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rainbird Tweet Definition of rainbird Like Definition of rainbird on Facebook
  1. (South Africa) Any of the coucal species Centropus supercilliosus, C. cupreicadus or C. senegalensis.
raptor Tweet Definition of raptor Like Definition of raptor on Facebook
  1. A bird of prey.
rasorial Tweet Definition of rasorial Like Definition of rasorial on Facebook
  1. In the habit of scratching the ground for food, as domestic foul or other gallinaceous birds.
Raven Tweet Definition of Raven Like Definition of Raven on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (given name, female) for a girl with raven hair used since the 1970s.
redeye Tweet Definition of redeye Like Definition of redeye on Facebook
  1. (alternative spelling of, red-eye)
redhead Tweet Definition of redhead Like Definition of redhead on Facebook
noun (plural redheads)
  1. A person with red hair.
  2. A North-American duck.
redpoll Tweet Definition of redpoll Like Definition of redpoll on Facebook
noun (plural redpolls)
  1. Any of various finches in the genus Carduelis, which have characteristic red markings on their heads.
redshank Tweet Definition of redshank Like Definition of redshank on Facebook
noun (plural redshanks)
  1. Either of two species of Old World wading bird in the genus Tringa that have long red legs.
redstart Tweet Definition of redstart Like Definition of redstart on Facebook
noun (plural redstarts)
  1. Any of various insectivorous ground feeding birds, mainly of the genus Phoenicurus. Many of the species have a red tail.
redwing Tweet Definition of redwing Like Definition of redwing on Facebook
  1. A small thrush, Turdus iliacus, native to Eurasia. It has a white eye stripe and the feathers under its wings are red.
remex Tweet Definition of remex Like Definition of remex on Facebook
noun (plural remiges)
  1. a quill
  2. the flight feather of a bird
Rhea Tweet Definition of Rhea Like Definition of Rhea on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (greekmyth): A Titan, the daughter of Uranus and Gaia, the mother of Demeter, Hades, Hera, Hestia, Poseidon, and Zeus.
  2. (astronomy): One of the moons of Saturn.
rictus Tweet Definition of rictus Like Definition of rictus on Facebook
noun (rictus, es)
  1. A bird's gaping mouth
  2. Any open-mouthed expression
his face was a of sheer delight
ringdove Tweet Definition of ringdove Like Definition of ringdove on Facebook
  1. the wood pigeon
roadrunner Tweet Definition of roadrunner Like Definition of roadrunner on Facebook
  1. Either of two species of bird in the genus Geococcyx of the cuckoo family, native to North and Central America. They are fast runners.
Robin Tweet Definition of Robin Like Definition of Robin on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (given name, male).
  2. (given name, female), also associated with the bird robin.
  3. A fictional comic book superhero, the sidekick of Batman.
rock dove Tweet Definition of rock dove Like Definition of rock dove on Facebook
  1. A term used of the pigeon species Columba livia. Currently, term rock pigeon is preferred.
rocket Tweet Definition of rocket Like Definition of rocket on Facebook
  1. a rocket engine
  2. (military) non-guided missile
  3. vehicle propelled by an engine which makes use of w:Newton's laws of motion, Newton's Third Law of Motion by expelling burned fuel as exhaust at a high rate
  4. a projectile firework
  5. (slang) An ace (the playing card)
  1. To accelerate swiftly and powerfully
  2. To fly vertically
  3. To rise or soar rapidly
  4. To carry something in a rocket
  5. To attack something with rockets
roller Tweet Definition of roller Like Definition of roller on Facebook
noun (wikipedia, roller, roller (bird))
  1. anything that rolls
  2. any rotate, rotating cylindrical device that is part of a machine, especially one used to apply or reduce pressure
  3. (cricket) a heavy rolling device used to flatten the surface of the pitch
  4. a large, wide, curling wave that falls back on itself as it breaks on a coast
  5. a cylindrical tool for applying paint or ink
  6. an agricultural machine used for flattening land and breaking up lumps of earth
  7. a tumble, tumbling pigeon
  8. any of various aggressive birds, of the family Coraciidae, having bright blue wings and hooked beaks
  9. (also written Roller) a car made by Rolls-Royce
  10. the police (old blues slang)
  11. a padded surcingle that is used on horses for training and vaulting
rook Tweet Definition of rook Like Definition of rook on Facebook
  1. (rare) A castle or other fortification.
  2. (chess) A piece shaped like a castle tower, that can be moved only up, down, left or right (but not diagonally) or in castling.
  3. A European bird, Corvus frugilegus, of the crow family.
  4. An Amish card game.
  5. A swindler; someone who betrays.
  1. (transitive) To cheat or swindle.
rookery Tweet Definition of rookery Like Definition of rookery on Facebook
noun (rooker, ies)
  1. a breeding or nesting place for birds
roost Tweet Definition of roost Like Definition of roost on Facebook
  1. The place where a bird sleeps (usually its nest or a branch).
  1. (context, of birds) sleep.
  2. to come back home
rooster Tweet Definition of rooster Like Definition of rooster on Facebook
noun (plural: roosters)
  1. A male of domestic fowl.
ruff Tweet Definition of ruff Like Definition of ruff on Facebook
  1. A male of the species Philomachus pugnax; a highly gregarious, medium-sized wading bird of Eurasia. The female is a Reeve.
  2. Any of several freshwater fish, of the genus Acerina, similar to perch
  3. A circular frill or ruffle on a garment, especially a starched, fluted neckware in Elizabethan and Jacobean England
  4. A card game similar to whist, and the predecessor of it ruff and honours
ruffed grouse Tweet Definition of ruffed grouse Like Definition of ruffed grouse on Facebook
  1. An American game bird, Bonasa umbellus; the male makes drumming sounds with its wings
ruffle Tweet Definition of ruffle Like Definition of ruffle on Facebook
  1. Any gathered or curled strip of fabric added as trim or decoration.
    ''She loved the dress with the lace at the hem.
verb (ruffl, ing)
  1. (transitive) To make a ruffle in; to curl or flute, as an edge of fabric.
    Ruffle the end of the cuff.
  2. (transitive) To disturb ; especially, to cause to flutter.
    The wind ruffled the papers.

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