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Oriole Tweet Definition of Oriole Like Definition of Oriole on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (baseball) A player on the team "The Baltimore Orioles"
He became an as the result of a pre-season trade. <!-- move to proper entry:
  1. (baseball) The team "w:Baltimore Orioles, The Baltimore Orioles"
The Orioles and Indians split a pair.
osprey Tweet Definition of osprey Like Definition of osprey on Facebook
  1. A bird of prey (Pandion haliaetus) that feeds on fish and has white underparts and long, narrow wings each ending in four finger-like extensions.
  • 1594: I will provide thee of a princely . &mdash; Peele, Battle of Alcazar
  • c. 1612-13: But (oh Jove!) your actions, / Soon as they move, as ospreys do the fish, / Subdue before they touch. &mdash; Shakespeare, Fletcher, Two Noble Kinsmen
    ostrich Tweet Definition of ostrich Like Definition of ostrich on Facebook
    1. A large flightless bird (Struthio camelus) native to Africa.
    ousel Tweet Definition of ousel Like Definition of ousel on Facebook
    1. Alternative spelling of ouzel.
    ouzel Tweet Definition of ouzel Like Definition of ouzel on Facebook
    1. An aquatic perching bird of the genus Cinclus.
    ovenbird Tweet Definition of ovenbird Like Definition of ovenbird on Facebook
    1. Any of several birds
    1. (British) Any of several small birds that build dome-shaped nests; the long-tailed tit, willow warbler and chiffchaff
    2. A warbler, Seiurus auricapillus that builds such a nest of vegetation
    3. (Central America) Any of several passerine birds that build such nests of mud
    Owl Tweet Definition of Owl Like Definition of Owl on Facebook
    proper noun 
    1. A fictional character in w:A. A. Milne, A. A. Milne's book w:Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh and the w:Disney, Disney film of the same name.
    owlet Tweet Definition of owlet Like Definition of owlet on Facebook
    1. A young owl.
    oystercatcher Tweet Definition of oystercatcher Like Definition of oystercatcher on Facebook
    1. Any of various coastal wading birds of the genus Haematopus that have a long orange bill and feed on shellfish.

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