steam boiler to supply its heat requirements and to drive a steam-turbine generator.
      • 1987, J. R. Richards, Principles of control system design in Modelling and control of fermentation es - The words plant or infer generally any dynamic system, be it primarily mechanical, electrical, or chemical in nature, and may extend also to include social or economic systems.
        1. A path of succession of states through which a system passes.
    verb (process, es)
    1. (transitive) To perform a particular process.
    2. (transitive) To treat with a substance
    3. (transitive) (computing) To use or manipulate data with a software program.
    proof Tweet Definition of proof Like Definition of proof on Facebook
    1. Any effort, process, or operation designed to establish or discover a fact or truth; an act of testing; a test; a trial.
    For whatsoever mother wit or art Could work, he put in . -w:Spenser.
    You shall have many proofs to show your skill. -w:Ford.
    Formerly, a very rude mode of ascertaining the strength of spirits was practiced, called the . -w:Ure.
    1. That degree of evidence which convinces the mind of any truth or fact, and produces belief; a test by facts or arguments that induce, or tend to induce, certainty of the judgment; conclusive evidence; demonstration.
    I'll have some . -w:Shak.
    It is no of a man's understanding to be able to confirm whatever he pleases. -w:Emerson.
    :Note: Properly speaking, proof is the effect or result of evidence, evidence is the medium of proof. Cf. Demonstration, 1.
      • 1990 October 28, w:Paul Simon, Paul Simon, "Proof", w:The Rhythm of the Saints, The Rhythm of the Saints, Warner Bros.
      • : Faith, faith is an island in the setting sun / But , is the bottom line for everyone
        1. The quality or state of having been proved or tried; firmness or hardness that resists impression, or does not yield to force; impenetrability of physical bodies.
        2. Firmness of mind; stability not to be shaken.
        3. (printing) A proof sheet; a trial impression, as from type, taken for correction or examination.
        4. (mathematics): A process for testing the accuracy of an operation performed. Cf. Prove, v. t., 5.
        5. (obsolete): Armor of excellent or tried quality, and deemed impenetrable; properly, armor of proof.
        6. A measure of the alcohol content of liquor. Originally in Britain 100 was defined as 57,1% by volume (not used anymore). In the US 100 means that the alcohol content is 50% of the total volume of the liquid and thus absolute alcohol would be 200 .
    1. (colloquial) To proofread.
    1. Used in proving or testing; as, a proof load, or proofcharge.
    2. Firm or successful in resisting; as, proof against harm; waterproof; bombproof.
    I ... have found thee Proof against all temptation. -w:Milton.
    This was a good, stout article of faith. -w:Burke.
    1. Being of a certain standard as to strength; -- said of alcoholic liquors.
    push Tweet Definition of push Like Definition of push on Facebook
    1. A short, directed application of force; an act of pushing.
    Give the door a hard if it sticks.
    1. An act of tensing the muscles of the abdomen in order to expel its contents.
    One more push and the baby will be out.
    1. A great effort (to do something).
    Some details got lost in the to get the project done.
    Let's give one last push on our advertising campaign.
    1. (military) A marching or drill maneuver/manoeuvre performed by moving a formation (especially a company front) forward or toward the audience, usually to accompany a dramatic climax or crescendo in the music.
    verb (push, es)
    1. (transitive) To apply a force to (an object) such that it moves away from the person or thing applying the force.
    In his anger he pushed me against the wall and threatened me.
    1. (transitive) To continually attempt to persuade (a person) into a particular course of action.
    2. (transitive) To continually attempt to promote (a point of view).
    Stop pushing the issue — I'm not interested.
    1. (transitive) To promote a product with the intention of selling it.
    They're pushing that perfume again.
    There were two men hanging around the school gates today, pushing drugs.
    1. (context, informal, transitive) To approach; to come close to.
    My old car is pushing 250,000 miles.
    He's pushing sixty. (= he's nearly sixty years old)
    1. (intransitive) To apply a force to an object such that it moves away from the person applying the force.
    You need to quite hard to get this door open.
    1. (intransitive) To tense the muscles in the abdomen in order to expel its contents.
    During childbirth, there are times when the obstetrician advises the woman not to .
    1. (intransitive) To continue to attempt to persuade a person into a particular course of action.

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